Wild in Our Gardens CD


NEW!!  A CD of 9 original songs by Alanna Moore.

Available now.

Take a sacred journey, filled with love, flora and fauna, the fun of gardening and natural living. Feel the pull of the full moon, the swell of ocean waves, the joy of the harvest and a new day dawning. Re-connect your DNA with the roots of spirituality, join in celebrating a world divine.

These are songs that honour the land and life, with a spirit of joy and caring. They sensitise us to the beauty that surrounds us and to nature’s awesome powers and cycles. They nourish our inner gardens.

Like whole food for the soul, the lyrics are guaranteed free from cruelty, misery, angst and suffering. Affirming of our deepest essence – of the joyful human spirit at peace with the world – they are most uplifting when sung with others.

Alanna Moore wrote these songs in Australia and Ireland between 2007 – 2017. The 33 minute album was one year in the making. Alanna is also a geomancer, permaculture gardener and author.


Here is the link to a very short film about the the album. Enjoy the beautiful scenery around County Leitrim and get to hear some of the songs!

Comments about the CD:

“a breeze of peace! well done!”  Martine Negro, vice president NSW Dowsers Society, Sydney.

“Author and teacher Aanna Moore travels the globe passing on her knowledge to students of earth energies and geomancy through dowsing, divining and energy towers. Now she has added song writing including lyrics and music to her repertoire with the release of her CD Wild in Our Garden which she recently recorded in her adopted Irish homeland.

“I was visiting her in June when she began this remarkable journey of finding a producer and musicians to help her manifest this long wished for project and it is well worth the long wait and the effort.

“Alanna guarantees that her lyrics are free from angst, cruelty, misery and suffering, a welcome relief from much of what is on offer today. I particularly love Full Moon Rising, Wild in Our Gardens and Still Waters which are uplifting when combined with the soul stirring original music provided by local Leitrim musicians. However ‘Our Blessings’ is the song guaranteed to reach into your soul and pluck at its heart strings. ‘Take the way of harmony’ and buy album this today!”      Suzy Keys, Green Connections, Deniliquin, Australia


Wild in Our Gardens Song List:

– Still Water
– Water Ways
– Singing to the Land
– Just a Beautiful Day
– Wild in our Gardens
Commnets- Golden Harvest
– Pocahontas
– Full Moon Rising
– Our Blessings