GEOMANTICA magazine no. 68

Geomantica 68

August 2017


Contents of Geo 68

Editorial: It’s Lunasa, Irish harvest time; Visiting and Threats to sacred sites.
Letters to the Editor: Nature Harmonisers; Marko Pogačnik weekend in Ireland in October.


‘Singing to the Land’ – Alanna Moore’s first songs album, out in November.
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya- A place where spirituality meets ecology, in Poland.
Marko Pogačnik’s Peace Workshop.

Feature Articles:
*  Information vs Misinformation on Power Towers and Paramagnetism, by Alanna Moore.
*  Charged Lines of Consciousness, by Madis Senner, USA.
*  A Geomancer’s Holiday in Crete, by Alanna Moore.

What’s On?

Geomantic and related events being held over the next few months in Ireland, Germany, Australia and Malaysia.


G68 Editorial

Happy Lunasa one and all!
This, in Ireland, is the traditional time for celebrating the beginning of the harvest, whether of grains (known collectively as ‘corn’) or potatoes. It was once a time of joyful celebration, a highlight of the year, yet today it is barely remembered. Lugnasa was the only celebration to not have been christianised. The gods of agriculture and the Underworld associated with it were just too pagan for the church.

Actually the name Lunasa refers to a later import, Lugh, a god of light. The more anciently indigenous gods of Ireland, Don / Dagda / Crom Dubh were swarthy, generous characters firmly rooted in the fertile ground and agriculture of the Neolithic era / stone age. They were remembered much more fondly than Lugh, a sky god of the Continental Celts.

Visiting sacred sites in Ireland
Ireland may well be covered with more megalithic monuments than most anywhere on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you can easily get to visit them. Most are on private land. A right of way to visit them is often provided, as in the photo left, at the top of Sheebeg, the little fairy mountain, near where I live.


But sometimes the gates are locked. Such was the case when we visited the impressive Heapstown Mound in Co. Sligo recently, by jumping over the padlocked gate. Afterwards, the grumpy farmer told us off. But we had already dowsed the energies there and taken our photos by then. And no harm was done!

Right – Dowsing a water spiral on top of Heapstown Mound, photo by Suzy Keyes.  H'towndowsesmall

Threats to sacred sites
Harm, however, has been done to many of Ireland’s sacred monuments. Not just victim to vandals or stone stealers, it often results from archaeological work done on them! Or, in many cases across the land, in a wave of religious fervour around 1950, crosses and concrete statues were erected willy-nilly over the top of ancient sites! Talk about sacrilege! Not to mention the modern phone masts puncturing the sacred hilltops in more recent times, such as my local one, in the photo below, taken at the summit of Sheemore, the great fairy mountain of Co. Leitrim. (It was once, seemingly, a Bronze Age citadel.)


It reminds me of a conversation with a Korean student recently. She described how, when the Japanese invaded Korea they went around and systematically punctured the ground at the sacred sites with big Earth acupuncture stakes, that were left in the ground to destroy the atmosphere, poison the feng shui. A sort of psycho-spiritual terrorism. That’s similar to the effect of the communication masts in the landscape, they are emasculating the soul of the land, amongst other things. (I’m able to speak of this as someone that has never owned a mobile phone, nor do I ever wish to have one.)

I wrote in my book Divining Earth Spirit about winning a battle in 2004 against a huge phone tower that was going to be put up on top of an iconic, sacred mountain in Victoria, Australia – Mt Franklin. National telco. Telstra was knocked back in court on account of the registered historical heritage of the site, as it is an Aboriginal initiation ground. (When you drive into Mt Franklin’s volcanic crater you will sense why it was considered special.) Several other similar Aussie battles have been won since, because they were able to cite the precedent of our rare win.

So folks, if a nasty communications tower threatens a sacred hill or mountain near you,  which is a lot of places these days, I suggest you find out its heritage status as a possible means of protecting it. Or be pro-active and insist that it gets one, where-ever this may be appropriate, to prevent toxic irradiation of the site in future. The fairies and guardian spirits of these places can’t protect the land alone. Not without our help!

Thanks to the contributors for this edition of Geomantica.

Happy reading!


