STONE AGE FARMING – tapping nature’s subtle energies for your farm or garden

by Alanna Moore

2nd Edition, updated and with new photos.

Published in Australia by Python Press  on 1st September 2013.

210 page paperback. ISBN: 9780975778234

Earth spirited and eco-friendly, Alanna Moore’s unique guide to esoteric farming and gardening practices features the art of dowsing and its application to subtle energies, such as paramagnetism, that can be harnessed for  enhanced plant growth and animal vitality. The author draws on ancient Irish wisdom as well as modern scientific understandings of the ability of magnetism to stimulate life.

Her work with Irish Round Tower inspired paramagnetic antennae (the ‘Towers of Power’) over the last two decades has produced some impressive results and these are featured in this revised and updated with new photographs second edition.

In this book are described numerous natural and simple techniques which help to
– Counteract soil sterility and salinity
– Restore chemically poisoned land and waterways
– Improve farm profitability
– Help counteract the effects of radiation and radioactivity
– Improve plant, animal and human health

-Improve the subtle energies in your garden.

Alanna Moore has been described by a neighbour as being capable of ‘making a dead stick grow’. She is a passionate permaculture gardener and believes that we can address the downward environmental slide that is happening with growing techniques used for thousands of years by people who had a deep respect and understanding of the rhythms and energies of the Earth and cosmos.


Part One: SOIL & SOUL
1.1 The Eco-Farming Imperative    1.2 Rock Dusts can Save our Soils    1.3 Natural Resonance

2.1 The Art of Dowsing   2.2 Radionics & Beyond   2.3 Plant Energies   2.4 Stones in the Garden   2.5 Psycho-Spiritual Techniques  2.6 Agricultural Coils

3.1 Modern Biodynamics  3.2 Earth Spirited Permaculture  3.3 Agnihotra Homa farming

4.1 Ireland’s Magical Heritage  4.2 Irish Round Towers  4.3 Dowsing the Round Towers  4.4 Towers of Power  4.5 Building Towers  4.6 Problems with Towers

Part Five: FARMERS of the FUTURE
5.1 Amazing Olives  5.2 Organic Dairying  5.3 Wheat in the Mallee  5.4 CERES in the City

What reviewers have said of the 2nd edition:

Ten years after the release of Stone Age Farming (see review in Nexus 8/04), dowser, geomancer and permaculture farmer Alanna Moore has published an updated, revised edition of her guide to esoteric farming and gardening  practices. This edition incorporates recent findings in achieving environmental harmony through permaculture design, and long-term results in using paramagnetic antennae to improve soil health and increase crop yields. These antennae are inspired by the Irish Round Towers, which visionary Dr Phil Callahan described as ‘silicon rich semi-conductors of cosmic energies’ because of the paramagnetic material they utilise. Moore has practical advice on making the most of a Power Tower and on troubleshooting potential problems with location, materials, construction and environmental disturbances.

“Moore’s book instructs on such topics as using rock dust to save soil, restoring natural resonance with Earth acupuncture, incorporating dowsing and radionics into gardening, applying dynamic growing principles using modern biodynamics and Earthspirited permaculture, and farming in the city.

“It’s big on ancient wisdom and modern, ecologically sustainable farming practices.”   Nexus magazine, February – March 2012

All you wanted to know about using natural principles for growing healthy plants and crops can be found in this revised edition of Alanna Moore’s well respected book. The title refers to the origins of many of the principles that spring from an understanding of the energies of Irish Round Towers. Alanna has followed the theories of Dr. Phil Callaghan and helped many farmers especially in Australia to produce healthy crops using Power Towers and  dowsing to enhance the energy of areas lacking in soil nutrients or rainfall. While the principles of dowsing and other more intuitive methods are explained there is still plenty of good science and it is well referenced… The dangers of modern chemical agriculture are vividly portrayed.

“When you read this you are left wondering why every farmer is not spreading basalt on his land instead of expensive and soil-exhausting fertilizers. But is not just a book for farmers as seen from the subtitle. Anyone who wants to grow their own food should have this book”.  Kieran Comerford, Irish Society of Diviners.

“…It has me quite excited! ….Alanna has written a book that gives all of us, whether we tend a small garden, a wild space, or a large farm, a way to connect with and enhance our space. She gives very detailed instructions on how to revitalise even the most depleted ground… Throughout the book she describes every way she has heard of or been part of to bring our land into balance, and to enhance both our growing in the fields and even our living around these spaces. She includes details of cautions, and also includes a thorough listing of references and bibliography to allow us to take any particular route as far as we want.”  Barbara Botham, Canadian Society of Dowsers.

Praise for Stone Age Farming 1st edition:

I think your book is simply fabulous!”   Maurice Finkel, editor Health and Healing.

What you are doing is quite fantastic.”   Roberta Britt, editor Canadian Quester Journal

Your book pulls a lot of things together for people who are confused by the question of energies.” Tim Strachan, The Energy Store, Sydney.

Clear, lucid and practical” Tom Graves, Victoria.

A much needed, easily understood and concise book on subtle energies and their use in agriculture. ‘Stone Age Farming’s’ easy style and clear language ensures that it is as suited to the novice in the field of subtle energies as to the experienced practitioner, and from the backyard gardener to the broadacre farmer.” Gary de Piazzi, Natural Resonance Study Group, Perth.

What a tremendous book…an inspiring read.” Pauline Roberts, NSW Dowsing Society.

Every so often, a book comes along that will change your perception of the world. Stone Age Farming is such a book. The author probes introguing topics such as The Eco-Farming Imperative, Organic growing principles, Dowsing and the Energies of Plants and Buildings. It is a must for those of us who are daunted by the uncertainty of energies. Aninteresting dynamic is Moore’s look into the history of Ireland. The author traces the long history of the various tribes that once occupied the country and subtly weaves together mysticism and reality to define the origins of Ireland’s magical traditions. Even the Lost City of Atlantis gets a mention in Moore’s detailed account of our spiritual and religious evolution. Take a step back into our past and sink into the beauty of the Stone Age.”    Conscious Living magazine (WA) spring 2001.

Alanna Moore is a writer and educator specialising in dowsing and geomancy, who now edits the on-line ‘Geomantica’ magazine ( She is also the author of the book ‘Backyard Poultry – Naturally’ as well as many articles on permaculture, natural farming and geomancy. What is commonly accepted as ‘farming’ wasn’t around until many thousands of years after the Stone Age, so , naturally, the title was the first thing to catch my eye. Indeed Alanna’s book is rather more New Age than Stone Age. Topics covered include Earth Spirited Permaculture, Homodynamics and Psycho-spiritual techniques. Underpinning the book though is Alanna’s genuine and passionate concern for farming and the environment. Alanna promotes sound organic principles and encourages the reader to take up techniques that increase levels of rock minerals, organic matter and biological life in the soil. Stone Age Farming is part practical manual and part travel story. Many of the characters Alanna meets give a currency and life to the book. It outlines the ideas behind what some consider the forefront of eco-agriculture, but that others view as the lunatic fringe. If you are interested in all things esoteric, then this is the book for you.”   Hogan Gleeson, The Organic Gardener magazine, autumn 2002.


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