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Hi Folks,

2017 is a milestone year, as it is now 30 years since I started to publish books about dowsing. 1987 was the year my first book came out. The Dowsing and Healing Manual is now out of print, as it was expanded to become the Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony correspondence course, and I have eight other books in print now.

I hope you enjoy issue 67 of Geomantica. It’s bursting with good information and good news also!

Thanks go out to all contributors,
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Alanna Moore

Contents Geomantica 67

Book News – Rave reviews are rolling in for new book Plant Spirit Gardener.
Good News  – ‘Into the Aboriginal World’, Devas have a new website – DevaHome, Map Dowsing – some feedback.
Feature Articles
Quantum Agriculture – Discovering the New Paradigm in Biodynamic Farming, by Alanna Moore, who recently caught up with Hugh Lovell and Shabari Bird Lovell.
Electro-Smog, Public Health and Protection  – The lowdown of how, what, where and what to do to minimise the risk, in an overview by Alanna Moore.
Book Review – In Search of the Irish Dreamtime – archeology and early Irish literature, by J P Mallory.
What’s On? – Geomantica events in West Wales, UK in April, in Cork, Ireland in May (tbc), and Australia, October-November 2017.

Book Newspsgcover

Plant Spirit Gardener by Alanna Moore, November 2016.

Reviewed by Ruth Parnell for Nexus magazine, February-March 2017, Vol 24, no. 2

“For her new book, Australian-Irish geomancer Alanna Moore draws on the wisdom of folklore and her own experience in understanding and working with the plant kingdom (see 19/05, 19/02, 17/02 and more).

“First, she educates us on what plants give so that we may live, why many trees have sacred traditions, and why forest therapy can improve our health. Next, she opens us up to the world of plant spirits, fairy doctors and therapeutic gardening. In her discussion of plant energies, Moore highlights the electrical nature of plants, spiral forces and the effects of electro-smog.

“A long-time dowser, Moore uses the technique to determine plant and tree energies, select suitable species, choose the right planting locations and orientations, and work out the best plant healing methods.

“Dowsing can help you harmonise your garden, perform Earth acupuncture, position Towers of Power and create stone labyrinths, symbolic mandala patterns and landscape features such as altars, ponds, pyramids and wild areas. Taking another leap, Moore explains how to work in cooperation with the devas and create mystical gardens. Her book is rich with magical and practical advice.”

Comments about PLANT SPIRIT GARDENER by German geomancer Martin Richter, Bavaria, February 2017 –

“…Verrryy inspiring and informative. The wisdom of all different cultures is just enormous!”

Reviewed by Veronica Scoot for Book Watch, the New Books with a Pagan Flavour column in the Autumn Edition of the Pagan Awareness Network Inc (Australia) Small Tapestry magazine, March 2017.
“Anyone who knows me, knows that I have ‘black thumbs’. I am not much of a gardener at all. But Alanna’s book is not only fascinating and filled with practical advice, but it is inspiring as well. Even for a ‘non-gardener’ like me it is filled with simple but effective techniques for connecting and working with the tree and plant spirits. It already has me looking at my garden in a whole new way, armed with the energy techniques to work in conscious harmony with the plant-life around me, rather than my current technique of ‘water and hope’.
“I loved learning about the different types of plant spirits and how I can work with each one. I was also fascinated to learn that some plants aren’t so fond of people, which is why they seem to have their “Keep Away” sign up and don’t encourage us to sit with them. I am excited by the prospect of making these new energy connections and can’t wait to get into my garden to try them out.
“More than gardening, this information in this book relates to all plant species—so it is perfect for people who love to get out in nature. Whether you are a hiker, a bushwalker, or simply love to go sit under your favourite tree in the park, with Alanna’s clear instructions, you will take ‘communing with nature’ to a whole new level. Alanna has packed so much into this wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. If you didn’t love plants when you started reading, you will by the end.
“I am looking forward to connecting with plant devas and understanding more of the nature spirits that live near me. Perhaps these black thumbs of mine will end up green after all”.