Alanna Moore


Letters to the Editor


Nature Harmonisers

Hello Alanna,

How are you? I’m fine, and fully booked into the summer with geomancy work.
Andreas Pfeiffer has published something new, including explanations of how to build the Nature Harmoniser, here:

It’s only in German, but the pictures show how to build it. It’s good when everybody’s developing something like that, following their own intuition.
Have you perceived similar effects with the Power Towers? (natural weather, balance of sun and rain, no chem-trails or dissolving quickly?)
Best wishes,

Martin Richter

Bavaria, Germany.
Yes, Martin, certainly I am aware of the rain that has fallen after the Towers have gone up! Especially significant when it was bone dry all around for some time previously!
Readers with similar/related observations of Power Tower effects are welcomed to write in with their own experiences to share too!


Marko Pogačnik Peace Workshop

Hi Geomantica,

I wanted to let your readers know that I have invited Marko Pogačnik to come to Ireland to run a weekend Peace Workshop at the end of October. Please help spread the word!

The venue, for Friday 27th – Sunday 29th October, its Swynnerton Lodge, Navan, Co. Meath, which is located on a height overlooking the River Boyne, just on the Slane side of Navan.

To try to get a smattering of his philosophy and work in advance, I am reading two of his books “Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings  – working with the Intelligence in Nature”, and “Universe of the Human Body with Gaia Touch Body Exercises”; and also “The Findhorn Garden”, because he has given workshops there.

Perhaps you know that Marko worked in the City of Derry, in the 1990s, with his Lithopuncture techniques [installing specially carved geomantic sculptures, a sort of Earth Acupuncture], for the peace process in the North. [Photo of one of these, in Co. Donegal, by Alanna Moore, right.]       markolith

All the best
Navan, Ireland.

Readers can find out more about the workshop later in this issue.

For enquiries and bookings email Carmel –



Australian Tour and Album Release: Singing to the Land

This coming November Alanna Moore comes to Australia to teach and, all going well, to launch her first album of songs on CD: ‘Singing to the Land’.

‘Singing to the Land’ is a selection of Alanna’s songs that honour the land and all beings.

Take a sacred journey, filled with love, flora and fauna, the fun of gardening and the joy of nature!

The songs are guaranteed free from: misery, angst, pain and suffering. Gluten even.

Learn the songs and sing them yourselves!  Be uplifted!

Stay tuned for details.


ECOVILLAGE BHRUGU ARANYA – A place where spirituality meets ecology

Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming international ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland, situated in the south. Since 1995, our ecological farm has grown into an expanding community of several families with people of all ages, all of whom are dedicated to healing the environment. At present, 12 adults and 4 children reside here. Residents, ranging in age from 9 to 70, are an eclectic group with a wide range of skills including: art, healing, writing, filmmaking, music, therapy, farming, teaching and herbalism. Thanks to the healing environment, the children who have been raised here are incredibly healthy, angelic, intelligent, and connected to nature.

The atmosphere of this place, a powerful energetic point on the planet, is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic [ancient Indian] fires that are performed daily. This energy radiates to heal the Earth and all life – plants, animals and humans. Here at this special place, sunrise and sunset Agnihotra have been performed daily for 22 years.


In this healing atmosphere, we are able to grow 100% organic vegetables, fruits and herbs that are healthy, highly nutritious, and full of flavour. In addition, these fires have allowed us to create a strong, intentional community where spirituality and ecology meet. 3Homa4Homa

At our Ecovillage we honour the devas and nature spirits of the gardens, orchard and farm land. We have respectfully set aside a deva sanctuary. We begin each working day with a deva attunement, when we ask to work in co-operation with them, to be open to their guidance and wisdom as we work with the plants, trees, soil, animals and honey bees. As we practice this we find that each day our intuition and spiritual connection to nature deepens. We know that devas are attracted to the Agnihotra fire. We have been told by an intuitive healer that we would be so amazed if only we knew how many devas reside here!
In the ancient Vedic times, humans lived in harmony with nature, supporting her in every way they could, for all the bountiful gifts she gave. They did this by performing daily Yajnyas [fire rituals]. They considered it their duty as stewards, guardians, and children of this planet to perform this daily activity as they were the only living species that could perform fire rituals.
Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Community is bringing these ancient practices back into the modern day world to reset the disturbed energy cycle of the planet and help nature come back into a state of harmony. The effects are miraculous. The water, air, and soil are completely nourished and rejuvenated.
We see this place as a sanctuary for all living things, an Ark of Fire, where all who come here feel that they have arrived home, safe, whole, energised, and nourished.

This is truly a place where spirituality meets ecology.

We happily welcome visitors from all over the world to visit our ecovillage, learn Homa Therapy, Homa organic gardening and experience the magic!

Anyone from any walk of life can learn Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, which is always taught for free.

