GEOMANTICA magazine no. 61

Geomantica 61

April 2015

Geomantica is an international web magazine of geomancy, dowsing, esoteric agriculture and landcare and eco-sensitive living, published three times per year.  Editor: Alanna Moore.

Contents –

G61 Editorial – A new era begins, with Geomantica’s permanent move to Ireland.
Letters – Feedback on Geomantica books and the Big Move.
News G61 –  Welcome to the Emerald Isle! an invitation to legendary County Leitrim. Misty and magical, this soggy part of the world is rich in remains of sacred sites and natural beauty.
Yogic Farming – focussed meditation in the field. Indian farmers began a movement of sustainable agriculture in 2009 that is about enhancing the energetic and spiritual wellbeing of farm land and soils.
Geomantica Magazine – New ‘5 Packs’ of archived magazines: issues 51 – 60 are now available to purchase at the special rate of just $AUD10 (half the usual price). You get 100 A4 size pages as a downloadable file, with barely an advert to be found, chock full of inspirational and fascinating stories and news items. See the contents list, the buy button is at the bottom of this page.

Feature Articles –
Physics of ancient times – from ether to morphogenetic fields by Miroslav Provod. Incredible feats of megalithic stone moving cannot be replicated today!
The Rangoli – A Living Mandala Tradition in India by Alanna Moore. Sand mandalas on doorsteps in southern India incorporate sacred geometry and organic forms, such that you feel good just looking at them!
Resolving the Backyard Blues with Dowsing and a Power Tower, by Liz T. A student of dowsing solves energetic problems in her own backyard.
Slow Holiday, by Alanna Moore, July 2014.  An electric bike trip from County  Leitrim to neigbouring county Sligo last summer takes in ancient monuments, history and legend from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, as well as spectacular scenery, in this quiet backwater of Ireland. It’s a dowser’s holiday and Alanna’s stone pendulum is really spinning!

Book Review: ‘I Am With You – The Earth wants to talk with us‘ by Sten Linnander (Germany). Reviewed by Peter Cowman. An inspiring read!
Geomantica Events with Alanna Moore Coming Up –
Ireland: Just a few presentations and two geomancy weekends this summer.
Europe:  Autumn events, to be confirmed.
Australia:  November 2015 (Sydney and Victoria).


Editorial G61

It’s a new era for Geomantica. Relocation from Australia to Ireland has been in process! It’s still ongoing, so many changes are afoot including what Geomantica is offering. There will be only a few workshops on offer here and there, mostly in Ireland and rarely in Australia now. I hope to see you at one of them!

It’s a great contrast to move from a dryland part of Australia to an extra soggy part of Ireland! Nonetheless, it is a rich culture that makes up for the weather! And my ancestral Irish genes are very much at home here.

Thanks to all the contributors,
Happy reading,
Alanna Moore

PS I got an nice surprise when the December 2014 issue of Dowsing Today (journal of the British Society of Dowsers) came out, being featured on the cover, following last September’s conference!


G 61 Letters

Dear Alanna
I recently purchased your book Divining Earth Spirit.
It is such a wonderful and detailed account of our great land’s traditional owners.  I’m loving your words of wisdom therein and have just signed up for your dowsing e-course.  Look forward to it!

Safe travels
Delanie, Australia

Dear Alanna
I trust your next journey that leads you into Ireland is filled with wonders and excitement!  I’m seriously jealous in the most positive way.

You have given Australia an amazing gift!
And we can only be blessed from your efforts! Thank you.

Sincere Wishes
Allannah (ex-editor Pagan Times)

Dear Alanna
Thank you so much for all you have done  are doing and will be doing.

With fond memories I think back to the workshop in the community garden at the Kuranda Markets. ..

Wishing you well and lots of abundance.



Welcome to the Emerald Isle:
Invitation to Legendary Leitrim

by Alanna Moore

Ireland’s indigenous (pre-Celtic) paradigms often remind one of those of Australia’s Aboriginals. In both countries, the devic beings are recognised as powerful inhabitants of place, not to be messed with! Well, this used to be the case, at least.

Here in a rural back water, in County Leitrim, the landscape is full of reminders of ancient paradigms and history. For instance, the ‘Lone Tree’ or ‘Fairy Tree’ (- usually a Hawthorn) is often the only tree left in farm fields as in the photo. These two such trees are located on a Fairy Pathway, what’s more! This is a sort of telluric / geodetic current of energy that meanders through undisturbed landscapes and offers an easy traffic route for nature beings. (I wrote more about this very same Fairy Pass in my 2009 book Sensitive Permaculture)

The Lone Trees (as below) would have been deemed as having special significance to the fairies and were never cut down. To do so, farmers risked offending the fairies and having terrible ‘luck’ as a consequence.) And it was good for environmental biodiversity too, as all the other trees would have been cut down, with only 1% tree cover left by around 100 years ago.)


On many hilltops ”Fairy Forts’ can be seen, as in the photo. They are usually not forts at all, but actually the remains of Iron Age (2000 year old) farmsteads, that are encircled by banks and hedges. As often the only wilderness areas left on farmlands, they were deemed to be fairy territory, not to be disturbed. Fortunately these hill forts (called in Irish raths and lisses) are still usually treated with respect and the one in the photo has been neatly maintained. Dowsing finds that many Otherworldly beings may be present around both fairy paths and fairy forts. As well, they often provide a bit of wildness for nature to thrive in.


This coming summer (northern hemisphere) I am offering a couple of weekends  in Leitrim, where people will be introduced to dowsing for geomantic influences in the landscape and they’ll be taken to local sacred sites and special monuments, some of which go back to the Bronze Age. These are not well known places where tourists flock to. Quite the opposite. And for their solitude they are all the more magical, places of great character and fascination. Below – the legendary fairy mountain Sheemore.

