Not sleeping well? Not happy in your new residence? Health problems won’t improve? (-You might you be affected by geopathic or electro-stress, or sick building syndrome.) House haunted? Need to find a good spot for a Tower of Power, or a safe site for your dream home?…..

Environmental energies that could be found to be impacting on you:

Earth energies– underground water, geological fault, mineral orebody, tunnels and pipes, dragon line, energy vortex, effects of nearby mining and quarrying, nature spirits, sacred sites (­ sites of energetic, ceremonial and mythological significance), burial and massacre sites etc.

Sky energies: ley lines, universal/planetary grids, cosmic rays, planetary influences, etc.

Household energies: feng shui, pollutants, building biology, telephones, electro-biology, power lines/transformers/stations, ‘bad vibes’ from person/plant/animal, house history, colours, entity, thoughtform, emotional debris, etc.

Map dowsing is a good option for a geomantic survey, that is: a distant assessment from a map or plan. Any energy that may be found on a site survey may be found also from a map.  However, due to the scale involved,100% locational accuracy is not possible, nevertheless, map dowsing can be a valuable guide. Advise on alleviating geopathic stress or dealing with any other energies found is included. Distant energy harmonising is also available.

Map dowsing fee: $70 small property, $100 + for larger properties. (Enquire by email if very large.)

What you need to send:

Having pre-paid the appropriate fee, with the buy button below, you need to email a plan. A property or home plan may suffice, also hand drawn plans may be okay. The larger the image, the better. The property should fill the page ideally.

Maps/plans don’t need too much detail and and it’s best if no markings are made on them before sending. But make sure that the boundaries are fairly obvious.

Include a list of any questions that come to mind. Mark you name and email address on the plan, also where the direction to north  is. Also mark the street address and the size of the property (approximately).