To find out more, please visit our website (In English and Polish):


And check out our newest project, the building of Centre of Light:


Workshop to Renew the Matrix of Peace, led by Marco Pogačnik

(Being held in Navan, Ireland, Friday 27th – Sunday 29th October 2017.)

“Facing the escalation of wars all around us, the war propaganda popping up, and perceiving the one-sided decisions of politicians that support the escalation of economic injustice or even fuel warfare we should without hesitation work on transforming the twisted patterns that cause conflicts among people and deny the right of all beings of the Earth, visible and invisible to live in peace.
“There is no hope for a lasting peace on our home planet without renewing the archetypes of peace with the Earth, its living beings, and peace among peoples and nations. Let us work creatively on renewing the peace matrix pulsating in the memory of the Earth! The key for establishing peace and the capability to renew the peace matrix pulsates within each one of us. The question is only how to activate it.

“Comprising two days work, the Workshop on Renewing the Peace Matrix purpose is to give voice to new approaches to the theme of peace and to generate as a group the needed impulses of change related to the below listed themes, using the Gaia Touch body kosmograms and relevant meditations or rituals.

Themes of the Peace Workshop with the corresponding exercises/meditations/rituals
1.    It needs to renew the human relationship to Gaia, the all-connecting consciousness of our home planet and to her archetypal powers – the so-called dragon powers – in order that human striving for peace would get its inner power back. Meditation with the dove, the olive branch and the angel of peace
2.    If individual human beings are capable of holding peace within, then the quality of peace can again be anchored upon the Earth. Gaia Touch exercise Spinning the Thread of Peace
3.    The challenges of the present epoch of planetary transformation can be met in a peaceful way if there is an understanding that we have found ourselves nowadays in the midst of a dramatic change of cosmic cycles. Gaia Touch hand cosmogram to tune oneself to the newly formed Earth’s space and time constitution
4.    The dualistic pattern of good and evil that leads to conflicting situations and at last to war, needs to be urgently detached from the human consciousness. Gaia Touch ritual with two swords ready for war, the sword of truth and the blade of wheat
5.    The quality of compassion opens the gate towards a tolerant and loving attitude towards fellow human beings and other beings of Gaia. Gaia Touch ritual Tear of Compassion and Divine Mercy for the countries at war
6.    Renewing the essential friendship to the elemental world, world of animals and plants leads towards a culture of peace and cooperation with Gaia, the nature, and its beings. Gaia Touch exercise to break the three iron rings enclosing the human heart
7.    Discovering a new relationship to the masculine principle in men and women makes it impossible to mobilize them for warfare. Gaia Touch exercise referring to the transformation of the masculine principle
8.    Restored relationship to the world of ancestors and descendants makes it possible that their message of freedom be heard upon the Earth. Meditation in which one of the great peace messengers from the human history be called to word
9.    Particular places and their guardian beings are able to contribute important qualities and powers to the process of re-creating the peace matrix. The intention is to develop a proper ritual for the location where the Peace Workshop takes place so that the given ambience and its elemental beings can add their contribution.
10.    The one-sided concentration upon the monotheistic God principle should be balanced through the renewed relationship to the Goddess to transcend the ever repeating religious conflicts. Meditation activating the three focuses of divine presence within
11.    It needs to work on renewing the human attitude towards ethics and truthfulness which leads towards appreciation of peace, so that the horrible legacy of the three atheistic “religions” – Communism, Nazism-Fascism and the consuming craziness of Capitalism be redeemed. Ritual of re-connecting with the matrix of the integral human being
12.    Peace can find its new source in the conditions of the newly constituted space and time framework where the warfare, self-destructive emotional conditions and bloodshed can not appear any more. Gaia Touch exercise “The Star of David”
13.    What we perceive around us as warfare and other shocking phenomena represents an exact mirror, reflecting the alienated state of the modern human being and is as such an expression of the cosmic principle of transformation, the so-called Black Goddess. Meditation through which – according to the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale – the 13th “black” fairy is invited to join the circle of the 12 white fairies.

Written by Marko Pogačnik for his Peace Workshop art project, 2014-15. From his website.peacecircle


Feature Articles


Information vs Misinformation on Power Towers and Paramagnetism

by Alanna Moore, August 2017.

Professor Phil Callahan (born 1923, died in the last few years) introduced the world to the concept of paramagnetic antennas known as Power Towers and made many other great discoveries that some think should have earned him a Nobel Prize.

But this article is about some of the confusion generated about his perceptions and interpretations. Callahan used his imagination to embellish his discoveries. In my book Stone Age Farming I looked into some of his theories about the old Towers for which I’ve found no evidence on the ground. But the basic idea is still sound!