“What a fascinating book. Whether you are interested in gardening or not, you will be hooked by this manuscript and the wealth of information Alanna Moore is sharing with us. Using her extensive understanding and experience Alanna draws you into her world and then encourages you to find your own way using her plethora of charts, dowsing lists and your pendulum!

“From folklore to meditation; communicating with fairies and tree spirits; right through to therapeutic gardening and healing plants with Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy – it is all here. On the other side of the coin there is scientific research providing further insights and opinions. All of this is packaged in Alanna’s straightforward and easy prose – a delightful and informative read.”

Reviewed by Anna Guerrier for Dowsing Today,

journal of the British Society of Dowsers April 2017.


Good News


     ‘Into the Aboriginal world’

•    by Chris Johnston, The Age, 29-12-2016
•    “Jida Murray Gulpilil bathes himself in the thick, fragrant smoke from a pile of burning gum leaves beside a creek in the backwoods of northern Victoria. For him this is the smell of home. The past, but also the future.
“Come,” he says. “Get in the smoke. Cleanse our spirits, let the ancestors know we are here. Maybe they will guide us and show us things we have never seen before. I am going to take you into the Aboriginal world, and this is where we start.”…
Read this good news story about Boort, in central Victoria, where Aboriginal sites are numerous and the son of famous actor David Gulpillil is a champion to their protection and honouring. Full story here –—victorias-secret-emerges-from-lake-and-creek-20161229-gtjok8.html


Devas have a New Home!

Hi Geomantica,
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Map Dowsing  – Some Feedback     by Alanna Moore

Being a geomancer one seeks out the invisible influences affecting places. Confirmation is usually of an energetic nature also. There will be a change in the dowsing response. Tthe residents of a geopathically stressed house where Earth acupuncture has been performed may sense the ‘vibe’ to have improved. It’s always of great interest to get other types of feedback about one’s map dowsing. The following case provides a delightful example.

Late last year in Ireland I dowsed a property for Stewart Lundy in the USA. I discovered a couple of geopathically stressful energy lines, one of which went through one of several houses that were there. I also found a spot in the middle of large field that gave the indication of a sacred quality, although I wasn’t sure exactly what or why. It’s always good to keep such places protected, even if you are not sure about the nature of their role in the landscape. But I didn’t have to worry about that, as you will discover from the response from Stewart.
“Thank you for getting back,” he wrote me. “Am I right to see geopathic stress affecting only the house to the West? If so, it crosses our intern house. Some real psychological and health issues occurred there since we got it. We had such bad experiences with our interns that we kept the house empty this year. One friend is now renting a room, but since moving in this summer, her cat declined rapidly and died suddenly from jaw cancer. That really makes me wonder about that house now…”
“I don’t think of myself as sensitive at all. I studied philosophy and my approach to all of this is extremely belaboured. But this year I noticed a patch of wildflowers volunteer in our large field. I mowed widely around it and told anyone who visited, “Nature knows something I don’t.” It is precisely the area you marked as a sacred place. Apparently *I* know something I didn’t know I knew!”

Stewart added some more interesting comments later on:
“I have not installed the Power Towers yet, but I have identified some peculiarities that match what you showed me. Shortly after your map dowsing, a tree fell precisely along the water line you indicated crossed the house causing geopathic stress there. Only last week, another fell parallel to the same water line. It has been a very wet winter and perhaps that contributed.”

Feature Articles


Electro-Smog, Public Health and Protection

by Alanna Moore.

As a long time dowser/geomancer and having studied Building Biology in 1989, I have been aware of toxic health effects of exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (nowadays often called ‘electro-smog’). It naturally followed on from a concern about ionising radiation, as Australia is sitting on vast amounts of uranium. For a while in the early 1980’s I worked at Greenpeace in Sydney in campaigning against uranium mining (at Roxby Downs, South Australia) and its toxic effects.

