GEOMANTICA magazine no. 58

Geomantica 58

March 2014

Geomantica is an international web magazine of geomancy, dowsing, eco-sensitivity, esoteric agriculture and eco-living, published three times per year.

Editor: Alanna Moore.

Full moonrise over a modern stone circle. Photo by Alanna Moore.

G58 Contents:


Letters – Feedback on ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ – “such an amazing wealth of insight”. Visit to Findhorn.


Update on the development threat to Victoria’s famous Hanging Rock. Inspiration from Bhutan’s environmental success. UK dowser Patrick MacManaway on Aussie TV. Agnihotra and Fukushima.


A Look at the Evil Eye‘  by Alanna Moore.

Mystery of the Massive Baalbek Megaliths‘  by Miroslav Provod.

ObituaryClif Sanderson: A Great Tree has Fallen, by Galena Sanderson.

Book Reviews – ‘Stone Age Farming’ 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore. Reviewed by Peta Hudson for Organic NZ.

Touchstones for Today‘ by Alanna Moore, reviewed by Barbara Botham for the Canadian Society of Questers and the Canadian Society of Dowsers.

Message Stone – The  Legacy‘ by Stephen O Guth, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

The Science Delusion – freeing the spirit of inquiry‘ by Rupert Sheldrake, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

What’s On?

Alanna Moore is giving upcoming presentations in northern Victoria, Warburton, Northern NSW, Dublin, Ireland; and the British Dowsers conference in the UK.


G58 Editorial

Welcome to the 2014 southern autumn edition of Geomantica. It’s full of amazing information and inspiration, as usual! Thanks go out to all contributors.

Glorious autumn weather here in central Victoria and we feast on peaches, plums and the like. A fine harvest of articles and news awaits you too in the magazine below. From the fate of iconic Hanging Rock still hanging in the balance, to the unbelievably massive megaliths of the temples of Baalbek in Lebanon, to a fascinating exploration of the Evil Eye and how it relates to geomancy.

Sad to report the passing of Clif Sanderson, who was one of the founders, with myself, of the New South Wales Dowsing Society just over 30 years ago. He was a healer and teacher with an international repute who once worked with Russian doctors using energy healing techniques on the victims of Chernobyl’s radiation. He even developed a new modality – Deep Field Relaxation. Galina tells me that “on the 15th March we will spread his ashes in the forest near Wellington. Our Maori friends gave me a totara tree to plant in his memory. It will be planted in Thai Forest Monastery in South Auckland in May.

Peter and myself will be in Ireland for the second half of this year, so if you want to order something from Geomantica – other than books -  it’s probably best to get it before May.


Alanna Moore – editor.

Letters -

 Wealth of insight

I am an agricultural graduate and am currently working on a biodynamic permaculture farm.  My dream is to run a Community Supported Agriculture farm myself someday (soon!) and to do so I wish to work in symbiosis with any energetic presences on my chosen land.  I was first introduced to the existence of this subtle realm by your book “Sensitive Permaculture” and am so glad that I stumbled across such an amazing wealth of insight!


Findhorn Visit

Hi Alanna
Great to discover the wonderful work you’re doing. I heard you on a British dowsers podcast.

I’ve recently been in Findhorn, visiting again after 25 years and was really happy to see they’re still working with the elementals as well as the Bees. There is a weekly meditation group as well as other work going on. Let me know if you want to know more. The gardens there look fantastic, particularly Eileens garden which has been well worked over such a long time.

I’m working in a similar way with dowsing and also with biodynamic agriculture. Looking forward to seeing what’s in this magazine.
I’m in ACT Australia and would be interested in learning more about the towers and how to build them.

Best wishes
Julie A.



Update on the development threat

to Victoria’s famous Hanging Rock

From the Hanging Rock Action Group, 24th February 2014.