One finds it hard to imagine, for example, that women in labour would clambour up perhaps five ladders to the top floor of an old Irish Round Tower in order to benefit from beneficial energies on the top floors during childbirth. He obviously never experienced labour himself.

As for the Round Tower builders and what they were thinking when they constructed them – it’s any one’s guess. I can’t agree with him that the builders were ‘stone age radio engineers’. Round Towers are not pre-Christian. (They are ’only’ around 1000 years old.)

Power Tower building on a small scale to enhance the energies of a garden is a simple matter, but there are always those who want to complicate things unnecessarily. Plus there’s a lot of misinformation around about all manner of things and Power Towers are no exception. A bit of misinformation is found in that wonderful book ‘Secrets of the Soil – New Solutions for Restoring our Planet’ by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, originally published in 1989 by Harpers and Row and updated in a later edition in the mid 1990’s.

I remember my fascination with this fabulous book on esoteric farming techniques and modern understandings of them. It was a great breathe of fresh air! An inspiration. I left my old copy in Australia when I moved to Ireland two years ago, but was recently given a new one. Turning to the chapters about Power Towers, where I had originally found out about such things, I found the same odd bits of misinformation lurking in there.

There’s a confusion in the book about paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances, that Callahan equated with life force polarities in nature and mysteries of plant growth (-the first scientist to suggest this). On page 280 of the Earthpulse Press 2nd edition it says that “Callahan’s postulate was clear: the Irish Round Towers, made of limestone, sandstone, or basalt, and therefore definitely paramagnetic, could be massive electronic collectors of cosmic microwave energy as well as giant accumulators of magnetic energy.”

Ok, that’s sort of what he meant, from a superficial reading of Callahan’s books on the subject. However Callahan clearly assigned sandstone and limestone to the diamagnetic side of the spectrum of energies. He explained the paramagnetism of such Irish towers as coming from other minerals, such as iron in the red sandstone or clay in the mortar. Highly paramagnetic basalt being rarely used, except in the volcanic eastern side of Northern Ireland, such as seen in Antrim town’s fine Round Tower, as shown.

Photo:  This Round Tower, below, in Antrim town, Northern Ireland, is made of basalt, an exception to the norm.AntrimRT

Reading this again explains why some people have been making some Power Towers from sandstone, the one on the cover of the German edition of my book being an example. It looked pretty so the publishers went for it, but it isn’t very paramagnetic. However the gardens around it were very impressive. So, who knows what invisible forces may be at work in a garden. It may well have been a fairy hot spot!

GermanS.A.F copy

Debate rages over paramagnetism
The concept that plant growth is stimulated by a strong paramagnetic charge in the soil has been debated ever since Callahan introduced it. Hugh Lovel, in his book Quantum Agriculture – biodynamics and beyond, published by Lovel in 2014, respectfully differs from Callahan’s view that soils must be highly paramagnetic to be fertile. He cited the testing of his own highly productive soils, on his farm in Blairsville, Georgia, USA – they only tested at 130 cgs on Callahan’s meter. Lovel put the vitality down to high silica levels, which are highly diamagnetic.

“Phil said that was impossible…. Unfortunately the debate came to a halt there as Phil moved to New Mexico and soon thereafter fell into eclipse with Alzheimers.” Hugh Lovel is now based in north Queensland, Australia, where he lives with Shabari Bird Lovel, who was previously married to the late Christopher Bird, author of Secrets of the Soil. 5B.hugh&us

Photo Right: Hugh Lovel, Shabari Bird Lovel and Alanna Moore in Ireland, February 2017.

There’s another mistake on page 282 of Secrets. It says that “plants exhale highly diamagnetic oxygen during sunlight hours…[and]…become paramagnets at night when they concentrate on breathing out highly paramagnetic carbon dioxide.” To the contrary, Callahan clearly states that oxygen is highly paramagnetic and carbon dioxide is diamagnetic.

Hugh Lovel mentions oxygen in the light of its paramagnetism on page 199 of Quantum Agriculture: “Phil Callahan, who I knew and held in high respect, had a theory that highly paramagnetic soils gave very good responses to growth. This is an intriguing theory because oxygen, which is highly paramagnetic, was identified by Rudolph Steiner as the carrier of life force.” Indian Vedic knowledge would agree with that too, calling the force prana.