Attuning to the Earth and nature, we will walk through country fields and visit the quiet but powerful places that abound here. We will also learn to sing special songs with which we will honour the sacred places and sing to the land. Place legends will be related and dowsing and meditation practiced at sites visited.

So why not join us for a magical weekend in lovely and legendary Leitrim this summer? See the What’s on section at the end, for more information.




Yogic Farming – focussed meditation in the field

Yogic Agriculture is a movement of around 400 farmers in India that is delivering improved, sustainable outcomes for Indian farmers with a co-operative of scientists from leading Indian agricultural universities documenting its effectiveness.

How and when did it begin?
“A farmer, Nanu Ram, was being troubled by harmful pests damaging his crops. As a person who regularly does meditation, he reasoned that, rather than complaining about insects and adding chemicals, he started experimenting with the practice of meditation. While doing meditation, he sat in his crop and attempted to repel the insects using the power of his thought and intention.

He meditated on this thought – “The vegetation is filled with light and might, and the insects are weak and no longer welcome. They should be gone”. After 2-3 hours of meditation over 2-3 days, the insect population of Nanu Ram’s experimental crop was noticeably less. As soon as he shared his findings with Sister Nalita at his local Brahma Kumaris centre, the news quickly spread among the local farming families.

Thus, the Yogic kheti Agriculture initiative, known outside of India as Sustainable Yogic Agriculture (SYA), was formally started by approximately 400 farmers from central and northern India in 2009.

“The practice of introducing systematic thought-based meditation at all stages of the crop cycle, with methods of traditional organic farming is bringing benefit. Meditation is practiced on raw seeds, then at the subsequent stages of sowing, watering and harvesting of crops.

“Meditators focus thoughts of peace, non-violence, love, strength and resilience on the seed for up to a month before sowing. The seeds that had been meditated upon germinate more quickly than regular seeds.

“In the yogic farm fields there are greater quantities of Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillium and PSB (phosphate solubilizing bacteria), indicating improved soil health.

“Sushma, a farmer’s wife from one of the SYA villages reports, ‘There is no doubt that our family is healthier now. You can definitely taste the difference in the food. Also, my husband is no longer getting sick from pesticides.’

For people within India who are interested in SYA, email
BK Raju at

Source –
Extracted from articles in Leisa India, Dec.2012 and India-Rio20.

The full articles are available online via this link:

Geomantica Magazine – New ‘5 Packs’ of archived magazines

Geomantica is an unique international magazine of all things geomantic,
including dowsing, Earth mysteries, sacred sites, feng shui, geo-biology and electro-biology, eco-sensitivity, eco-spirituality, esoteric agriculture, eco-sensitive-living, and the like. It has been offered freely  to readers online, up until 2012, when archiving began of the first 50 issues, with their fascinating content, added new photos and NO advertising at all. Readers at last had a means of buying the back issues and giving back something for this service.

Now finally, at the end of March 2015, the last ten issues of Geomantica (no.s 51 to 60) have been archived into downloadable pdf files packed. Two ‘5 packs’ of Geomanticas usually sell for $AUD10 each.
For the launch of these recent archives, Geomantica is offering them for half price for the month of April 2015. So be quick!

Buy the ten Geomantica issues for a special price of just $AUD 10.

Some of the highlights of the contents of Geomanticas no.s 51 – 55
(62  A4 pages): 2012 to 2013

Geomantica 51  – March 2012

Letters – Radionic farming in Ireland, Anastasia – an old myth recycled.
Page 4   Australian Dowsers Society now formed, plus their website launched!
Page 5   EMR News:  Smart Meters – radiation concerns, smart grids explained by David Icke (links). Animal Health Alert: Dogs Reaction to Smart Meters,
Ireland reports smart meter trial results.
Page 6   Brain effects from Radio Frequency Fields, Cell Phones are Weapons of Mass Irritation! Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch UK interviewed by Dr. Mercola, extract and link. Household appliance concerns. Wifi Woes.
Page 7   Indigenous Perceptions on Fracking – ‘The Unfractured Future’. Safe As Houses? – David Cowan’s book available as a free download (link).
How Animals Predict Earthquakes – extract from BBC report.
Page 8  Saga of the Offensive Wandjina Statue – extracted from an ABC
report of a culturally insensitive sculpture of a Kimberley Aboriginal Wandjina on public display in NSW and what became of it.  Loong the Chinese Dragon’s Final Parade in Bendigo.
Feature Articles:
Page 9  Report of a Trip to AURIA – where Trees and Dowsing Make for Great Companions by Sue Bussell of the Natural Resonance Study Group in Western Australia. Where geomancy and tree planting make a wonderful combination, with a success rate of 90% for tree establishment in a hot, harsh environment.
Page 10   Sacred Water Serpents and the Spirit of Wisdom by Alanna Moore.
An extract from the new book Water Spirits of the World, about the serpent as the primordial creator spirit.
Page 12   Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns, an in-depth report by Janobai Smith.
Page 20  Book Review – Storymen by Hannah Rachel Bell, reviewed by Alanna Moore. A wealth of Aboriginal perspectives.

Geomantica 52 – July 2012

Letters – Victorian ‘smart’ meter rollout, three public letters from affected people.
Page 23  In the News: Electrical Pollution & Wind Turbines. Increased problems for Kids from Mobile Phones. Where do you carry your phone?
Page 24  Scottish Buddhist Centre sold to Wind Farm Company.
International Dowsing Telesummit this September/October coming, features Alanna Moore speaking on Dowsing the Dreamtime & Geomancing the Garden.
Feature Articles:
Page 25 With Sensitive Living We Nurture the World, by Alanna Moore – A personal look at life and how a trusting of intuitive insights makes for a more sustainable and connected world. Throw away your mobiles and rediscover telepathy!
Page 26  Inflammation, Illness and Mother Earth – by Madis Senner.
The increasing illnesses of society reflect the malaise of Mother Earth. The good news is that Earth can help us reverse many of our problems. Ways of reconnecting.
Page 28 Charge of the Human Body – Static Electricity – more excellent insights from Miroslav Provod, including tips on discharging electricity built up in the body. A scientific slant on things energetic.