Over subsequent years I’ve watched with dismay as Building Biology is totally ignored by the mainstream and the amount of radiation we are exposed to has alarmingly increased. As an electro-sensitive person, I know first-hand from my body reactions the sickening effects, which are additive and accumulative. This means that as the numbers of devices and the amount/time of exposure builds up, stress levels get toxically high and health can suddenly crash…

Today most people still are not aware that excessive exposure to non-ionising radiation can also constitute a grave hazard to health. Fortunately in Australia we have had some enlightening books penned by campaigners such as Donna Fischer in Brisbane (whose excellent article features in the current Nexus magazine) and Sydney dowser Lyn Maclean, plus many alternative magazines are also carrying warnings to us. The following piece has been written as a brief overview, compiled from various sources and with just a few useful references, as this information is fairly well known and all over the internet these days.

Symptoms of Electro-Smog Exposure
Alarming increases of ill-health have occurred in modern societies over the last few decades. The following symptoms are very common.

Headaches (very common)   Tinnitis    Dizziness   Nausea   Skin Allergies   Mental issues   Brain ‘fog’   Sleep disruption & insomnia, no REM and bad dreams    ADHD, hyperactivity, lacking concentration   Autism   Chronic fatigue   Premature ageing   Cardiovascular problems, palpitations, arhthymia   Male infertility   Childhood leukaemia   Glioma /brain tumour (with poor recovery if e-smog is present.)   Impaired immune system effects   Neurological changes & neurodegeneration  (poor memory, young onset dementia, Alzheimer’s.)   Changed moods & emotional states   (irritability, aggression, anxiety attacks, crying, depression, feeling out of control)   Learning and behavioural problems in children and adolescents   DNA chromosomal damage…….

Sources of Electro-Smog & some associated problems

HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICITY – Sleeping too close to meter boxes, wires and appliances. High magnetic fields are linked to a range of problems, including childhood leukaemia and breast cancer.

LIVING NEAR BIG POWERLINES – Increased rates of lung cancer downwind from these in areas with air pollution, also associated is childhood leukaemia, hypothyroidism (including fatigue & obesity). Powerlines can also pick up and re-radiate radio-frequency and microwaves.

MOBILE PHONES – headaches, irritability, brain tumours/ gliomas, other tumours/cancers in area where phone is kept or held on body, eg parotid gland, thyroid; also male infertility (from phone kept in trouser pocket). Obesity and fatigue from living near cell phone tower.

WIFI /WLAN – wireless internet, generally always left on. Autism has had a 60 fold increase in recent times. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt finds a strong connection between autism occurence and e-smog (wifi in particular), see his work at electromagnetic Wired internet connection is best. Or turn wifi modem off (or pull out plug) when not needed!!

‘SMART METERS’ – electrical and other meters wirelessly broadcasting data. Autism, headaches, sleep disruption, tinnitus, heart palpitations, anxiety….

FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS – eczema, seizures, migraines, skin rashes. Danger from mercury vapour if broken. Disposal issue – it’s toxic waste.

OTHERS – cordless phones (as bad as mobiles!), bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, GPS, baby monitors, communication towers etc. All these emit high frequency fields (microwaves and radio-frequency) and these can be amplified by metal objects, e.g. metal bed frame, inner-sprung mattress, wood heater, tooth filings etc…

Who is most vulnerable?

Those in-utero, the young to mid-teens, the sick, the nutritionally deficient and the elderly.

How does it affect us?

* Our body works on minute DC currents regulating cells. AC power is conducted into our bodies, showing up as elevated levels of AC voltage, read with a voltmeter / multimeter.
* The penetration of cell membranes by high frequency waves causes leakage of calcium from cells and disruption of the all-important calcium balance, resulting in cellular and brain malfunction (e.g. hyperactivity) and explaining many associated symptoms (see Dr Pall below.)
* Causes breaching of the blood – brain barrier. This allows more toxins into your brain, e.g. agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs.
* Causes an increase in free radicals and chronic states of inflammation. (This can be counteracted somewhat by Earthing.)
* Causes high levels of adrenalin and cortisol in blood.
* Causes disturbance of hormones, e.g. changed menstrual cycle; melatonin disruption. (Melatonin is a brain hormone that regulates activity, mood etc. Looking at a screen for long periods and especially late at night causes mental overstimulation, melatonin disruption and unknown other consequences.)