Not much harm done, as long as you don’t make your Power Tower from sandstone or limestone and expect much to come of it. But the fairies may like it! And that’s another story, as they say…

Reichian Power Towers??
One reader wrote to tell me about his Power Tower that was made with “alternating layers of wood and stone”. This sounds to me like an orgone accumulator device, as devised by Wilhelm Reich. I don’t think the two systems can work together. It certainly didn’t sound like a paramagnetic antenna.

In the past I’ve spoken with some people who felt that they had to have alternating layers of diamagnetic and paramagnetic substances inside their Power Towers, to enhance both polarities. That also sounds like a Reichian orgone accumulator type of device. In my experience of dowsing such things, I’ve detected that the two forces, when in close proximity, cancel each other out. So I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Power Towers are not Cosmic Pipes either
A reader wrote to Geomantica recently:
“I am going to build a Tower of Power in my garden, a simple one made out of PVC.  I have been getting confusing info regarding measurements etc – geomancy measurements – and was wondering if it really makes much difference if I don’t get things quite right.  i.e. magnets, copper wire, cone angle. I feel more anxious now I might get it all wrong! …”

The writer seems to have mixed up Power Towers with the Cosmic Pipes of American researcher T. Galen Hieronymus. These were described in the book Secrets of the Soil, as “ten foot long PVC plastic tubes, 3 inches in diameter…their bases inserted 30 inches in the ground. Atop each pipe is a copper electrode designed to absorb the mysterious solar energy Galen called eloptic…and passes it down a wire coiled around a quartz crystal to an underground amplifier, there to be broadcast through the soil for a mile or so in all directions.” (“As early as the 1930s, Galen showed that solar energy could be conducted over wires.”)

Cosmic Pipes are meant to be no higher than eight feet tall because the eloptic energy is apparently too strong above that height. Similarly, Callahan’s Power Towers, meant to be wave guides for magnetic monopoles emitted by the sun, are recommended to be the same height, but for different reasons. Callahan said that this height was ideal for the Power Tower to be conducting Schumann Resonance down into the ground as well.

I don’t have an independent means of measuring Schumann Resonance and the Power Towers appear to work when much shorter than 8 feet tall. How important is the height issue is not known. Certainly Callahan was adamant that metal was a no-no in a Power Tower (yet I have seen many a Power Tower that people capped with a sheet copper dome cap). So the Power Tower is definitely a different kind of animal to a Cosmic Pipe, although there are obvious similarities.

I hope this brings a little more clarity to the debate. There is no single way to make a Power Tower, so use your intuition! I always say that it is an experimental technology and that you should dowse every step of the way to fine-tune things.

Geomantica does not provide a free information service, however as this article shows, questions may be given a measured response via the magazine.  Otherwise, please help to keep book publishers remain viable by buying their books! (And steer clear of Book Depository and other aggressive marketeers – go direct to the publishers – please!!!)

You can buy Stone Age Farming from and Python websites, while Acres USA publishes it there and also Callahan’s books, at

Stone Age Farming also has Chinese and German language editions. (see and

You can find out more about Cosmic Pipes and Hugh Lovel’s work at

If you would like the author to teach a one day experiential dowsing class in your area and make a Power Tower in your own backyard (either in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Asia or Australia), email Alanna Moore at


Charged ‘Lines of Consciousness’

by Madis Senner, USA

Imagine my surprise when I ran across a charged Earth energy line last December.  I have been scouring the Northeast for what I call “Spirit Lines,” for over 15 years.  Then, KABOOM!

I felt – profoundly felt — a Line of Consciousness as I walked over it at Hipp Brook Preserve in Penfield, NY.  I was so moved that I decided to incorporate Hipp Brook and its charged spirit line in my book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country, after I had already finished the book and was doing final edits.  Interestingly, in the previous few months, I consistently ran into energy lines that had a nice vibe, but nothing near to the feeling of this line.

In the photo, my measuring staff shows the direction of the line.  In the upper center you can see a series of large rocks marking the line.  My dog, Pepper, is on the trail that the line crosses.  The bench is next to it.1Madis2Madis

To my cognition, a “charged” line carries a powerful dose of Christ Consciousness.  If you are at all sentient of Mother Earth, Earth energies, or life force (Earth prana) that you attract during energy healing, then there is a good chance you will be able to sense and feel the effects of a charged line if you come across one.

Most of us have never experienced a charged line because we have never encountered one.  That’s because they have lost their charge.  I imagine that parts of a great many lines were once charged…so where have all the charged lines gone?

