Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place???

Not sleeping well?    Not happy in your new residence?    Health problems won’t improve?     Affected by geopathic or electro-stress, or sick building syndrome?     House haunted?      Need to find a good spot for a Tower of Power, or a safe site for your dream home?…..

Have your home, site or property checked out energetically by professional geomancer Alanna Moore, either on-site, or remotely by map dowsing. Areas of noxious energy to avoid can be pinpointed,  or Earth acupuncture and energy harmonising work undertaken on-site. Electro-magnetic radiation can be checked with meters and avoidance discussed.

Environmental energies that might be found impacting on you:

Earth energies – underground water, geological fault, mineral orebody, tunnels and pipes, dragon line, energy vortex, effects of nearby mining and quarrying, nature spirits, sacred sites (­ sites of energetic and mythological significance, ceremonial and men’s/women’s initiation sites etc), burial and massacre sites.
Sky energies: energy ley lines, universal/planetary grids, cosmic rays, planetary influences.

Household & human energies:  building biology, cordless telephones, wifi internet, mobile phone masts, electrical wiring and appliances, ‘bad vibes’ from person/plant/animal, house history, wrong colours, entity, negative thoughtform, emotional debris, etc.

As a permaculture designer Alanna can also advise on geomancy in the garden and sustainable growing techniques. She can position and design a Tower of Power for your farm or garden, to enhance plant vitality and animal wellbeing with its paramagnetic energy field.

Fees : $75 per hour (with a $75 minimum charge)
plus $25/hr travel time.
Average time taken on a household survey – one hour or less.

CURRENTLY (July 2014) semi-available in Ireland until September 2014, fee is 50 euros/hour.