Autism & calcium balance explained by Dr Martin Pall :

”The autism epidemic Is mainly caused by electro-magnetic fields….There has been a huge increase in autism over the past 35 years, and much research is devoted to understanding why this epidemic has occurred. In the 1970’s it affected 5 in every 1,000 children, whereas today it’s 1 in 50! It’s a very frightening statistic,” said Dr Martin Pall, BA,PhD, a professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University. …”wireless radiation can activate voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) which open up and allow calcium to flow into the cells. The VGCC’s have a voltage sensor that is extremely sensitive to low intensity EMF’s and will open up the channel in response to electrical changes. The excess calcium in the cells creates havoc in the cells and is responsible for biological effects. Calcium is used as signalling in the cells and levels should normally be kept very low. Excess inter-cellular calcium messes up the formation of synapse in the developing brain. There have been many researchers that have argued that the failure to develop proper synaptic connections is the central defect that occurs in austim/ADH,” he stated at a lecture at the 2015 Autism One Conference, where he presented the scientific evidence of why he believes both EMF’s and chemical exposures have significant roles in causing autism, but with the view that EMF’s are probably more important.
Find Pall’s lecture here:

E-Smog Protection
*  Avoid wireless devices (eg things with ‘smart’ in the name) or exposure wherever possible. Or at least turn them off when not in use. Keeping as much distance between you is best; magnetic fields, especially, drop off quickly over a short distance.

* Anti-radiation paint, based on carbon, invented by the German military, can be very good at blocking out up to 99% of incoming waves, but it is expensive. It has to be earthed with a copper wire across it going to ground.  Try making a simple d-i-y one: look up a natural paint recipe and add lots of crushed charcoal to it. Use it as an undercoat and paint a nice coloured paint over the top. As with any blocking device, you will need a meter to test the outcome of its affects. Let Geomantica know how you go with it!

* Dirty Electricity filters, the Stetzerizer is a capacitor for cleaning up Dirty Electricity in the power supply.

* Demand switch in meter box – it shuts down household power from circulating around circuitry when you stop using it at night.

* Window films – stick them to glass to shield from e-smog.

* Metal flyscreens – can also prevent high frequency waves from entering.

* Aluminium building wrap – deflects high frequency waves.

* Mirrors – can deflect waves but can also cause problems by bouncing radiation around a room.

* Peat moss – is sometimes used as a protective building insulation. But its extraction is not sustainable.

* Special fabrics for clothing, curtains, bed canopies – with copper and silver fibres woven in, will prevent waves from passing through but may need to be earthed.

* Basalt – this crushed volcanic rock can help to neutralise e-smog when placed in containers in permanent locations in rooms (paramagnetic sources are best and the spots to out them would ideally be selected by dowsing).

* Bath with Epsom Salts added (= magnesium sulphate crystals). Foot baths with it added are also very relaxing and helpful at the end of the day.

* Earthing, daily grounding for at least 30 minutes. Go barefoot on bare or wet ground, even concrete, (but not dry grass). Devices can also be bought to assist with this.

* Dietary –  a whole food diet of unprocessed foods  with plenty of anti-oxidants is best. As well, specifically –

•    Cruciferous vegetables (Brassica family members such as cabbage, kale, cauliflower, etc.)
•    Organic berries, e.g., blueberries/raspberries/strawberries
•    Herbs such as turmeric and garlic, combined with a little coconut oil and black pepper for absorption;  teas of gingko biloba or thyme
•    Fermented and cultured foods eg yoghurt, keffir, miso
•    Whole grains
•    Sea vegetables
•    Essential fatty acids, good from flaxseed and evening primrose oils and certain fish
•    Supplements of vitamins C, D3, E, A and Bs (but not all such products are good ones)

•    Dietary tips from   and


Quantum Agriculture – Discovering the New Paradigm in Biodynamic Farming

by Alanna Moore

In February 2017 I went to County Carlow in Ireland to meet Hugh Lovell and Shabari Bird Lovell and to give a presentation at their Quantum Agriculture European Advanced Course being held at Coolanowle Country House, Ballickmoyler. It was a stimulating exchange and heartening to see extra impetus for the fledgling biodynamic movement in Ireland, with a good level of interest from the mostly organic farmers who attended.