Geomantica 53 – September 2012

Page 31  Letters – Windfarm Experience, Invisible Hazards.
Page 31  News – Dowsing Tele-Summit upcoming. Alanna Moore is one of the
international speakers.
Page 32   Python Press books now on Amazon. Heavy Metal Toxicity raises your risk of Electro-Sensitivity. Link to Earthing products. New Zealand grants a River the Rights of Personhood.
Page 33  Regenerate the Earth – now an E-book, with link. The Grandmother Drum, a Talk in W.A. about a dubious spiritual project.
Page 34  Sacred Space Handbook – new book from UK geomancer Sig Lonegren.
Feature Articles
Page 34  Reflections on Dowsing by Alanna Moore, originally written  for the Australian Dowsers Society. A personal musing of living life in intuitive mode and why we need to throw away mobile phones and embrace telepathy and dowsing!
Page 35  Homeopathy from a Different Perspective by Miroslav Provod.
A scientific look at the mechanism of the homeopathic transfer of energies, including an experiment looking at the energy of water that has been simply shaken.
Page 36  Book Reviews: ‘Water Spirits of the World’ and ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ by Alanna Moore, both reviewed in Nexus magazines of 2012.
Page 37  Book Review – ‘Earthing – the most  important health discovery ever?’ Peter Cowman reviews this important work, one that has helped many an electro-sensitive and ill people.

Upcoming event – Heaven & Earth Writer’s Festival, October 2012, Sydney, Australia. Speakers include Alanna Moore.

Geomantica 54 – November 2012

Page 39  Letters – Reader response to Grandmother Drum talk.
Etherion Intentional Community Vision, where electro-sensitives can live safely!
Page 40  Electro-Magnetic Radiation News: EM Pollution & Geomancy.  Renewable Energy – is it always good for the Planet?
Page 41  Don Maisch’s website. Smart Meters, electrosmog effects etc.
Feature Articles-
Helping the Dead by Alanna Moore. Musings on ghost busting, including an
interesting case of trapped trauma dealt with by the author.
Page 43  Akaija- The Message ‘We are One’ written in Megalithic Sites all over the World: The Great Pyramid, Angkor, Easter Island, Atlantis & Aneityum connected in the Akaija symbol by Wim Roskam, Netherlands. The amazing story of how Wim developed this intriguing and important symbol of unity and peace on a journey to far corners of the world and revelations on a tiny dot of an island in the vast Pacific Ocean.
Page 47  Obituary: Billy Arnold – Geomantica contributor Billy was an amazing clairvoyant who was determined to discover the spiritual reality of Aboriginal perspectives of place and to see and experience the magic of their sites.
Page 48  Book Review:  Cellular Telephone, Russian Roulette, by Robert Kane, 2001. “This nonscientific industry experiment using the general population is unique in the history of humanity,” he wrote. “Never before has such a large “guinea pig” experiment been performed.

Geomantica 55 – April 2013

Page 51 New Geomantica books! Touchstones for Today and The Sheltermaker’s Manual
Page 53  Restoring the Memory of Trees in WA, a report by Barrie Oldfield O.A.
Page 54  Visit by Dave Stetzer to Melbourne – a shining light on ‘Dirty Electricity’
Page 54  Flowers buzz bees with electricity – amazing scientific insights into subtle
communications across nature’s kingdoms
Page 55  ‘Evolution of a Dowser’ by David Kennett
The fascinating story of Dave’s self-development by dowsing and its application to reafforestation on a dusty ex-wheat farm in Western Australia.
Page 56  ‘Psychotronic Tuna’ by P Neilson
Instructions to create your own simple radionic/homeopathic replicator device, using tuna tins!
Page 57  ‘Wifi, the Nocebo Effect and the Sad Sacred Site’ by Alanna Moore.
The perils of life for an electro-sensitive, how one situation was resolved; recent case of a court win for an electro-sensitive scientist in Victoria; and the effects of e-smog on a sacred site.
Page 61  ‘The Meander – a Source of Energy’ by Miroslav Provod
A simple experiement to generate energy in water is described.
Page 61  ‘Geomancy – a Certain Way of Thinking’ by Honour Leigh.   An enlightened Australian scientist muses on a better path for society.

Some of the highlights of the contents of Geomanticas no.s 56 – 60
(48 A4 pages): 2013 to 2014

Geomantica 56  – August 2013

Page 2 LETTERS  Love the indigenous dreamings of Australia and Ireland! Extra-terrestrial Origin of Some Nature Intelligences – why not? Wireless Transmission of Power – this proposal is a real shocker! Orb Shack – where working on the devic dimension, many orbs have appeared in photos of Kate’s shed.
Page 3 NEWS
British Society of Dowser’s journal cover features Alanna Moore’s story about the Stone Serpent in Victoria and other Aboriginal stone arrangements. Electro-static Horror story – a man who sets places on fire! Trees Keep you Healthy – a recent statistical study has proven this.
Page 5  Electro-magnetic fields destroy nature. Plants continue respond to light after being picked. Soil Regeneration through Electromagnetism. Food Rituals Aid Health and Happiness New Study Shows. Building ritual objects found in Brisbane.
Page 6  Free Wifi? How about Wifi Free Instead! – actions against internet beaming towers in Victoria and Wi-Fi Public Internet in  Mullumbimby, northern NSW and also Adelaide.
Page 6  X Marks the Spot by Suzy Keys. Finding an expensive and infuriating water leak in north Queensland via map dowsing by Alanna Moore in Victoria.
Page 8  On Dowsing and Revegetation – a talk by David Kennett, WA, about his ongoing work matching trees with Earth energy patterns and mineral requirements etc on his farm Auria. (Dave’s trees are growing phenomenaly well!)
Page 9  Clay is a Healer! by Alanna Moore. Clay is amazing stuff and it has long been used to heal many conditions.
Page 10  Don’t Frack my Holy Well, by Bee Smith, Ireland. Gas fracking threatens Ireland, with its multitude of aquifers.
Page 11 Canopy-Style EMR Shield by P Neilson, NSW. Find out about a cheap screening method for around your bed.
Page 12  Book Reviews – Water Spirits of the World & Touchstones for Today (excerpts of reviews in Tapestry and Nexus magazines and Dowser’s society newsletters).