“After 6 months of discussions, Council’s position remains unchanged. Our position remains very simple: if you want a MAJOR development at Hanging Rock then you conduct REAL consultation with your constituents. It’s also not unreasonable to ensure the correct facts and figures are being published and discussed; it’s the proper process.
“Late last year, the Hanging Rock Action Group lodged this very petition of over 5,000 signatures with the Macedon Ranges Shire Council; in real terms it was ignored. We announced on Sunday plans to ensure all your voices are heard. Today, we are relaunching our petition to the State Parliament of Victoria.

“Please contact your State representative and ask them to support both MLA Joanne Duncan (ALP) and MLC Amanda Millar (LIB) in their efforts and advocacy for their community and Hanging Rock.

Victorian Heritage Register
“We’re excited to announce that we have nominated the Hanging Rock Precinct for listing on the Victorian Heritage Register, which lists the state’s most significant heritage sites.

 This is a positive opportunity to help bring the Hanging Rock Precinct the respect, recognition and protection it has long deserved. We have engaged a consultant to ensure the nomination has the best possible hope of success. We have launched a Fundrazr campaign to help fund the Heritage nomination process.

“If you’d like to support the Hanging Rock Action Group’s broader campaign, find out how here. As we continue to escalate this issue we will have more and more ways for you to get involved, so please check in at our website

Inspiration from Bhutan’s environmental success

By Ross Jeffree, University of Technology, Sydney via Green Pages
In a time of diminishing global biodiversity, Bhutan’s conservation achievements read like an environmentalist’s heavenly dream. More than 50% of its land area is designated as protected in national parks, nature reserves and biological corridors. More than 80% of the country is covered by natural forests, and it has a reafforestation program that is further increasing this figure. And its record on carbon sequestration is greater than its national emissions by a factor of two.

Bhutan’s environmental successes are running so counter-current to most other countries, they represent a “pleasing paradox”. And they demonstrate that it is possible to preserve very high biodiversity while achieving sustainable development.

Why is environmental conservation so important to Bhutan?
Part of the answer seems to lie in aspects of Bhutan’s metaphysical heritage. The original religion of Bon Shamanism inculcates reverence for the local deities and spirits that inhabit components of the landscape. Supernatural qualities are ascribed to animals.

Forests are seen as a valuable source of spiritual health, necessitating their conservation. Moreover, Mahayana Buddhism, that supplanted Bon, aspires to deeply perceive the interdependence of all things and events.
A very strong eco-ethical sentiment is found in the Buddhist belief that all actions should bring the most help and least harm to other sentient beings.

http://www.greenpages/news/bhutans-environmental-success-is-a-pleasing-paradox/      27-12-13


‘Subtle Energy’

- visiting UK dowser Patrick MacManaway on Aussie TV

A story about British dowser Patrick MacManaway’s work – practising dowsing, radionics and geomancy on Australian farms, has featured on the ABC TV Landline programme of 9/11/13 – ‘Subtle Energy’.

Here’s the link to watch the 14 minute segment:


 Agnihotra Ash: Antidote for Radiation

From “Orion Transmissions, December 2013″:

Yes, yes. Substantial levels of radiation are being reported in California now. On West Coast of U.S. higher levels of radiation are being reported and simultaneously, being suppressed in mainstream media. Expect to see a ‘spin’ to avoid high levels of anxiety. Most beings are unaware or so
concerned with their own daily living that they do not pay attention to dangers, even when they are exposed publicly.

The antidote for radiation that is in your hands is pure Agnihotra Ash. This is a miraculous substance which can be used to protect against radiation effects and also can be used in agriculture to protect soil and plants from radiation. More reports need to be made on the effects of Agnihotra Ash on radioactive soil, water, food. Let us see what can be done in this direction.

Meanwhile, don’t wait for scientific proof to be validated. Those of you who are longtime practitioners of Agnihotra know the effects can be quite profoundly positive.

Share this knowledge now all over the world, particularly in Japan now, as well as to areas most affected by the spread of radioactive particles. Those beings residing on the West Coast of California and in Hawaii particularly need to focus on ingesting regularly Agnihotra Ash, as well as
considering spreading the ash over any garden or pasture areas.