Hugh and Shabari are a dynamic couple who hail from Georgia, USA and now live in northern New South Wales, Australia. Hugh was drawn there by the more ‘real’ nature of Antipodean farming – it is subsidy-free! His holistic approach to soil nutrition and experience with biodynamic rain making etc finds fertile ground there, as Australia’s ancient soils have been badly leached by inappropriate farming techniques, while drought is common.

Sharbari is also well versed in biodynamic growing and a host of other subjects. She was previously married to Christopher Bird, well known author of The Secret Life of plants and Secrets of the Soil, a classic tome that inspired my own book Stone Age Farming. Chris died suddenly in 1996, but his books are still in print and they now inspire a new generation of farmers.

The five day course they run is intellectually intensive, while also allowing for opportunities to learn from others. As the publicity indicated: “Advanced courses are designed for farmers to meet farmers and gifted soil consultants. Meet folks that share your views and questions. Make lifetime friends, living as community sharing laughs and meals. Question and answers every evening after evening meal. Bring your farm challenges and we will have group discussion. ” It was a whirlwind of interactions, with Hugh’s passion for healthy farming shining out loud!

Most of the students were residential, many were Irish dairy farmers, some locals who worked full days as well as attending the 9am – 5pm course and commuting in each day. Others had flown in from the UK and Portugal. All were keen to create nutritionally superior farm products and care better for the land. Certainly there is a need. The Coolanowle farm itself, an organic dairy, was producing milk with the taint of silage in taste. Cows there live in a permanent barn system without any pasture to eat. The smell of manure and silage around them was quite unpleasant. Hugh said that it could be counteracted easily by regular spraying with EM (Effective Microbes) or equivalent. This would eliminate odours and assist with composting processes, making it much more pleasant for the cows, workers and consumers.

Why practise biodynamics?
A far better product than the organic standards will allow for can be achieved by following biodynamic farming principles. This approach produces foods with a superior taste, texture, shelf life etc. Rudolph Steiner in Germany provided the original impulses to work biodynamically with the forces of the land and cosmos, and he was light years ahead of his times, which was nearly a century ago. Nowadays, more recent developments that involve dowsing and radionics have taken things up to a new level.

Hugh learned about this esoteric agriculture system from local mentor Peter Esch in Georgia, USA and then hands-on with his own farming and gardening experiences. To quote from his book A Biodynamic Farm (Acres USA 1994), Hugh describes biodynamics as a “philosophy of agriculture that viewed the biosphere as a living organism made up of varying combinations of earth, water, air and fire between the cosmic (silica) pole and the earthly (lime) pole of nature… I realised biodynamic farmers knew something I needed to know when the few ounces of Dr Pfeiffer’s Field Spray, stirred and sprayed in the afternoon just before ploughing, resulted in much greater soil improvement than 50 tons of cow manure, at roughly 40 times the cost in both cash and labour.”

In Ireland the practise of European biodynamics has produced mixed results, Hugh said, but it’s now vastly improved by adding in radionic broadcasting regimes (i.e. remote energy transference akin to dowsing), to complement the physical spraying of the BD preparations. Steiner had encouraged the on-going development of his methods and he never got to finish giving his agricultural lectures before death. Much experimentation and adaption is required to make a working biodynamic system in a new area. Fortunately for the locals here, as Hugh enthused during the course, “Ireland is a blessed land, ” referring to the good soils and climate that he has observed.

A full appreciation of Steiner’s far sighted, visionary insights that spawned the anthroposophical and biodynamic growing movements, is harder to grasp. Steiner produced some 6,000 lectures – a lifetime of learning for any serious student. Fortunately, there is a website that provides free audio files of many of Steiner’s lectures spoken in English, you can find it by doing a search for ‘Rudolph Steiner Audio’. Perfect for the farmer with a long day on the tractor ahead. But if you don’t really understand their content, don’t worry! Steiner was deliberately obtuse, to make the student work hard. And the agriculture methods still work even if the understanding is not complete.