Geomantica 57 – December 2013

Letter – Water leak story continues, Praise for Geomantica, Labyrinth made.
Page 15  Power Towers for Earth Acupuncture, Proposal to mitigate radiation at Fukushima using Agnihotra. Crowd funding call for stone circle auditorium.
Page 16  News: Radio interview with Alanna Moore on landscape dragons.
New book from Python Press – Earth Render, by James Henderson.
The history and possible fate of Victoria’s famous Hanging Rock.
Page 17  Mystical Hanging Rock by J. Vallak. It’s a mysterious Aboriginal site.
Page 18  EMR News – Problems of Wifi Exposure – a prominent person in the news.
Feature Articles:
Page 18   New knowledge about water and static electricity By Miroslav Provod. Friction creates static charge in objects and this can be transferred.
Page 19  Geomagnetic Activity and Dowsing By P. Nielsen. Do sunspots / CMEs affect dowsers and sensitives? How can we find out about them?
Page 19   The Nile Cross (Anhk) By Miroslav Provod. It’s an energy device.
Page 20  Book Reviews – Stone Age Farming 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore. Reviewed for the Dowsers Society of NSW.
Page 21  Nature Spirits: The Remembrance – a guide to the Elemental Kingdom by Susan Raven. Reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Geomantica 58 – March 2014

Letters – Feedback on Sensitive Permaculture – “such an amazing wealth of
insight”. A Visit to Findhorn.
Page 23  News – Update on the development threat to the famous Hanging Rock, from where came inspiration for the book/film Picnic at Hanging Rock.
Page 24 Inspiration from Bhutan’s environmental success. UK dowser Patrick
MacManaway on Aussie TV. Agnihotra as an antidote to ionising radiation.
Feature Articles
Page 25  A Geomancer’s Look at the Evil Eye  by Alanna Moore.
What is the Evil Eye? Is it still a problem today? What are the traditonal ways to deal with it? Surprising insights into human nature from the distant past.
Page 28  Mystery of the Massive Baalbek Megaliths by Miroslav Provod. A mighty megalithic mystery is found not far from Beirut in Lebanon, with stones that boggle the imagination for how they might have been moved into place.
Page 29  Obituary – Clif Sanderson: A Great Tree Has Fallen
by his wife Galena Sanderson. Clif’s legacy is an inspiring life of compassion and a whole new modality of healing. Clif was a founder of NSW Dowser’s Society.
Page 29  Book Reviews –
Stone Age Farming, 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore. Reviewed by Peta Hudson for Organic New Zealand.
Page 29  Touchstones for Today, by Alanna Moore, reviewed by Barbara Botham for the Canadian Society of Questers and the
Canadian Society of Dowsers.
Message Stone – The  Legacy by Stephen O Guth, reviewed by Alanna Moore.
Page 31  The Science Delusion – freeing the spirit of inquiry by Rupert Sheldrake, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Geomantica 59 – June 2014

Page 33 Editorial – End of an era with the folding of the Natural Resonance Study Group  in  Perth and also the Australian Dowser’s Society in Sydney.
Page 33  Letters – Stone circle energies in Sweden. Urban and Regional Planning in consultation with the Devas is the way to go!
Page 33  News:  Singing to the Land – new Geomantica events upcoming in Ireland. Alanna Moore will be leading ‘Fairy Walks’ to introduce people to the Devic
dimensions and sing special songs to bless and honour the land, elements and nature.
Page 34  Feature articles: Dowsing Rods, Capacitors, the Memory of Water and Static Electricity by Miroslav Provod. Looking at the effect of microwaving water, as measured by dowsing and application to plants.
Page 35  Permaculture and Nature Spirits by Michael Pilarski, USA.
Why the Otherworlds are still relevant today in land planning for harmonious
communities. How to approach working consciously with the Devas. Pilarski’s
annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress is the foremost event of its kind worldwide. (Michael is well known for his work with permaculture and reafforestation.)
Page 36  Herb Lore, Fairies and Seers and in Old Ireland by Alanna Moore.
Traditions of Irish herbal lore were generally considered to have come from Otherworld sources. Ancient Irish herbal hospitals were magical places where herbs grew abundantly. Meanwhile, in France the greatest herbalist known – Maurice Messegue – also spoke of obtaining herb wisdom from the ‘king or queen’ of the plant. Fairies had their role in ancient traditions of Irish geomancy as well, being consulted in various ways to obtain permission before building, etc.

Geomantica 60 – October 2014

Page 41  News: Link to an interview with Alanna Moore in Germany.
An experiment with wifi you might try at home. Effects of high frequency electro-smog are plain to see on plants with this simple experiment.
Feature Articles:
Page 42    My Dryland Permaculture Farm by Alanna Moore. It’s harvest time, as the fruits of 14 years permaculture landscaping bear unusual fruit: bush foods, wattle seeds and sandalwood nuts. It’s a resilient edible landscape that can cope with weather extremes and drought.
Page 43  Bucket Gardening for Abundant Leafy Greens by Alanna Moore. How to re-purpose unwanted buckets into lush food gardens that don’t need a lot of attention, based on the water conserving Wicking Bed garden.
Go on – be a lazy gardener!
Page 44  Nazca plain – static electricity by Miroslav Provod. Unknown means of controlling anti-gravitational forces must have been used to elevate massive megaliths into position, postulates Provod. With no other sound explanation on the table – it’s a subject well worth investigating further.
Page 45  Antigravity by Miroslav Provod. More on this subject of the great mystery of megalithic manipulation.
Page 46  Russia’s Anastasia and Permaculture by Michael Pilarski, USA. Pilarski is well known for his work with permaculture and reafforestation in the US. He has also spent four decades interacting with the devic realms. So his take on the
Anastasia movement coming out of Russia some 20 years ago is well informed. While the fictional nature of the books and films that have inspired this back-to-the-land movement may turn many off, it has apparently captured the imagination of millions of readers worldwide and sent people off to live in ‘kin domains’ where food growing and sound human relations are a feature.