Those of you who ingest dairy products, particularly in areas most affected, should consider alternatives. If you must eat dairy, particularly milk, then perhaps best to treat it with Agnihotra Ash for a period of 24 hours prior to ingesting. Refraining from dairy products in those regions is preferable.

Source: Orion Transmissions, December 22, 2013.

For more information:


G58 Articles


A Geomancer’s Look at the ‘Evil Eye’

© Alanna Moore, February 2014.

Most people would have heard the expression ‘Evil Eye’, but few would know its ancient import and ongoing significance. So just what is the Evil Eye? And how does it relate to geomancy, the influential energies of place?

Evil Eye can mean different things to different people, but I would like to focus on the everyday examples that are such a strong part of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.

It’s influence can be devastating, so protective eye trinkets are very common in places like the markets of Istanbul. In fact in Turkey these “Nazar Boncugu” (as seen below) are everywhere – embedded in concrete in pavements and walls, hanging from rear-view mirrors, on display in restaurants and bars, and offered for sale in every craft stall, market and souvenir shop.  ‘It’s a real Evil Eye paradise’. 1.

They are also found on Greek vases that go back to the 6th century BCE. Evil Eyes have also concerned German, British, and Scandinavian peoples; but they are even more important to Italians, Sicilians, Egyptians, Israelis, Iranians, Spanish, Portuguese, Syrians, Jordanians, and Palestinians. 2.

I didn’t know much about the Evil Eye until I heard an ABC Radio National documentary by researcher Hagar Cohen about it. There is a link to it at the end of this article. 3.

But I am certainly well aware of the power of the eyes, having discovered some years ago that I could dowse with my eyes. And I have discussed eye dowsing with Irish dowser Billy Gawn when I visited him in County Antrim in 2007. Billy is an accomplished eye dowser and he demonstrated to me how he can even eye dowse with his eyes closed!

Some healers send out healing energy from their eyes, while staring at someone has traditionally been a no-no. People and other animals also have an inherent (or psychical) sense of being stared at, even when it is unseen, as maverick biologist Rupert Sheldrake has found and written about.  8. And ‘casting a gaze’ suggests magical undertones…

Clearly – eye power is something to be reckoned with!

What is the Evil Eye?

By any definition, the Evil Eye is the bringer of Bad Vibes. This can be an inadvertent or a deliberate act by someone.

On the everyday level – it is a negative focus from someone, generated by envy or jealousy, in particular.

As a deliberate projection, it can be akin to Australian Aboriginals’ ‘Pointing of the Bone’, i.e. a sort of cursing. But the everyday offense is way more common!

Traditionally the Evil Eye, writes Maxwell Ketels, has been “believed to cause misfortune, or illness, such as diarrhea, constant crying, infertility in women, disease to milking animals and even human death.  In many cultures, victims are often thought to be young children, because they are so often praised and commented upon by strangers or by childless women”. 4.

Various Mediterranean societies have developed ways to reduce its potential influence. Some traditional activities to this end are rather charming, as described by Hagar Cohen.

She gives an example of villagers in Egypt who celebrate the birth of a new baby with gifts showered on friends and neighbours. These are always sweet things like chocolates, because the idea is to avert the envy of others – by sweetening them up! They also consider it a great folly to pay a compliment to a child, for the reason of averting the Evil Eye.

As a child growing up in Israel, Cohen would always put her hand to her forehead when someone showed signs of jealousy towards her. Related Muslim traditions have similarities. Fatima, daughter of Mohammed also covered her forehead to protect herself from “overlooking” (the old English term for casting the Evil Eye).

Cohen describes how, in the Jewish culture, it is considered wise not to brag about recent good luck or shopping purchases, in order to prevent the Evil Eye. Rather than telling friends that you have just bought some brand new furniture or car, one is careful to downplay things. Better to say that you had to get a loan, that they were secondhand, or of no great value. In the markets of Jerusalem, eye amulets are very popular. 3.