Unlike Steiner, Hugh has a great gift  for explaining complex subjects easily and imparts his practical wisdom adeptly. Described as a master gardener, Hugh has a wealth of experience of growing delicious, wholesome food. His other mentors include Harvey Lisle (author of The Enlivened Rock Powders) and Hugh Courtney, who discovered the art of weather modification by sequential spraying of biodynamic preparations. Hugh is also the author of a couple of books. As I had to leave on day two of the five day course, having given participants my short session on practical dowsing, I have since been eagerly reading them.

‘Quantum Agriculture – biodynamics and beyond’ by Hugh Lovell was published in 2014. It covers a diverse spectrum of issues and provides answers to many farmers’ problems. It outlines his quantum leap approach and gives practical instructions for the reader to try out for themselves. It describes a system of agricultural radionics, whereby remedies are applied remotely and effectively. The remote transfer of patterns of homoeopathically diluted remedies to people, plants and animals, as a basis of radionic practise, is explained on page 76 thus:

“T. Galen Hieronymous demonstrated pattern transfer using conductive metals, such as copper, along with various resistance components, as the basis for his radionic analyser patent and his ‘Cosmic Pipe’ design. With radionics, pattern transfer occurs via quantum non-locality and entanglement. Only the pattern, which has no mass, is transferred… At the level of waveforms, dynamic patterns have complexity without mass – even though they may serve to organise large amounts of substance. Paracelsus compared the pattern of a remedy to the spark that sets a house on fire.”

Hieronymus created the Cosmic Pipe to broadcast  biodynamic preps to large farm areas; Hugh went on to trial it for 10 years on his own farm. It had a degree of effectiveness, but he had to re-design it, improving on the quality and reliability. Hugh said that the original device “worked quite well to broadcast to the lime activities of chemistry and life in the soil. I re-designed Galen’s instrument to broadcast to both the soil and the atmosphere. My design switched automatically from lime by night to silica by day. This enhanced the give and take between the below ground and above ground activities of lime and silica.”

For more information about his Field Broadcasters and radionic agriculture etc, see Hugh’s website –

The wealth of practical information in this book includes how to make potent biodynamic sprays, rich composts, nourishing tree pastes, weed and pest ‘peppers’, where to get ingredients, and when and how to use them. I love the refreshing irreverence to tradition. Hugh recommends road kill being put into compost and gives liquid fertiliser recipes that includes a Roadkill Brew (whereas I know, as a past teacher of compost making for a local council, urban composters are warned never to put meat into compost heaps!).

The storage of BD preps is fascinating (page 127) – they must be kept free from chemical or electro-magnetic contamination and peat moss is used to protect them. Geomantica has my article on the use of peat moss as protection against electro-magnetic radiation, as anticipated by Steiner nearly a century ago (available in issue 47, December 2010 on the Geomantica Archives page). Safe storage can be achieved by wrapping BD prep containers in peat moss which, Hugh says “not only insulates the preparations, it draws in organisational energy from the surroundings according to each prep’s needs. This helps them mature and contributes to their character as they age. Peat moss is ideal for this purpose as it provides a material that draws in etheric energy.”

Finally there is an important discussion of the late Professor Phil Callahan’s work on his theory of paramagnetism, on page 199 – The Paramagnetism Debate – how can we find clarity? “For now, confusion reigns,” Hugh writes. “Phil Callahan, who I knew and held in high respect, had a theory that highly paramagnetic soils gave very good responses to growth. This is an intriguing theory because oxygen, which is highly paramagnetic, was identified by Rudolph Steiner as the carrier of life force.”