Planet Saver Tips

****Not sure if the dairy industry is sustainable for our planet Earth? Then check out the excellent film Cowspiracy and discover that most people have been kept in the dark about the primary impacts of the cattle/dairy industry (and livestock industries generally), that it is one of the highest sources of greenhouse gases, at 52%, due to the effects of methane on the atmosphere!


****Girls – do you want to save unnecessary use of paper products? Then wipe with a small towel after each wee and wash it out daily. A much more satisfying experience than using flimsy tissue paper, as well!



Physics of ancient times – from ether to morphogenetic fields

by Miroslav Provod

Nikola Tesla was a big believer in the theory of ether and an opponent of considerable relativists and the theory of relativity. But he had his own model concept of the ether. According to Tesla, ether was a rarefied gas with extreme flexibility, which passes through all matter. This is partly in line with the findings of my empirical research, where the zones not only penetrate the soil, but other materials as well. On  there are dozens of articles mentioned in which it is described how the impact zone grid (ether) acts on different form of matter at different circumstances. Between the introduction of the script and present times there are many cultures and their effects explained. However, there is no information about the culture of megaliths. The presence of ether is noticeable only on the millions of mostly stone structures deployed across the country.
We have no written sources about pre-historic times. At that time people still did not know the script. The script was invented in the Middle East in the 4th millennium BC. In our culture, it was not used until the early “Middle Ages”. Megalithic culture has been the subject of fruitless research of many scientists throughout the last century. The mystery was further enhanced by the information on transportation of three-thousand-ton stone blocks in the Caucasus Mountains. Scientists react mainly sceptically on the hypothesis of the transmission of messages from the Universe from advanced cultures, stating that large distances create an insurmountable barrier for contact with our planet. It can be undermined by the fact that science has not yet confirmed Ether, demonstrating it would affect the speed of light, as well as the transmission of information. In contrast, you can not explain who on Earth would receive the message, processed and spread throughout the country. It is incomprehensible reality that we must respect the fact that the knowledge of current science does not allow the culture of megaliths to be justified.
The compelling and worldly knowledge of biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, who wanted to explain such phenomena theory of morphogenetic fields, would explain a lot. He claims that around every living organism there is a field that has no electrical or magnetic character. It’s kind of an information bank that holds the memory of the entire species. In an experiment with rats it was found that when the first generation of rats was in a maze than about 250 errors were made before they found the exit. There were only 25 errors in the twenty-second generation, which is incredibly rapid development contrary to traditional genetic theories. But what was most remarkable: The rats in other laboratories around the world, hence the first time were in the same labyrinth, they made only 25 errors, although the experience could not get to them through the genetic transmission. How they got this information? Sheldrake believes that each of us is surrounded by something that could be called a collective consciousness. It contains all the information this species has obtained and learned. This knowledge could then be connected also to the current knowledge of the other members of the species, or other living organisms.

This is new, very important information where further experiments could give many clues, but beware; it could have a negative impact. If further research proves that the human brain can take in some of the unexplored parts of similar property as the brains of rats, in it would be easy to send unwanted information to all people on Earth. It’s easy to figure out their abuse. Biochemists Rupert Sheldrake’s view is unique and can be used also for research in the field of megaliths, which suggests that the information about the construction of megalithic structures could be done over the whole country. That does not explain who and how came up with the knowledge of Rupert Sheldrake in the ancient times. I think the answers to some questions about the culture of megaliths can be found at Mr. Däniken, who explains his views of the culture of ancient times in many publications.

The report by Mr Rupert Sheldrake reminded me of the words of Nikola Tesla – “When science begins to explore beyond the physical phenomena, we will have more results and findings in a decade than we had over the centuries of our existence.”

Miroslav Provod December 2014


The Rangoli – A Living Mandala Tradition in India

by Alanna Moore

In traditional villages of India a daily routine for many women is to make stunning mandala patterns on the ground at the entrances to their homes and around altars to the gods and goddesses. The patterns that are taught down through the generations are a sort of sacred geometry meets organic forms. They are usually made free hand using rice flour  or marble dust or sand, plus coloured powders such as tumeric and vermillion. Often a grid of dots is the done first and the pattern winds and weaves around them.

The patterns are laid down in the early morning usually and by the afternoon they often became smudged out by traffic – nothing precious about this art! It is reminiscent of the Tibetan sand mandalas, which are actually swept away after finishing. What seems most important with this mode of ‘art’ is the actual making of them, rather than having an attachment to the finished product.



What is a rangoli?
Rangolis have different names in different states – ‘Rangoli’ in Karnataka (but we were told it in Tamil Nadu), ‘Rangvalli’ in Maharashtra, ‘Kolam’ in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, ‘Muggu’ in Andhra Pradesh, ‘Mandana’ in Rajasthan, ‘Alpana’ in West Bengal, ‘Aripana’ in Bihar, ‘ChowkPurna’ in Madhya Pradesh, ‘Sathiya’ in Gujarat, ‘Ossa’ in Orissa, ‘Sona Rakhana’ in Uttar Pradesh, etc. (Names sourced from –

The intention is to bless and welcome people to the home, or to invite in the deities at festival times, with special patterns pertaining to particular festivals, such as Diwali and Pongal. There is also hint of symbolic protection afforded by these patterns as well.

