A Geomantic Guidebook to

Water Spirits of the World

– from nymphs to nixies, serpents to sirens

by Alanna Moore, 2nd edition 2012

Published by Python Press

Alanna Moore’s newest book is a 144 page B&W A5 paperback

with 66 beautiful b & w pictures.

In this book you will discover the amazing world of water spirits in all their forms, with a special emphasis on Australian, New Zealand and Irish examples.



1. Introduction

2. Who are the devas and spirits of water? Nature spirits, gods and goddesses, the many ‘species’ of spirits of water, divine feminine.

3. Amphibious creators and storm gods. Ancient gods & goddesses of water and weather.

4. Serpent creator spirits. The sacred serpent as the spirit of creation and wisdom, primordial serpent spirits in Africa and Egypt.

5. Serpents of Mesopotamia and the Bible. Origins of the fear and demonisation of snakes, propaganda and the snake goddess.

6. Serpents in India and the Americas. Seasonal nagas, snake fertility goddesses, Buddhist nagas, Central American serpents, Quetzalcoatl, and serpent mounds in north America.

7. Chinese snakes and dragons. From creator spirits to rain maker and sea dragons.

8.. Dragons and serpents of Europe. Ancient rock art, Scandinavian world serpent, English monuments; Greek horned serpents & Python at Delphi; European dragons & their subjugators.

9. Irish serpents. St Patrick, serpent eggs, ‘Devil’s Mother’, Lough Derg pilgrimage, battles with serpents, and a story of a horse-eel.

10. Australian Rainbow Serpents. Dreamtime creator spirits, varieties in northern Australia, Mindi in Victoria, West Australia’s Woggal, the Rainbow Serpent today.

11. Water and sovereignty goddesses. From ancient Indo-European mother goddesses to current devis in Ireland, Java and Bali.

12. Sun deities and hot springs. Underground sun, sun/water goddesses of Ireland & Germany, Sulis of Bath, eclipse of the sun beings.

13. Sacred rivers and their deities. From votive offerings to rivers, to river goddesses of Ireland, Britain, India and Nigeria.

14. European sirens and nixes. From sensuous silkies, to the dangers of wild river nixes.

15. Water horses. Horse deities, sea gods, war goddesses, solar associations, kelpies, nuggles and the ‘Great Pest’.

16. Lake beasties of the world. The classic Loch Ness ‘monster’, stone effigies,’Nessie’ in other Scottish lochs, and in Sweden, Russia, South Africa and China.

17. Australasian water beasties. Remnant plesiosaurus? Siren yawk yawks. New Zealand’s human/crocodile beings – the taniwhas.

18. Water shrines and Holy Wells. Neolithic water temples; Stonehenge; sacred springs and the custom of leaving offerings to water there.

19. Spirit of Water in Christianity. The Holy Spirit, angels ‘troubling the waters’, eradicating well and fountain worship, Holy Water.

20. Irish well pilgrimages. Of saints and well patterns, sacred festival dates, health cures and keeping the fairies happy.

21. Restoring well traditions in Malvern. A sculptor returns to her home town and institutes restoration & celebration of sacred springs there. Dowsing the waters and spirits of place. (This chapter is reproduced in the 40th issue of Geomantica.)

22. The Spirit of Water today. Who is the water spirit known as Mother Mary? Her apparitions at wells and springs, and in Coogee, Sydney.

23. Meetings with river deities. Meeting spirits of the River Thames & Irish river serpents.

24. Honouring water. Developing spiritual relationship with water, perceiving the devas, and ways to honour the waters.
Three Book Reviews of Water Spirits of the World.

1. Reviewed by Morgana for Wiccan Rede, Lammas 2009 (Holland).

60 jam packed pages with lots of beautiful colour pictures. In this book you will discover the amazing world of water spirits in all their forms, with special emphasis on Australia, New Zealand and Irish examples.

As a dowser Alanna has spent many years working with nature spirits and coming to understand how they interact with the Earth. In this book, which is a follow-up to her book The Wisdom of Water’ , she expands on her knowledge and research with water spirits. From “amphibious creators and storm gods” to “Australasian water beasties” Alanna uses sources from biblical texts to her own observations at sacred wells to explore the world of water spirits.

This is a wonderful resource book!
2. Reviewed by Anne Guest for The Gatekeeper magazine, issue 26, UK.

Water is a subject that I find endlessly fascinating and it is very clear that Alanna does too. Her joyful travelogue of water spirits around the world has been a journey inspired by love. Alanna begins by posing four questions: who are the water spirits? What is their true spiritual nature? What functions do they hold as landscape beings? And how is it possible for them to be perceived today? Her answers to these questions are served up in a wonderful hot pot of information, personal experience and practical advice on how to connect with water spirits. Alanna has cast her net very wide indeed, hauling in Indian, British, Australian, Irish, South American and Middle Eastern water deities both from the past and the present. It is an impressive catch

“[A] wonderfully illustrated celebration of water spirits of the world.


3. Reviewed by Martha Heeren for the Dowsers Society of NSW Newsletter April 2009.

This new book provides a comprehensive collection of information and a rich insight into the world of water spirits and their manifestations and descriptions in the folklore, myths and legends of cultures around the world. Serpents, dragons, water goddesses and wells, sun gods and hot springs and water beasties around the world are all included as well as pilgrimages and the place of water in religion…

If we learn to reconnect with water spirits we may be able to help enhance this valuable resource. The magical beings that operate in different dimensions were understood and honoured in other eras and leaning more about their history in different cultures is a good way for us to learn to reconnect and work with these beings. Included in the book are some wonderful insights into dowsing with those spirits o learn from them.

This well researched and informative book is a great resource to help us to better understand and work with the devic world.
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