GEOMANTICA magazine no. 62


Geomantica 62

August 2015

Geomantica is an international web magazine of geomancy, dowsing, esoteric agriculture and landcare and eco-sensitive living, published three times per year.  Editor: Alanna Moore.

G62  Editorial

Well folks, I’ve made the big move to live in Ireland and I’m loving it here! My Irish DNA is very happy! But nothing much has changed about Geomantica, it’s still up there in cyberspace. (Although I can’t get wordpress to put the pics in the correct  place, sorry folks, they are all above.)

While many aspects of Ireland are like a magical paradise, there is a dark side – the haunted landscapes and big, voracious slugs in the garden! Read about dealing with such in this issue.

While I am semi-retired these days and still settling into the new place in County Leitrim, I ‘m still offering occasional workshops and I’ll return to Australia in November/December to run more courses in the Sydney and Melbourne regions.

But I probably will not be back in Oz in 2016, when Europe awaits me, with classes being organised  in Switzerland and Germany in the (northern) spring. Already the German Nexus magazine has published a couple of articles about my work, in the lead up to a new German language edition of my book Stone Age Farming which will be out soon.

Enjoy this 62nd issue of Geomantica,

Editor – Alanna Moore

Letters G62

Hello Alanna,
Ich arbeite mit dem Wissen aus Deinem Vortrag im Garten und Experimentiere auch.
Unter anderem habe ich den Energieturm, mangels Gesteinsmehl mit Basaltsplitt (2/5) erbaut.
Erfolg: Stäucher wachsen besser und !!!! Katzen scheißen nicht mehr in die Gärten !!!!

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

Heiko said that he’s been experimenting in the garden following the knowledge from Alanna’s workshop [in Germany, September 2014] and he built a tower of power (Energieturm) using basalt rock dust. Success: Plants are growing better!!! and cats no longer shit in his garden!!!

Hello Alanna,
I am so happy to be on this email list, your magazine is wonderful….
Thank you so much,

Hi Alanna,
I just attempted to order the archived newsletters at $55 as well as the first subject in the correspondence course. …I am intending on heading to Ireland and the UK next September to attend the BSD Dowsing Conference and seek out the sacred sites. My girlfriend who is studying building biology is going to come as well. We were hoping you may have a course on working with Earth energies and elementals around that time?

Nobody in Australia offers the same information as you, and we are both so inspired by your work and also Marko Pogacnik. We are hoping that we can learn from you both in our time abroad, so we can do the work here and make some much needed earth healing in conjunction with assisting people with building biology. Look forward to hearing from you,

Hello! My name is Tatiana. I have recently started studying the art of Geomancy and permaculture. I live in Sydney, Australia. I have come across your website and naturally found it fascinating! Your work is amazing! I was wondering if you will be running any workshops in Australia in 2015-2016 as I would love to participate? Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Hi Alanna,
Great newsletter. I noticed you went to Tamil Nadu, one of our favourite places … still a lot of original culture. Helen is there at the moment, attending a pearl divining ceremony at the temple tonight. Did you know it is the place on the planet that has the least gravity (see attached image)? Was also once part of Australia. Some of the tribal people look very much like Australian Aboriginals. Even the language has similarities.
Peter     (see the image of this above)

G62 News

Stone Serpent in the News

I wrote about the amazing Aboriginal stone arrangement of a serpent figure going up a mountainside back in September 2011, in Geomantica 50. Well, for the first time in my knowledge – a stone serpent has been in the news, albeit a different one that isn’t far from the one near Dunolly in central Victoria, at Mt Barker, north of Castlemaine. This good news story is extracted from:

Sacred Indigenous Site handed back to Traditional Owners, at ABC News 6 July 2015.

‘A significant site of cultural practise for the Dja Dja Wurrung people has been handed back to them to manage. One of the most culturally significant Aboriginal sites in Victoria was granted to the Dja Dja Wurrung people at a special ceremony on Friday.
‘The Mt Barker site in Mt Alexander shire was bought by the Indigenous Land Corporation on behalf of Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation to protect the property’s significant cultural and environmental values.
‘The purchase of the land is especially significant, as the Dja Dja Wurrung had no traditional country to access for cultural practice prior to now, explained Graham Atkinson of the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation.
“It comes two years after we signed our recognition and settlement agreement with the state government of Victoria, back in March 2013, and it has always been on the books that eventually the Mount Barker property and site would be divested back to the Dja Dja Wurrung traditional owners,” says Mr Atkinson.
“It’s one of the only remaining stone arrangement precincts in Victoria. It’s on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register. It has significance in the culture and history of the Dja Dja Wurrung people.”


Slugs a Challenge no More?

by Alanna Moore, May 2015

When teaching sensitive permaculture and dowsing in the garden in Europe a very common question from students has been: What to do about slugs? They are the bane of the gardeners life! While some people consider slugs to be nature’s little helpers in cleaning up ageing and sick plants, they are also partial to devouring newly transplanted vegetables and are hard to exclude from the garden.