The beauty of the designs is often quite enchanting! Making them is a meditation in itself, as suggested by the Tibetan concept of yantras – the visual meditation patterns. And they are a beautiful expression of the maintenance of the spiritual values of Indian society.

Rangolis and India in Europe
The amazing thing is that this ancient tradition of rangolis also spread across Europe, along with the Sanskrit language etc. European culture is derived from it.

I had read that the Scots (of Celtic origin, one presumes) had also kept this traditon. In fact, when I was visiting Scotland in 2007, I was informed by an historian that her grandmother used to draw such patterns on the steps of their home on a regular basis!

It isn’t so surprising, as many other elements of Hinduism can be found in Europe. In Ireland the ancient Brehon Laws have similarities with the Vedas. An Irish myth casts Balor as having a destructive eye that could kill by looks. This could well have been based on the stories of the great Indian god Shiva, who could also give withering looks to those out of favour.

Another example of possible Indian heritage is Mother Mary. In southern India an ancient and important water (rain) goddess is Mariamman, or Mother Mary.  (Perhaps Jesus really did spend time in India!)

A living culture
If you google rangoli patterns you can see many beautiful examples including ones made with flowers by modern artists, to special traditional rangolis made for various festivals. The variety of patterns is endless! Just looking at these patterns invokes a meditative feeling.

When people saw Peter sketching the patterns, they were fascinated in his interest in them and sometimes showed him how to draw them better! They were rightfully proud of their traditions. However this may not be case everywhere in India. We were told that the far south is the most traditional part of the country (as it was not invaded by the Aryans).

Enjoy these images photographed by the author in February 2015 in Tamil Nadu, a state on the southern tip of India.


Resolving the Backyard Blues with Dowsing and a Power Tower

by Liz T.

My parents had a patch of comfrey they had started growing as a green manure and making tea for their compost business and my plan was to build a Power Tower there. When I tried [asked, via dowsing] I was not given permission to do so, nor work on the idea at all. So I asked was there another suitable site – Yes – My own 1 acre property on the other side of town. This did not surprise me as we have over the years, worked with many earth energies, residual merridian malfunctions and undergound water here. All helped, but I still had some visitors that would not stay for long and that the energies here really affected them physically. My husbands health has declined since living here (just little things – but constant)  and my children would much rather play in the front yard than the back, have trouble sleeping and were always fighting at our place – as opposed to my parents farm – they would much rather be there, no sleep issues and no fights. In the middle of last year the behaviour of my kids had escallated to the point that the fighting was starting as soon as they woke up and eveyone was on edge. We have group of like minded energy workers here and we meet every few months – I asked for some help – as I felt too close to work with it and that it exceeded my own capabilites.

At this gathering it was acertained that many 1000’s of years ago this was the site of a battle between tribes and much bloodshed. Since this was worked with, things were much more settled for a month or two – but slowly started to build up again. I could only describe it as a simmering kettle on the stove the steam builds up and up and up then finally it blows! About the time I made the Power Tower it was heading towards that stage again.

I began by hand drawing a map of our place, and dowsed where the Power Tower was to go. Found the location on the map, physically went to the location and pinpointed the exact placement for the Tower. This was not a downward vortex, it was an outward one – the words I want to use are “vent hole”. There was a moment of self doubt there and I thought this isn’t right! Then I stopped and though well, who am I to say so? – I was given permission to work and it was in the greater good of all and the universe – so I should just move forward and do what I am shown. Once I thought about this information things suddenly clicked and made sense! It made sense why emotions were so intense here – as this energy was literally collecting and ‘building up’ underneath us, and I have always known  that my kids are very sensitive to energy, myself not so much – unless I tune in and ask to be shown while I am dowsing.

The materials I dowsed to use for my tower were PVC pipe that must be buried at a certain depth and only extend 1.7m out of the ground. A terracotta pot for the top of the pipe and a malachite crystal was to be placed in the hole on the top of the pot. Blue metal [crushed basalt] was the material chosen to fill the pipe with. I was told to do this when I was the only one home.

I would not say that I am usually affected by energies – but as soon as I took the first shovel full of grass off the site I instantly got a headache and felt quite nausious, the more I dug down the worse it got. Once the pipe was in place and the blue metal was going into the pipe it stopped getting worse. Once the pipe was filled I placed the pot on top and the malachite. I just kept saying – ‘Thankyou for showing me this, I am sorry, I forgive, love and light’ – while I was working on erecting the tower.

Even though I don’t fully understand what I have been asked to do, the feeling I get is that – for some reason the normal venting process for Mother Earth has been blocked, disturbed or changed in this area. The tower is to re-establish this process for the benefit of the Earth, the residents here, the plants and the nature spirits in this area as we have all been struggling. I felt that I was asked to build this tower here to allow the energy to be released and that the purpose of the malachite was to filter/cleanse or soften the energy as it was released so that the surrounding environment could handle it. Once I was finished building the tower I was curious why malachite was chosed so I looked it up and this is the definition of use that was shown to me –  – this made total sense and fitted with what I ‘felt’ was going on.

Effects/change since the Power Tower went up:-

* Almost as soon as the pot and malachite when on – my physical symptoms subsided quite considerably – I went and showered and did my own little cleansing process and it then went completely.
* My mother came around that afternoon and she had always felt stange at our house – and she commented how nice it felt (she did not know about the tower at the time)
* The change in the kids behaviour was the same day.
* I have actually noticed a calmness and more homely feeling ( I didn’t realise that it was actually lacking before the change!)
* My neighbour has had touble with a line of pine trees along his fence line for years, 2 patches where the trees are stunted or die. I always knew there was undergound water her and just put it down to that, but they are looking healthy and have new growth at the time of writing this.
* This kids play much, much more in the back yard.
* We have lived here 7 years and I have always found it a strain to keep the house clean and tidy and seems to take forever to do lately – even though it still gets messy with the boys – it is quicly tidied up and everyone helps. (again something I had not actually thought of until it just changed!)
*I have always had trouble with a planter pot in a certain spot on my verandah and have known that it sits on an energy line – as the concrete is cracked up there. Whatever I planted in there died, and I have tried several different species. Now it’s going the same as the rest of the pots on my verandah.
* There seems to be less surges, or build up of emotions with the kids and everything seems much smoother.
* We have had feuding neighbours in our street also and this has settled right down.