To understand why such Lines of Consciousness have lost their charge we must look at what they are, and understand “consciousness.”  I adhere to the Eastern philosophy that we exist in a sea of consciousness.

What is consciousness?  It is everything.  The air, the land, our bodies, our actions, our thoughts are all consciousness. Essentially, all that exists is consciousness and what we call “reality” is the interplay of consciousness with itself.

Consciousness has an associated morality.  Just as there are positive and negative energy vortices, so there is positive and negative consciousness.  Positive consciousness at its most extreme is the law of love, do unto others, altruism, compassion.   Negative consciousness at its farthest extreme is the law of self-interest, selfishness, cruelty, violence, etc.  All consciousness lies along this continuum from very positive to very negative.

As I noted in my book Vortices and Spirals, consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with and looks to balance out and find equilibrium.  For example, imagine a hot air duct in a house emitting hot air from the dryer into the cold air outside.  The hot and cold air will seek balance.  Thus, the temperature around the duct will be a warmer than the air outside, but it will be colder that the warm air that is being released.  The air will grow colder the farther it moves from the duct.  So it is with consciousness:  when positive consciousness meets with negative consciousness it will seek balance and equilibrium, the same as temperature does.

While there are many opinions about what these lines are, I believe them to be carriers of consciousness in the unseen world.  They are a permeable conduit, and as such they can become a mode of transport for beings in the unseen world.  Viewed as such, the theories that these lines are used as faery paths and spirit paths, and are habited by UFOs and aliens, make sense.  Similarly, many see lines linking like-minded institutions or places of worship, or what John Michell calls “Ley Consciousness” as an ancestral memory of alignments.

Charged Lines of Consciousness are rare because they have been sullied, contaminated, tainted, polluted, desecrated, and worse.  Spirit lines originate from Mother Earth’s Soul, from an area I call North Star Country (the Northeast of the USA, with central New York being the center.)  They start out carrying Christ Consciousness, which is quickly contaminated.  Sometimes they are contaminated at the get-go because most of the world is caked over with violence, selfishness, technology, etc.  The longer an area has been inhabited, the greater the chances that consciousness of the land will be negative.

Consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with.  So the Christ Consciousness that a spirit line carries quickly encounters negative consciousness (space) and loses it charge.  Very positive consciousness progressively diminishes and becomes more negative the farther it gets from its point of origination in North Star Country.  It can even become very negative.

The charged line at Hipp Brook was special because I experienced its point of origination (a field of consciousness).  Hipp Brook was once a sacred place and has a very positive vibe.  And because it is a wetland preserve, people have not spent much time there, polluting it with their actions and intentions.

I believe I have encountered many charged spirit lines in powerful fields of consciousness where such lines originate. Yet the one at Hipp Brook was the line that I noticed.  Perhaps that is because I needed to tell the world about charged spirit lines and the potential they hold to transform and advance our collective consciousness.

Madis Senner is a former global money manager turned Seeker.  He is a Keeper, watching over and spiritually cleansing/ enhancing several sacred sites.  ‘Sacred Sites in North Star Country : Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World‘ is his fourth book.  You can read his musings at,



A Geomancer’s Holiday in Crete

by Alanna Moore, August 2017.

Our springtime flight arrived at twilight and we found ourselves in the white marble halls of a sleepy Chania airport. Taking a local hire car, with the mantra ‘keep to the right’, we followed unmarked side roads in the search for our nearby villa, headlights illuminating tunnels of a jungle of wildflowers in the night. Trusting in intuition got us there, plus a fortuitous encounter with a couple of local ladies, one bearing a tray of delicious pastries that she shares with us. This is the land of hospitality!

Crete is also the home of the greater Greek culture via the Minoans and, judging by the level of creativity, stylishness and sophistication of artefacts in the museums, it was a highlight of human culture the likes of which haven’t been seen since anywhere in the world. But the gods/goddesses are still there and I had some delightful encounters with them!

Sitting on a small beach, strewn with sparkling pebbles above the sand line, we had the place all to ourselves in the pre-peak tourist season and used the opportunity for some relaxing meditation. I observed, in my ‘mind’s eye’, a couple of little sea spirits that were near us, perched on a rock. Reaching out to them in meditation, I asked if they would like me to give them a gift of blessed energy and, out of curiosity, would they know of any big sea spirits around?

Projecting out my gift of love to them, I saw a big hand appearing between them, also wanting a gift.  Local sea god Poseidon had come! And he had a trident in the other hand! (Yes, there are many fractals of the deities, that can be here, there and everywhere.) I sent him my greeting and blessing and asked for some healing energy in return. The cup of my hands became a receptacle for his divine grace, an energy ball appearing in both, which he then touched with his trident and set them spinning! The sea god had delivered and we were well refreshed by the encounter.