Symbolic protection

In Mediterranean Muslim communities, Fatima’s hand symbol, with its central eye image, called the Hamsa, is traditionally placed on top of gateposts, to protect the home. (The Jewish equivalent is called the Hand of Miriam.) And special Islamic prayers are recited, if someone is badly affected by an Evil Eye.

The Hand of Fatima.

The Greeks would traditionally paint a little charcoal dot behind the ear, as a symbol of protection from the Evil Eye.

In ancient Rome, phallic charms (or coral horns in Naples) were worn around the neck and phallic ornaments also provided protection against the Evil Eye, or else the ‘horned-hand’ gesture was given, harking back to the days of ancient origins and associations with the virile Underworld gods. There is an enduring Italian proverb also, that: “Eyes are more powerful than gunshots”. 4.

But the most popular items for personal protection are eye amulets, typically worn around the neck or wrist; or hung above the bed.

Cobalt Blue

The predominant colour of any Evil Eye amulet is a bright, cobalt blue, which is considered a protective colour.  Egypt’s related Eye of Horus is also seen in beautiful blue jewelry, studded with pieces of cobalt-rich Lapis Lazuli. Cobalt is a paramagnetic mineral and I do find protective effects from wearing such stones.

We also see front doors and window frames of the traditional white Mediterranean houses painted cobalt blue to ward off the Evil Eye and evil spirits.

There is also a connection to the “witch bottles” of the old wise folk of England and Ireland (such as the famous Irish witch Biddy Early), in terms of “second sight”. These witch bottles were always made from deep blue coloured glass.  Early’s bottle was said to allow her to see into the future, to practice remote viewing and to receive knowledge of means of healing people and animals.

Cobalt blue glass witch bottles of English style are also found in Hoodoo, a religion from Africa originally, which became influenced by the Spanish in the Americas who infused it with their concept of the Evil Eye. 2.

Not surprisingly, dowsers, particularly American ones, have, for some time, been using this colour, painted on areas affected by geopathic stress, to have a calming or neutralising effect on energies.

I have also found this colour useful. Sometimes when doing geomantic work, I visualise the unrolling of a cobalt blue coloured carpet roll, along a line of irritant energy. This rich blue is super soothing!

Ancient eye mythos

While the Evil Eye doesn’t seem to get a look in around Asia, eye symbols have turned up everywhere since ancient times, from China to the paired eyes petroglyphs of Ireland. F W Holiday writes of eyes painted on pebbles dating back to 12,000 years ago in Europe. 5.

As symbols of sun deities and other traditions, they do pop up all over the place. In Scandinavia, Holiday reminds us, Odin, father of the gods, was one-eyed. His single eye allowed him to see all of the worlds. In Ireland the fierce one-eyed god Balor could send a sort of death ray out from his great eye. And in the Gothic Christian era, Holiday imagines, the rose windows of churches are vestiges of eye symbols, while the sacred vesica pisces could also be interpreted as an eye (fish being sacred to the Dogon religion too).

Cosmic connections

Eye references go back to the dawn of Egyptian religion, as French anthropologists in Mali discovered. Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen worked there during the 1930s and 40s. They learned that the Dogon had a system of signs which ran into the thousands, including “their own systems of astronomy and calendrical measurements, methods of calculation and extensive anatomical and physiological knowledge, as well as a systematic pharmacopoeia.” 7.

Living with the Dogon and related tribes for 15 years Griaule was awarded the greatest of their mysteries, being told the traditions of ancestral spiritual origins from the Sirius star system. The mysteries had originated in Egypt (or Sumer) and these people were descendents of Egyptians who had migrated south (to near Timbuktoo) thousands of years ago and had thence kept their traditions intact. (Still living in their oral culture at the time their religion was recorded, the Dogon people were one of the last people in Africa to lose their independence and come under French rule.) 7.

In that region of Mali some tribes called one of the invisible stars of the Sirius system – The Eye Star. Exploring eye symbology within the Sirius Mystery, author Robert Temple discovered that the supreme god of old Egypt, Osiris, was originally depicted in hieroglyphic writing as a throne and an eye. 6.