So when I recently bought a set of bronze gardens tools from the UK, I was impressed to see that they might help to repel slugs, as well as maintain energetic harmony in the land. I was soon stuck into garden clearing and planting for springtime and slugs were starting to appear following a long winter.

Though pots of tasty young plants were now in their sights, there was no significant slug damage! Virtually none in fact. This was assisted by the presence of a band of copper impregnated material that was wrapped around the bucket gardens  that I wrote about in Geomantica #60. They had become dirty and ineffective, so I had given all the buckets a ‘spring clean’, refreshing the compost/ soil mix and washing the anti-slug collars clean.

So just what are these tools?
The range of tools that are handmade by PKS in Austria and Hungary have blades of solid bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. They never rust, have sharp edges that are hard wearing and stay sharp, sliding easily into the soil. The whole feel of using them is different! They are inspired by the work of Victor Schauberger ad PKS is the organisation established by his family to preserve and promote his work.

Why copper?
To quote their brochure. “In many ways, copper is the opposite of iron and steel, the metals commonly used f or garden tools. Iron is magnetic, copper is conductive. So, whereas iron tools can disturb the soil magnetism, copper assists the flow of Earth energies to nourish the plants. Iron is a base metal, so it rusts when exposed to air. Copper (along with silver and gold) is a noble metal, which does not corrode easily. This means it  leaves less of a residue in the soil.

“Slugs and snails have no natural magnetism – literally. Their blood is based on copper, whereas we have iron flowing in our veins. Iron is magnetic, while copper is non-magnetic and highly conductive. This has significance for gardeners, as many users of our garden tools have found out. This quality of their blood  means that slugs and snails do not seem to be attracted to plants cultivated with out tools. As long as the bronze tool is the last one to touch the soil before leaving the transplanted seedlings, it offers some protection while the young plants establish themselves. It’s not completely mollusc-proof – we still notice some slug and snail damage in our garden. But nothing like the complete devastation of young plants that we used to experience,” the authors stated.

For more information about the tools, see the website at

Photo by Alanna Moore  at top of page.



Legacy in the Stones

by Alanna Moore, August 2015

Digging the ground for garden beds in the huge new polytunnel was slow and arduous. But it provided distractions, when I unearthed old artifacts –  bones, rusted metal, broken bottles and bits of china, plus stone drains and pavements. The site, in a rural part of Ireland, had previously been occupied by an old farm house. I had just moved in and the polytunnel was the first project.
As I worked removing the heavy soil and clods, slowly sifting out artifacts and any good topsoil, the atmosphere grew increasingly heavy. Exhausting work, it seemed it would take forever. Without help on the horizon, I became gloomily despairing. Not  myself at all!  Normally I relish making new gardens. And as I started to unearth the old French drain, it began to feel decidedly creepy in there!

Already the man who erected the polytunnel had said several times that digging the footings, into the stonework in the ground, had been “torture”.

Several days of digging went by and I could see no ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. I was starting to get really down and couldn’t understand why. I also had a strange nightmare, where I was crying about having to go back to Australia, bawling the whole time, when I don’t usually cry about such things!

“This job is killing me”, I found myself telling people, as I was now being haunted by thoughts of death too. My husband Peter made a joke about burying me in there and that gave me the shivers!

Map dowsing
That night I finally remembered what it was! Before I bought the property I was in Australia, moving out of the farm I’d sold. I’d never actually been on the Irish property, but  Peter had checked it out there and it looked good. By map dowsing and remote viewing (which I do professionally) I had found it to be generally favourable, plus loads of fairies lived in one of the fields – a bonus! (I now call the place ‘Fairyfield’.) But I had also identified that a previous occupant had killed themselves there.

At the time I thought – don’t worry about that now, it’s only a minor problem, I can deal with it later. Then I promptly forgot all about it and focussed on other things and several busy months went by.

I suppose I needed to tackle the issue when the time was ripe. And now it was.  Being depressed got me into the zone, connecting with the residual emotions trapped there, apparently attached to the stone drain, where I felt them the strongest.

I can still see my vision of the distressed old woman clad in grey rags, lying on her side. Perhaps she was a victim of the Great Famine, faced with the dreadful choice of death by starvation at home or possible death on a ship to another country far from family? Or perhaps her family had all died or emigrated. Her despair was so great that she took her own life to end the misery.

Remembering what the problem really was – coming from outside of myself – was a relief. I got up the next morning and announced to Peter –  “I’ve got to go and do an exorcism on that polytunnel!!”  So off we went, armed with bells and incense. A friend, Gerry, came with his flute.

Dealing with the legacy
Our ceremony started by acknowledging the suffering of the dead woman whose spirit seemed to be anchored to the stonework there. I asked that she forgive herself  – suicide would have been a great shame on the family and she would not have been buried in consecrated ground. We felt her pain so deeply that Peter and I were awash with tears at this point!  We then sent her love and healing, the need for which keeps many spirits earthbound. I went on to suggest that her ancestors were waiting for her to finally join them….  Soon after I got the message that she had indeed moved on.