Palace of Knossus
Heading inland into the hills, a patchwork of olive groves, vineyards and cypress trees worthy of any permaculture design book illustration, we visited the famous 4000 odd year old Palace of Knossus. The massive palace remains are impressive. Although archeologist re-creator Evans used quite a bit of fancy and much concrete to ‘restore’ parts.


And what of the famous labyrinth and the story of the Minotaur? No sign of one… It turns out that these were later fantasies espoused by the Romans. They were impressed by the hugeness of the place. It’s a labyrinth of rooms in there, you could get lost! (An imagined model of the complex at the Heraklion museum is shown below.) Yes, there is no labyrinth pattern as such marked on the ground. The Minotaur figure was perhaps their take on the cults of the cow and bull gods. Sacred horns were once a feature on top of palaces across Crete, like primitive antennas to the deities. knossus2knossus3






Inside a shrine here, the famous Snake Goddess figures were found, snakes being one of the several associations with the divine here (along with the double axe).knossus4

Once the sea port for Minoan Knossus, Heraklion is Crete’s capital city, on the mid-north coast. Its famous archeological museum contains more Cretan treasures than anywhere else in the world. (This is in contrast to many colonised or conquered countries, where you have to go to Europe to see the cultural booty that they stole.)

My diary notes show bedazzlement. Room after room of mind bogglingly beautiful Minoan sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, murals, etc. Such design skills, variety of styes and decoration. Delight of double axes and the sacred horns of the bull. Bright coloured spirals in glaze decorating huge amphora food jars shining with a freshness belying their four some millennia of age. Rows of gorgeous goddess figures, exalted in epiphanies of raised arms and encircling snakes. Unsurpassed peaks of cultural beauty and inspiration…knossus5knossus6

You are never too far from snake goddesses and bull horns as Crete does souvenirs with suitable sophistication, even down to the cheapest of reproductions. Little trinket stores surround the museum, but it was one tucked away down the left hand side of it that drew us in. Here is the home of the famous Idols Art – the best looking museum copies. Vassillis Politaki is renowned in Crete as a ceramic artist and it is to him that the museum gives their priceless sculptural treasures to study and make perfect copies of. We were dazzled there to see a multitude of fabulous reproductions of the exquisite figures we had just seen in the museum.

Mrs Politaki who runs the shop was most friendly and a writer of traditional four line Cretan poems, some of which she recited for us. We also met later her charming sister-in-law, also running her own ceramic art shop in Archarnes, Mirto Politaki. What a talented, creative family who are keeping the culture alive! We enjoyed some retail therapy there too! Mirto told us that the modern followers of ancient Greek cults and the like from around the world love to stock up on their sacred figurines by mail order, some are seen in the photo below.

Their website is   idols

Sacred landscapes
In Crete you are never far from an appreciation of the sacred landscape. Like when we were a little lost and stumbled upon a village square with an enormous sacred Plane tree, beside some spring water cisterns. (It proves my contention that one is never truly lost, when one has such finds.)




Not far from Knossus, in the hinterland south of Heraklion lies the charming town of Archanes,  famous for its Turkish architecture with narrow cobbled streets. Nestled in the verdant embrace of a lush valley floor, the town is dominated by the tall mountain range of Juktas, a sacred precinct and nature reserve some 800m high. Resembling the torso of a man lying down, Juktas (below) has dotted along its summit a line of ancient peak sanctuaries.


The valley has a warm climate ideal for agriculture and horticulture.  It’s a food bowl for the island. At a charming organic herb shop (see, run by highly qualified herbalist Myrto Deligianni, I asked her about the back to the land movement that, I had read, was bringing young people back to re-inhabit and re-vitalise the landscape, in a countryside impoverished from years of economic recession and punitive austerity laws imposed by the EU. Yes, Myrto agreed, it was a positive outcome from the Global Financial Crisis. Young people are taking up organic growing in the region with gusto! Winters are very mild there, so the growing season is year round. Greengrocer shops overflowed with an abundance of robust vegetables and fragrant bunches of fresh herbs gleaned from the mountainsides.

(Another positive from the GFC was the halt to out-of-control tourist accommodation developments, left as bankrupt skeletons scarring the land.)