Callahan’s first prototype of the PSCM meter for measuring paramagnetism, that he developed with engineer Lee Leitner, was used to test soil, high silica granite dust and other things on Hugh’s farm (including wood ash, which proved highly paramagnetic). But Hugh’s soil, that was “growing robust crops of maize and soybeans without any fertiliser” only gave a weak result of 130 cgs units. “Phil said that was impossible… I reckoned that my soil was growing robust crops because of it’s high silica levels, which would have dampened the readings for paramagnetism because of silica’s diamagnetic effects. Unfortunately the debate came to a halt there as Phil moved to New Mexico and soon after fell into eclipse with Alzheimers…. Thus I do not give the paramagnetism readings taken by the PCSM meter any weight in my soil evaluations,” Hugh wrote.

I would have to share Hugh’s doubts about the PCSM meter myself – I always recommend people to use dowsing to find the best rock dusts for one’s soils, checking both the energy levels and asking for mineral / trace element suitability. (Well known English/Australian soil expert the late Pat Coleby, of Maldon, Victoria, where I once lived, also used dowsing to determine soil additives, although this was edited out of her numerous books by disapproving editors, she told me! Her books, nonetheless, are still highly insightful and popular, and are published Acres USA.)

In the next issue of Geomantica magazine I will review Hugh’s previous book “A Biodynamic Farm’ (published by Acres USA). Meanwhile Hugh and Shabari are now heading back to the UK for more teaching.

For more information about paramagnetism, see Acres USA for Phil Callahan’s books, or purchase a copy of Stone Age Farming by the author on this site.


Book Review

In Search of the Irish Dreamtime – archeology and early Irish literature, by J P Mallory, Thames and Hudson, London, 2016.6B.mallory

At last, a scholarly look at the reality of ancient Irish ‘history’! Unquestioning acceptance of Irish pseudo-history still holds currency in New Age publications and the popular media. Mallory’s book is a good antidote to this state of denial, as it examines archeological and linguistic clues for confirmation of Europe’s oldest literary traditions.

Until the 1960’s, Irish schoolchildren were taught such mythologies as the founding myth of waves of incoming migrations, as genuine history. However much myth was fabricated and modelled on the Bible, which isn’t exactly known for its historical accuracy. While much is supposed to depict the glories of Celtic Iron Age culture of some 2000 years ago, in Mallory’s conclusion, archaic Irish literature is actually describing more about the state of the early medieval world at the time that it was ‘transcribed’.

The old blood thirsty tales are rent with invasions, warfare, fighting for ‘swordland’, beheadings and other bad behaviour, and it’s hard to sympathise with the ‘good guys’ in them, as they are all capable of behaving ferociously badly. How these times could be later romanticised is hard to understand.

How much to believe? There’s isn’t much physical evidence to back up medieval hype. As for warriors zipping around in chariots, for example, there is virtually no evidence, not for before the Middle Ages at least. The idea could have been derived from Gaul or elsewhere in Europe, where chariots were much more common and are even found in some elite burials.

The stories give impressions of some general trends, but as for the earliest dates and people and places – forget it! Medieval scribes appear to have often simply made up the often completely implausible tales, using popular motifs that were often repeated for other people and places. In the 12th century when these dubious ‘histories’ were being copied by scribes, disbelieving comments were often scribbled in the margins. So why should we believe them now?  I think it’s high time to dispel the romantic rubbish that passes off as ancient Irish history. Not to say that we shouldn’t read it and garner the odd nugget of wisdom and entertainment value.

So why would people write such fantasies and lies, one may wonder? It’s all about the motives behind them. For example, the Church of Armagh was trying to gain supremacy over other churches and to cement an allegiance with the O’Neills, rulers of Ulster. By their re-writing of history they were able to re-recreate the O’Neills as hereditary rulers since time immemorial, which they were not. (They also later did a PR job on St Patrick and pumped him up to be a super hero hundreds of years after her was in Ireland. Only humbly missionising in Ulster, they had him supposedly in just about every pagan nook and cranny of the country and filled him with immense importance, when he didn’t actually enjoy much popularity during his mission and sometimes had to pay protection money to stay alive!) Armagh had the strong motivation to fabricate such things, to produce propaganda that promoted the power plays of the times.