The rising of the Sirius system in the springtime night sky heralded the life-bringing floods and was celebrated as the New Year in Egypt. The main goddess associated with Sirius was Isis. Osiris, her consort, resides in the Orion constellation nearby. Their son Horus (Heru, in Egyptian) is the god of the rising sun; his symbol – the Eye of Horus – became an important image in Egypt.


The left eye of Horus is said to represent the moon, while the image of the right eye (Eye of Ra) is the sun – these being the ultimate eyes in the sky. Horus/Heru was also represented by the falcon. In India’s ancient Rig Veda, the sun is frequently compared, also, to a hovering hawk.

A universal symbol for the sun is the circle with a central dot – rather eye-like. This image can be also seen in the form of stone circles, medicine wheels etc.





Right: Full moonrise over modern stone circle, © Alanna Moore

Below: The stone circle at Boscawen Un, St Buryan. Photo © Cornwall County Council Historic Environment Service UK (online)

Did noble spirits from the Sirius star system come to Earth some 4,000 – 5,000 years ago and teach mankind many mysteries of high learning, then leave and keep a watchful eye on mankind, as symbolised by the Eye image? How else did the Dogon people know of three invisible stars in the Sirius system and their attributes of weight and orbital periods? (Only recently was such knowledge of Sirius reaffirmed by astronomers with powerful telescopes.)

Folk wisdom

Whatever the origin of the Evil Eye concept, it is an enduring folk wisdom that negative thoughts can go out and harm people. We have all felt this to be true in everyday life. And while we cannot always fathom or measure such invisible influences, it behoves us as humans with an age-old appreciation of the power of unkindness, to consider others with only the kindest of thoughts wherever possible. For with our thoughts we not only make our world, as they say, but we also nourish our relationships with that world.

To end on a positive note, we can find in Jewish culture an appreciation of the “Good Eye”. This designates an attitude of good will and kindness towards others. Someone who has this attitude will rejoice when others prosper and will always wish everyone well. 7.






4.       Piper at the Gates of Dawn – The Historic and  Symbolic Pan, by Maxwell Ketels, (unpublished) Melbourne, Australia.

5.     Holiday, F W, Serpents of the Sky, Dragons of the Earth, 1973, House of Horus Press Inc. USA.

6.     Temple, Robert, The Sirius Mystery, 1976, Sedgewick and Jackson, UK.

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8.  Sheldrake, Rupert, The Sense of Being Stared At, And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind (2003), London, Hutchinson. A fully revised and updated edition of this book was published in the US in 2013 (Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT).

Illustrations were found online, apart from 2 photos by the author.


Mystery of the Massive Baalbek Megaliths

by Miroslav Provod

It is slightly disappointing that even in the 21st century in our era, when mankind has unveiled most principles that govern both micro and macro-space, we still do not know what was – here on Earth –  the real reason of building tens of thousands of rocking stones, menhirs, mounds and other types of megalithic structures.

Masses of scientists from the whole world have been trying to unsolved the mystery what was the reason – and mainly – in what way did our ancestors transport stones that had tens, often even hundreds of tons of weight. The heaviest blocks of stones in our history that have been mined, surfaced and transported are Baalbek Trilithons. They weigh 800 tons and formed a nickname under Jupiter’s temple in Baalbek.

Jupiter’s temple was built 2000 years ago. Archeological research has however shown that the underpinning with inbuilt gigantic trilithons is much more moldered and hence much older than the ruins of Jupiter’s temple.

Who were those that could manipulate with the gigantic stone blocks when even we marvel at their size and weight?

The scientific literature still states that the transport of these unbelievably heavy megaliths was done only by using human force and ropes. This “cheap explanation” satisfies the general scientific community only because even the most respected scientists cannot explain this problem in any more realistic way. It is our natural human reaction that when we cannot find a solution of some problem in our history, we rather go to hypotheses and conclusions that we believe are not correct, they however enable us to avoid a frustrating answer that we do not even know the correct answer at present.