Zeus’ birth cave
Heading for the sacred cave of Zeus’ birth at Psychros in central Crete, we climbed up endless hair-pinned mountain back roads up to 800m above sea level. Here, the Lassithi  Plateau, the highest permanently occupied area in Greece, is a flat plain ringed by mountains, with a string of towns around its rim, apparent as a sparkling necklace in the dark of night.

The central plain is used for agriculture and it’s dotted with a multitude of old rusty metal windmills for ground water extraction in the heat and dry of summertime, their cloth sails wrapped tightly around motionless blades for now. Fruit trees were abundant with blossoms and sheep grazed to the sound of tinkeling neck bells. Winter sees thick snow blanketing the Plateau and it still lingered on mountain tops above us in the freshness of springtime.

Searching for a place of accommodation, we approached a ‘Mini Mart’ that was dark but its door open, revealing, when our eyes were adjusted, an elderly woman sitting behind the counter. She gave us directions to the only place around to stay. We guessed she couldn’t afford to pay to have electricity in the shop.

A night at the Taverna Dionysus (why not Zeus?) was, like elsewhere, highly affordable and with delicious country food to enjoy. Next morning we rose early to the sound of sheep bells and birds sang sweetly in the Holm Oak forest on the mountain side of Mount Psiloritis as we ascended to the famous cave. No other tourists to contend with at this time of morning, even the carrier donkeys were yet to be parked at their stations waiting for customers. caveA

A rough stony path zig zags it’s way up the slope and to the gash in the mountain side that is the cave’s mouth, where once an ancient temenos/sacred place with altar piece received the offerings of pilgrims and priests come from far and wide to honour the king of the gods.

Plunging into the depths we made our way down the spiralling metal stair way.

cave1Stopping to tune in to the spirit level, I sensed a powerful pair of deities below us, with a dominant female. Soon a marvel of stalagmites and stalactites unfolded before us as we descended, with the whole cave to ourselves and the nature beings. Walls of shawls and limestone columns dripped ceaselessly all around. Yellow lighting produced weird colours in my photographs.cave3cave2

Near the bottom a recess in the wall has some unknown significance, as it sports a pile of coins beside it, in a pile left by pilgrims, as seen on the left. cave4

At the lowest point a pool of crystal clear water sat motionless. Here we went into a reverie and meditated. It was too overwhelming to take a photo!

A Great Mother spirit was stationed over the pond in a sitting position, the sacred boy child seated on her knee. A goddess of the underworld, its waters and fertility. She bears many children and wears a crown on her head, radiating majesty and beneficence, as only an Earth mother can. This child may go on in its other-dimensional life unrecognised. Or it could be become another Zeus. But that is unlikely today, as most humans would not want to revive such paradigms and the gods are forgotten. Still present, they are but a shadow of their former glory days.

We exchanged our blessings and were only slightly interrupted by a solitary tourist, who soon left us to our peace and reveries. What marvels the average tourists are missing! The devas are out there, hanging in, often tentatively, and still keen to make contact and craving a co-operative relationship with us to help preserve Mother Earth and live in harmony with all life.

Palace of Phaestos
The best preserved Minoan palace is at Phaestos, further south. In a commanding setting with lovely views over the verdant Margoss Valley, it is said to have built some 3,700 years ago for King Minos’s brother.


Also here is thought to be the world’s oldest theatre. Here they would once have conducted ritual proceedings and healing ceremonies in the stone paved court, watched by spectators on the stepped seating above. Through the middle of the court runs a processional way path that I dowsed as having a dragon line energy flow that coincided with it. Sitting there oneself on the energy line, it was way too powerful to stay for long!

phaestos2phaestos3Left: Peter Cowman sits on the Processional Way, Phaestos (also above).

The palace is full of ritual spaces, lustral bowls for ritual purification, shrines and artefacts. Elaborate rituals of purification of the royalty and deified ancestors would have made for super spectacles for the onlookers. I wondered if there could have been those amazing bull rituals also, where gymnasts flung themselves across the backs of bulls, as depicted in art works; however there was no wall to stop such bulls from running off, so that was probably unlikely.

Another wonderful feature of Phaestos is the characteristic lack of defences. This palace was spawned of a peaceful society devoted to beauty and harmony. Crete became wealthy through it’s advantageous climate and it was well positioned in the Mediterranean for cross fertilisation and trade with both east and west, becoming fabulously wealthy enough to employ and foster the finest artisans imaginable. However much topsoil has been lost from the millennias of farming, the land has paid a high price… Hopefully the bourgeoning organic growing movement will help to swing the balance back to improved soil and land care.


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