EARTHING is the Go!

Recently Peter and myself invested in some Earthing equipment, having been recommended it by others. We haven’t looked back!

Being grounded, or Earthed as it is now often called, is a basic premise for overall health. Effects of EMFs are greatly reduced when one is regularly grounding. Walking barefoot is one way to achieve it.

Why not checkout the book Earthing, which is reviewed below. A free pdf file of the first three chapters of this book is available at the Earthing Oz site. And if you decide to buy any of the EarthingOz products, Geomantica can offer you a 5% discount.

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BOOK REVIEW:  Earthing – the most important health discovery ever?

By Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatra, MD and Martin Zucker. Basic Health Publications, USA, 2010.

Reviewed by Peter Cowman

What on Earth is ‘Earthing’?
It’s a way to stay attuned to the bio-electrical field of the planet. This is important because our personal bio-electrical fields need to equalise with that of the planet if we are to stay healthy.

How is this achieved?
Completely naturally and absolutely free – by standing barefoot on the ground!
A rich network of nerve endings in our feet serves as a conduit for free electrons to flow into our bodies thereby equalising our energy levels to that of the Earth. This ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ – as it was known in traditional eastern cultures – is the life-force which lets us feel connected to life and ‘on top of the world’. (There are other methods of Earthing too!)

The Earthing book contains a wealth of factual and anecdotal information on all aspects of Earthing though common sense itself is all the convincing a person really needs to benefit from this Earth-shaking concept.