Feedback from the October 2012 Global Tele-summit and Launch of the digitised Dowsing for Harmony Course

I much enjoyed your talk at the Dowsing World Summit for which many thanks indeed. That was so useful and educational. I must get going with a Power Tower for our veg garden.” M. French, UK.

“...I am not surprised you got a lot of calls from the summit!!! Your presentation was awesome. Very articulate and fascinating! I just ordered your course. I look forward to getting it and zooming right in! Do you go to BSD every year? I might go next year?….Thanks for doing all this amazing work. I look forward to studying with you!” Karen, USA

Loved the Dowsing seminar Alanna. Thank you!” E Bellamy

Hi Alanna. I just listened to the replay of your wonderful presentation for the Dowsing World Summit. I am very interested in purchasing the Diploma course as I have been wondering for a little while how to get started in the world of dowsing – I am fascinated by it! I haven’t found any courses or workshops in Perth, WA where I live but I’m still looking.” C. Bygott, Australia

Hi Alanna. I enjoyed your presentation on the dowsing world summit, I am interested in your dowsing classes!” D Reckard, Australia

Hi Alanna. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve only skimmed the first 5 pages and I’m so excited – you’ve done so much amazing research! And your timing for making your work available now couldn’t be better for me … and at such a great price! Really happy dowsing! With appreciation,” Anna, USA.

Hello Alanna. I have just heard your interview on World Dowsing Summit it is always a delight to hear an Aussie’s voice on such shows…Thank you for that talk and for all the precious work you have and are doing. With gratitude“, Cherily, Adelaide, Australia.

NOTE: The mp3 audio file of Alanna’s talk is available from the Products page at this site.


Impressed by Workshop – A letter to the NZ Dowsing Society Journal March 2003-05-03

To the Secretary

I went to Alanna Moore’s ‘Stone Age Farming’ workshop at Marahau, just north of Motueka, on the 18th March and really enjoyed it. A lovely place with great people. The highlight of the workshop was building the ‘Tower of Power’. Andreas, one of the hosts, had obtained some very good quality paramagnetic rock dust from Germany.

Dowsing the site, checking the energy, building the Tower, then giving it our energy, then dowsing again, was amazing. I’ve never felt so much positive group energy and the effects on our pendulums confirmed the result.

Alanna was able to point out the deva in that area and that it was then stronger and closer to the Tower. I was able to pick up the deva’s energy and (its) presences. This was a great experience and proved outright with an open mind and an open heart one can truly be with the positive power of nature.”

Paul Mead, Nelson, New Zealand