We initially built here as an investment property to turn over quickly and has been on the market several times over the years and got NO interest. It is currently on the market again and I have always thought that it hasn’t sold because I have something I need to learn here – or there is something the property needs from us. Each time I work and uncover something else I think – ok time to go now – but until now,   no change!


Slow Holiday

By Alanna Moore, July 2014.goslow

We zip along winding country lanes, taking in the rich aroma of blooming meadowsweet and the soft sounds of bugs buzzing in tangled hedgerows. It’s a glorious day as we glide effortlessly on electric bikes up and down low drumlins and occasional steep hikes up hills.

We’re off to visit mythic sites around Lough Arrow in County Sligo and we don’t have the luxury of a car. In fact, I don’t think the car is really suitable for the back roads here. You miss so much atmosphere, as well!

Getting around on electric bicycles at a leisurely pace, we’re soaking up the sun while the wind gently fans us. It’s just the right pace for Irish back roads. We are on the go slow. It’s high summer, it’s dry and clear and the days are exquisitely long. It’s the perfect time for a slow holiday.

Slow thrills
Our hire bikes are impressive. We tend to ride them for too long and get a bit tired. You do have to pedal, but it’s easy pedalling and you can get to a good pace. We average 16km per hour. The fastest was a free-wheeling descent where we clocked over 46km an hour. That was fun. But going slower was better. Slow is the go.

On the road, we can see over the top of hedgerows, read interesting signage and enjoy unspoilt landscapes. It’s so beautiful here and the visuals are changing on every bend. There’s the perfume of wild flowers on uncut roadsides. You don’t get to smell them from in a car. Nor can you can reach out and touch things. On bikes, we enjoy a full spectrum of sensory delights.

When you get tired of cycling, you can always find places to stop and rest. After launching off from Leitrim village, we find a Memorial Park in the next village of Keadue. I wouldn’t have noticed it from a moving car. We park up for half an hour, lie in the grass and snoozed and do yoga. I wonder what that truck driver thought of my camel pose?

Mythic Moyturra
Later, after 3 kms of fairly constant climbing from Geevagh, we gain a great sense of achievement to reach Highwood, in the hills above Lough Arrow. The views here over the lough are stunning. Calm blue waters reflecting a cloudless sky. Islands and crannogs cloaked in mantles of trees. It’s hot, but over to the west the mountain range of Carrowkeal looks fresh and green. Next to it that mythic mount Keshcorran sits darkly brooding, its mysterious limestone caves rich with fables of fearsome goddess figures and bright warriors trying to usurp them. Further beyond we can see the iconic hulk of Knocknarea. There is so much to check out in this region. But for our two days of exploration we stay east of Lough Arrow.

We head to the highest point, to Barroe North. A great strategic location, it was once probably a local royal seat, possibly of the warrior Luigni tribe at some point in the Iron Age. This tribe (pronounced as Leyney) once buffered the old borders of Ulster, having been planted there by the Fir Bolg rulers of archaic Connaught after the third century AD. The spot is also recorded as a seat of the Celtic deity Lugh. Seelewey, Lugh’s seat, is the name of the gouged remains of a large cairn some 100 feet in diameter, which also sports a concrete ordnance survey marker in its centre. An Iron Age import, the sun/light god Lugh is much younger than this monument, which is probably an ancestral mound from the Bronze Age.

In the well-known mythic saga, a great battle was once fought on the elevated plains of nearby Moyturra. A couple of tribes fought it out, while Lugh was restrained up at Seelewey, so as not to hurt himself. Things were looking bad for Lugh’s lot, the so-called Tuatha da Danaan, so his minders let him go down and do his supernatural bit. Of course they won and Lugh famously killed the one eyed Balor and was made king. Which is confusing, if he is a god of light. It seems that Celtic mythos of the divine family of gods, the Tuatha da Danaan, was preserved under the guise of pseudo-history. We have to eke out any true grains of history from the mélange of fragmentary tradition and place lore, plus Iron Age political propaganda.

The way of the Celtic warriors was stained with blood, beheadings and bad behaviour. Their invading ancestors had arrived in Connaught en masse from Britain to evade potential genocide by the Romans, killing off the Cruthin (indigenous Irish) who resisted their take-over at every opportunity. Yet their culture was very similar to the Cruthin. They were said to have spoken the same language. The new tribes also maintained similar traditions of seeking approval of the local sovereignty goddess in order to legitimise their rule. The pagan farmer clans cherished the land, honouring the fertile earth for the sustenance it provided.

Herbal healing ‘hospitals’
The Iron Age was a turbulent era and tribes were regularly locked in battle. To heal injuries they used the medicinal herbs of the fields. And in those days there were special places set aside as “Hospitals of the Fianna”. These Formaoils, we are told in the old Dindshenchas texts, were natural places where medicinal plants prospered and warriors could convalesce slowly amidst meadows of wild flowers.

A Formoyle of the Luigni tribe once existed below Seelewey, around the lower slopes of the range. (It’s accessible via the Historical Trail that traverses Moyturra.) Sunny, south facing limestone terraces provide a lovely sheltered environment with breathtaking views over Lough Arrow and the mythic hills beyond. (Back 2000+ years ago the valleys below were still mostly thick forests and people lived on hilltops. Clusters of remains of Neolithic huts have been found on local hilltops.)