Mallory describes only a single story that possibly has a physical ground truth to match it. A Hercules type scenario of one tale, where the hero is forced to do seemingly impossible tasks includes one job of building a trackway across an otherwise unpassable expanse of bog. This enormous task involves thousands of Oak trees being cut, split and laid down along the track. But it was never finished. Fast forwards to a few decades ago and an ancient timber bog track is discovered, uncovered and is finally housed under a museum roof for all to see, at Corlea in County Longford. It too, strangely enough, was never finished. Was the story made up to explain the ground truth? Or was it based on actualities?… We may never know. But the amazing structure is not diminished by a lack of documentation. Carbon dated to have been constructed around 148 BCE, Mallory states that “the association of the building of the Corlea 1 trackway with the events recorded in the 8th or 9th century rendition of the Tochmarc Etaine is one of the most striking correlations between archeology and the Dreamtime.”

An Irish Dreamtime? Yes, Mallory finds the concept of the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime to be also relevant to ancient Irish culture. He defines it as deriving from “a sacred time in which both the natural world and human culture and traditions originated and that these beginnings still resonate in the spiritual life of people today… [There are] some similarities that can be found in Irish tradition which seems to tick at least some of the boxes of the Australian definition.”

Abundant ruins of ancient monuments certainly provided a fertile backdrop for the imaginations of the early medieval pseudo-historians, who were perhaps the world’s first documented spin doctors. For example, Mallory explains the anomalous worlds of burial customs and royal houses thus:

“Burial under a tumulus [mound] begins in Ireland at least with the Middle Neolithic and continues…” but this is only for cremations, not inhumations. Yet all the ’histories’ suggest inhumation, which was not found by archeology to be occurring until the 5th century.

“Archeological evidence is really meagre [for inhumation burials] and one cannot help but suspect that we are dealing again with a back-projected motif derived from the obvious presence of cairns in the Irish landscape…”

“Despite the fantastical descriptions in some of the Irish narratives for massive, otherworldly houses with multiple doorways, there is no archeological evidence in Ireland for buildings of the scale found elsewhere in north-west Europe in the early medieval period…or even in Anglo-Saxon England…”

“Literary evidence [has] suggested that the provincial capitals were residential fortified sites that served as the main political centres of a politico-cosmological scheme that divided Ireland into five provinces. The archeological evidence, on the other hand, revealed the sites to have been ceremonial enclosures whose banks and ditches were not specifically defensive nor was there much evidence for permanent residential occupation… these sites [it has been argued] were essentially appropriated  during the early medieval period in order to support the political aspirations of the Ui Neill, the major political dynasty of the northern half of Ireland….  [e.g. for] Navan Fort [where there was generated a] …large body of literary lore in order to enhance the importance of neighbouring Armagh” …

“The high kingship of Ireland was itself a political ideology rather than a reality, [so] extending it back for several thousand years seems implausible. If there ever were king lists, there should have been one for each of the 100 or more tribes of Ireland.”

So – you cannot believe all the hype that you read! And this book gives ample proof. Spin-doctoring continues to this day, as media moguls in the pockets of our ‘great chiefs’ take on the role of the powerful Irish poets, whose sharp wit and satires were an essential part of the psychological battle for minds in the tribal, then feudal world of Ireland’s past. The bardic capacity to spoil or cast aspersions upon someone’s record in the public domain created great fear and shaming. A hero always wanted their good name to last well beyond death and certainly not to bring shame to their descendants. The power exercised by the ancient Irish satirists proves that the pen can truly be mightier than the sword!

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Co. Mayo, Enniscrone:
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Sat. 8th July, 11am til 4pm.

Students will be given practical training – how to dowse, apply the pendulum in the garden for plant health and wellbeing, improve the energetic environment, make a Power Tower and program it suitably, and more!

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Killuvullen, Mallow
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Oct. 28 – 29th
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Willunga SA
Fri 10th Nov. evening and Sat 11th afternoon
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Warburton Vic
Nov 25th – 26th
Backyard Geomancy – Energy Dowsing, Devas and Power Towers
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Sunday Dec. 3rd
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