Film series made by Alanna Moore

In this series we explore sacred landscapes around the world with the people who know them or who are getting to know them. They visit the sacred sites in a state of pilgrimage, to honour and respect them; to listen, watch and learn from them, recognising that the Earth is our greatest teacher. A travelogue of the outer and inner worlds, voyaging through mythos and experience, and connecting deeply with Country, in various parts of the world.


Part One: Glastonbell Dreaming – An interview with Philip Simpfendorfer

Glastonbell is part of the magnificent, rugged sandstone escarpment wilderness of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. It was developed as a ‘holy place for Australia’ by Phillip Simpfendorfer over 20 years. Here people can visit, and discover and nurture a deep connection with the living landscape. You will see some of it in the film.

Phillip, who lived 7/6/31 to 5/7/03, was one of Australia’s foremost geomancers. He helped to forge a bridge of understanding between Aboriginal and modern perspectives in Australia. He organised ‘Renewing of the Dreaming’ Camps in the early 1980’s with Guboo Ted Thomas (an elder of the Yuin tribe of south coast New South Wales, who also died in 2003) and, together with the others he inspired, evolved an eco-spiritual awareness of the world around him.  35 minutes

In this interview Phillip talks about his life, from his very first stirrings of love for the land, through the growing understandings he gained. He elucidates on some of his many spiritual adventures, journeys to Kashmir, central Australia, Tasmania and Antartica, showing great wisdom and humour in the telling.


Part Two: Pilgrimage to Central Australia
An exploration of Aboriginal Dreaming and spirits of place around Alice Springs,
featuring clairvoyant investigator Billy Arnold.   40 minutes.

The fabulous landscapes around Alice Springs, in Australia’s red centre, are home to the Arrunta Aboriginal tribe, whose culture still holds strong. In order to protect their sacred sites the Arrunta have divulged information about them and they are afforded legal protection (which doesn’t always protect them!)

Billy Arnold, a clairvoyant researcher, astrologer and laya yoga exponent, lived in The Alice for several years discovering the Dreamtime dimensions of the landscape and identifying the nature spirits / devas that he encountered, with the help of Aboriginal friends. These people, the owners/ custodians of Dreaming stories, are proud to share them with other peoples, through the medium of art, dance and song. Their paintings – the spiritual dimensions of the Dreaming made manifest – have achieved international recognition. (The more esoteric aspects and understandings of stories are not usually divulged to non-initiated people.) The film features Dreamtime artists and their spectacular art, with helpful explanations from Billy of their significance.

In their tour of some of the sacred sites of the region, Billy, Alanna Moore and Rhonda travel into the other dimensional world of the Dreaming, a world away from suburban Australia.


Review: Pilgrimage to Central Australia by Alanna Moore.

By Angela Krone in Pagan Times, winter 2005 edition.

Angela is a Koori (indigenous) woman from the Worimi and Biripi people of the NSW mid coast area; she has lived and worked in many Aboriginal Communities around Australia and currently lives in Western Australia with her Yamatji husband and four children, Having two university degrees she uses her skills to represent and empower her people. This is an extract from her review:

“This DVD looks at a very unique individual whose spiritual journeys have been entwined with the Ancestral dreamtime beings of this great land.

In Pilgrimage to Central Australia the author has given the story teller Billy Arnold the freedom to express and show his spiritual encounters that he has had while living in Alice Springs. I found myself transfixed by the amount of passion that he displays around culturally significant sites and events. This video shows that Billy has taken time to get to know the local people and openly acknowledges Arrunta culture and lore. I enjoyed being able to see the sites that he talked about and to see how he interacts with the local people. His description of spirit comes from having a deep understanding of the land and traditions.

The video includes Billy’s spiritual experiences and stories which incorporate dreamtime facts, beautiful pictorials of Alice Springs and Aboriginal Sites. Watching this was a truly enjoyable experience, and a credit to Alanna Moore for putting this together.

Overall I believe that Alanna did a good job in developing this DVD which creates awareness of Aboriginal Culture and the connection to Ancestral Spirits experienced by Billy”.


Part Three: A Thirst for Ireland

What is the connection between Ireland and Australia? What is the common heritage shared by the Dreamtime nature of the two countries? Alanna Moore scratches an obscured surface to explore the surprising depths of Irish pre-Celtic, indigenous place legends in the land of her ancestors. She takes a poetic journey from central Victoria, where a majority of Irish Australians first landed, and then across Ireland, to visit sacred places such as the hot seats of ancient kings, queens, gods and goddesses, on this geomantic voyage of discovery.  27 minutes


Part Four:  Saving Tara

A sacred ceremonial landscape in Ireland’s heartland is threatened by a big motorway development. See how people have been protesting there, including conducting a Druidic ritual of protection; and find out what role the Opus Dei organisation and people like U.S. Dick Cheney have to play in why it is happening, despite EU condemnation. Practical geomancy at it’s most radical edge. This film’s excerpt on You Tube has been awarded 5 stars.

A four minute version is also now available to see on You Tube –


Part Five: Bali – geomantic journeying in paradise

A dreamy ten day honeymoon in Bali in April 2008 allowed us to gather some beautiful footage and divine insights into the highly spiritual aspects of Balinese culture and country. The result is a feast for the eyes and spirit, and will make you want to go there too! Geomancy of the traditional home compound is explained, fabulous temple types explored, a lake goddess encountered, and much more! 32 minutes


Part Six: South Australian Sojourn

From the festive botanic gardens of Adelaide to the moody Flinders Ranges, via the Murray River delta and enigmatic Kangaroo Island – this is a South Australian journey with a difference! Sacred country, Aboriginal art and mythos are explored, including the desecration of Hindmarsh Island/Kumarangk. (Better you know than go there unprepared.)

Eight years in the gathering up, another highlight of this film is Esther Ross relating a remarkable story from the Flinders Ranges, where, in a cave, she experienced going backwards in time to the dinosaur era!    35 minutes.

NOTE: Currently not all these films are available, so check first before purchase. Only Pal, not NTSC or other formats are available, however they can be played on computers anywhere.