There’s a magic atmosphere here and you can’t help but feel great! It’s an idyllic spot for convalescing and so many healing herbs can be found growing wild. Quite a botanical wonderland! The tumbles of limestone pillar stones that give Moyturra its name were all dried out on that day in late June. On a previous visit, after heavy rains, they were lush with a tangle of delicate wildflowers, like exquisite jewels of many colours growing out of the reach of trampling cows, and we had identified sixteen medicinal species there.

Dowser’s holiday
Later we visited Heapstown cairn, down closer to Lough Arrow. Here lies an enormous mound of white rounded rocks that has a curious legend of a healing well said to be buried beneath it. In this well’s herbally and magically infused waters the Fianna were said to have been bathed after injury, to emerge perfectly healed the next day and return to the battlefront. But their enemies were told to bring stones to fill up the well. This supposedly created the enormous cairn. However it was more likely made much earlier and so we can only gain confirmation that there is a strong tradition of herbal healing in this area.

The mound/well connection is certainly an unusual one. As a professional dowser (diviner) and geomancer – one who ‘reads’ the landscape energies and qualities for healthy and unhealthy locations to live – I was keen to pass my pendulum over the site. Sure enough, up on the summit I found the intense energetic signature of a ‘water dome’, a vortex of intense upward pressure that is said to denote underground water rising upwards. My pendulum spun like a helicopter, so strong was the upwelling force. An emergent column of energy continues up into the sky, connecting into a network of subtle energies in the sky. This is an intriguingly special monument, for sure! But we couldn’t spend too long here. Other monuments awaited my pendulum.

At Seelewey and at a second ruined cairn lower down the hill I was able to detect the presence of two earth vortices. These are powerful points where subtle energies ‘breathe’ in and out of the Earth. Certainly a magical place for meditation, we found. (Which is another good way to go slow.)

The ancient mound builders often incorporated alignments into their megalithic structures and Seelewey is such a place. The summer solstice sun sets directly behind Seelewey in alignment with the distant cairn atop of Knocknarea. And on the winter solstice, looking from Knocknarea, the sun rises over Seelewey. Not wonder that sunny Lugh is associated with it!

Here, connecting to the past we are transported back in time. From this high point the modern world barely intrudes on the natural landscape. We could be back in the Iron Age. And our accommodation that night reinforces the sense of time travelling.

Round house on the hilltop
That night we stayed at the Gyreum. An enormous round house perched on a hilltop near Moyturra, it has been called Ireland’s most unusual modern building. There was nothing much modern about it though. With an encircling earth bank on one side and recesses for sleeping spaces running around the inside, it has the look and feel of a tribal chieftain’s home.

Colum Stapleton, our host, had a monumental vision and the Gyreum he built is a great credit to him. Generously presiding over the evening feast that night, he epitomized the beneficent Gaelic clan leader of old. I had visions of him decked out in a royal cloak as he dispensed genial hospitality; his garden volunteers as noble knights defending the Good Earth from voracious attacks of slugs and other pests in the veggie beds.

Perhaps I had been cycling too long. A long soak in the bath soon sorted that out. Our bike batteries also needed re-charging (via a power point) as we enjoyed a pleasant evening amidst good company. Next morning I heard footsteps above me on the roof. Opening my eyes, I chuckled to see the head of a male peacock peering down curiously at me through the skylight above, his golden crown framed in the deep blue sky of another perfect day.

Cycling out from here it would be nicely downhill, with different roads to explore, before arriving back home in south Leitrim, two days, 100kms and 2000 years later. We had been in slow time, had brilliant exercise and landscape insights. Reluctantly we handed back out hire bikes, wishing they were ours to keep. My joyful re-acquaintance with cycling, from its pleasures of over 40 years ago, had just begun.

Reference: Touchstone of Truth, the Burden of Pseudo-History, by Tom O’Connor, Trafford Publishing.

Electric Bikes – Electric Bike Trails Co., Co Leitrim, +353 71 962 3609,
The Gyreum –     Corlisheen, Riverstown, Sligo, Ireland +353 87 328 0789


Book Review:
‘I Am With You – The Earth wants to talk with us!’   by Sten Linnander (Germany). Reviewed by Peter Cowman.

This is the kind of flakey statement that is regularly ascribed to new agers, tree huggers and greenies – therefore easily consigned to the realm of the comic or the ridiculous. Even those ascribing to Gaia theory might find the idea absurd and certainly ‘unscientific’

Sten Linnander, the author of I Am With You – The Earth wants to talk with us, who was prompted in a shamanic ‘journey’ to initiate a dialogue with the Earth on an Arizona mountaintop, certainly had his doubts too.

Coming from a well educated background featuring global travel, alternative living, community involvement and a relentless search for meaning, Sten cast aside these doubts, followed the proscribed directions and indeed did find himself experiencing the Earth speaking to him!

Reading his book one can easily share Sten’s doubts while quietly supporting his sense of adventure, an experience which stretches our credulity, which, according to the Earth is ‘a recipe for our changing times’.

On our journey we discover that the Earth communicates to us through our inner senses which lets us feel its aliveness and, if we listen carefully, can inspire us to be open to new ways of seeing and engaging with the world.

One does not have to search far for precedents to such an innovative worldview – Aboriginal Australian culture is constructed on such a foundation as are many pagan and indigenous cultures, not to speak of modern approaches to ‘sustainable living’ such as permaculture and environmentalism.

Imagining the Earth as an ‘incubator’ is a reliable means of of trying out this recipe for our changing times – we seed our intentions into Her and she incubates then births these in an empowering act of co-creation. We are not separate from these processes but we can easily deny our engagement with these mysteries because our brains override input from our inner senses a.k.a. the heart.

This is a book intended to inspire and to encourage alternative worldviews.  In this it succeeds masterfully. Buy it. Read it. Live it and share it with everyone you care about.

Published by Sten Linnander, Frankfurt, Germany, 2nd edition 2012.
ISBN 9783981488944


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