Gerry played gentle music on the flute and we went about blessing the space in the polytunnel, where some of the stonework I had unearthed has now been left as garden features, a reminder of the industry of the generations past.

Following this, it was as if a black cloud had lifted from that space.

Now when I make and tend gardens in the bright and cosy polytunnel I only feel the blessings. Gardening is no longer a burden. I’ve stopped despairing that it’ll “never be finished”. Now it has it’s own relaxed time frame and there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. And a lush, edible jungle is growing in there!

But I know that there are a multitude of other haunted places in Ireland that still harbour the energies resulting from oppression, poverty, hunger and war; and that these energies can be quite a dampener, blocking new energies from coming in. Not to mention the effects they can have on vulnerable minds. Much clearance work needs to be done!


Workshops and Talks with Alanna Moore Coming Up:


* Sunday October 11th, 2 – 5.30pm

Inishowen, County Donegal

Energy Dowsing for House and Land workshop

Alanna Moore, a professional house dowser for 35 years and founder of the New South Wales Dowsing Society in Australia, 1984, is making a rare visit to Donegal  to share her work. At the introductory afternoon workshop Alanna will de-mystify the ancient art of geomantic dowsing.

Learn about the many types of energies that influence places for good and for bad (geomancy, geobiology and electro-biology) and what to do about them, from Earth acupuncture to stone arrangements. Practice pendulum dowsing for water, geopathic stress and anything else is possible to dowse too, once the basic techniques are learnt.

Alanna is also available to teach a 2nd session, on Monday morning 10 – 1pm, on advanced methods of dowsing, such as dowsing for the spiritual beings in the landscape and deviceless dowsing, should sufficient people book in early enough.

Moville Holiday Hostel, Malin Road, Moville
With a selection of nearby beaches, activities and ancient sites it makes nice weekend holiday!

Payments for training sessions are by the special price of: donation of 25 euros or more.
For bookings and details – email Kathleen: Tel: 074 9381000


* Sunday November 1st, 10 – 4.30pm – Hunter’s Hill, Sydney – for the Dowser’s Society of New South Wales.

HOUSE DOWSE – Learn how to make a geomantic assessment of a place – find out what influential energies there might be, their effects on people and methods to neutralise/deal with them. From geopathic and electro-stress in the home or office, to nature spirits outdoors.
Program –
1st session – An overview of environmental energies and methods of dealing with them (with a checklist handout). Demonstration of map dowsing for environmental energy influences.
2nd session – Geobiology: looking at geopathic stress and exploring the effects on our auric fields. How to perform Earth Acupuncture to neutralise the problem.
3rd session –  Building Biology: discovering the effects of buildings and electro-stress on our being and finding out how to reduce the negative impacts.
4th session – Beneficial energies, sacred sites and nature spirits. How to tap in to them for improved environmental harmony. Stone arrangements and Power Towers.
Cost to attend for members will be $130 See.

* November Friday 6th & Saturday 7th- Mangrove Mountain Yoga Ashram, NSW
Friday evening film and Saturday workshop with Alanna Moore on Geomancy and Sensitive Permaculture


* November 14 – 15th weekend  – Warburton
Saturday – Dowsing in the Garden and Sensitive Permaculture, includes building a Power Tower.
Sunday 15th Geomancing the Land – advanced dowsing day of experiential geomancy and nature spirit connection, dowsing and attuning to and singing songs to the land. Venue:  Warburton.  (Details to be confirmed.)
Contact:  Ralph Ballard – phone 03 5966 9253 or email

* November 19 – 20th (10am – 5pm)  – Dandenongs, Melbourne.

Venue – Pete the Permie’s Telopea Farm, a fabulous permaculture teaching farm.

Friday 19th – Dowsing in the Garden. Saturday 20th – Sensitive Permaculture & Power Towers

Cost to attend:  2 day $250 class or Friday only $135, Sat only $175.
Info –

* November 29th (Sunday) –  Brunswick, Melbourne
Divining in the Garden with Alanna Moore, a day at CERES, the wonderful environment park.

See –

* Sunday December 6th, 2 – 5.30pm.
Clunes (White Stone Farm), central Victoria
Pendulum Dowsing for Health and Wellbeing
with Alanna Moore, founder of the NSW Dowsing Society (In 1984).
In this introductory class you will be empowered to use the ancient skill of pendulum dowsing (pendulums supplied) and get to practice some water and health divining techniques.

Fee to attend – $55.
Bookings: Prue – or phone 0499 700 991.


* Switzerland, near Zurich

May 21 – 22nd 2016

Dowsing, Sensitive Permaculture and Geomancy weekend

Hands on learning with Alanna Moore and fully translated to German & Swiss German.

More  info – Peter Renner:


* Germany, Bavaria

May 28 – 29th

Dowsing, Sensitive Permaculture and Geomancy weekend at Akams,  near Immenstadt, Allgäu region.

Hands on learning with Alanna Moore.

More  info –





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