The mining of trilithons could have been done only in a way that there was a square drawn on a flat surface of the rock. Then the rock around its circumference must have been taken away to free the surfaces around its perimeter. After this, 5 of the squares of the block were optically visible and the remaining thing to do was detach the bottom part of the block from the rock below. This piece of work was somehow performed thousands of years ago. However, even today’s stone industry would not be able to perform this.

It’s not even realistically possible to explain how was the almost thousand tons in weight block of stone transported out of the mine to the surrounding terrain and then how it was transported almost 2km away and then lifted again and finally placed into the base of the terrace walls.

Left: Hadjar el Gouble (the Stone of the South, or Stone of the Pregnant Woman)  in the quarry near the temples of Baalbek, which is 85 kilometers from Beirut in the Bekaa valley.
The estimated weight: 1,000 – 1,170 metric tons.

It is necessary to realize that 800 tons is the same weight as that of twenty 40-tonne tanks or 800 cars or 10 locomotives. Therefore, if someone keeps saying that the manipulation with 800tons block of stone was realized only by the use of human force and ropes, then he unfortunately compromises himself by saying what is unrealistic in the same way as those that believe such statements.

If some asked any major transport company to perform a transport of a block weighing more than 800 tons, every company in the world would refuse such order, because they would not be able to perform such a task. And if anyone asked the building company to perform such a task only by the use of human force, the company would probably not even respond as the employees would very likely think that they communicate with someone who is not totally healthy regarding his mentality.

However, anyone brave enough to state at present that these cultures were able to influence gravity or other laws of nature still unknown to us will at present be in a similar situation.

But there is another secret hidden in the thousand tons block of stone. Why did the ancient constructers not split the block into more pieces of smaller size? It would have been easier to manipulate smaller blocks. Could it have been that the ancient constructors wanted to avoid some kind of vibration?

The most probable explanation of the unanswered questions could probably by related to the perfect alignment of other megalithic structures where it is not possible to even slide a piece of paper between the stones. This however directs us to many other unknown connections and it is not possible to use the knowledge of our present time.

At my website  some scientists may find a certain clue to answer the question to the answer why some megalithic structures were built.


Photo of temple wall at Baalbek – source online at:

Photo of massive stone in quarry from article: Baalbek – War comes to the Landing Place by Zecharia Sitchin 2006, online at –

(Sitchin thinks that the massive megalithic platform underlying the Roman temples was a landing pad built millenia ago for the beings from Sirius to come to Earth to.)




““You can’t go before it is your time”, Clif used to say about dying. His time has come, as on the 20th November 2013 his loving and compassionate heart gave up and stopped. A great tree has fallen.

“Clif Sanderson started his final Voyage – back Home, back to the Stars.
Clif truly allowed his own life to unfold and lived it fully and passionately till the very last moment. It was a life of high ideals, of intention in action, of service to humanity. Clif fearlessly challenged the status quo by breaking conventionally accepted norms. He embodied his work and  taught people to dream, to question, to allow changes to happen in their own world while adding plenty of fun and humour.

“He was a pioneer in applying what is now commonly known as “Field methods”, using intention and consciousness as powerful tools for healing and transformation. Even though he was and will remain to be a guiding light and an inspiration for thousands of people, he never acted as a New Age guru. He was a man of great integrity, kindness and humility and had neither a big ego, nor any demand for worship. He simply touched people with his hands and his gentle presence, allowing new horizons to open. He was not afraid of Not-Knowing; he thrived in uncertainty by asking “Isn’t that interesting …?”

“Perhaps Clif’’s most important message was that each of us carries this Quiet Space inside, the connection to the All-That-Is. He showed that staying in this wonderful place without attachment to any outcome, removes fear from uncertainty. He demonstrated this once again while leaving his body, peacefully stepping into the Unknown.

“He became a real Global Citizen – over the last 40 years he travelled to 29 countries, to teach and work where life took him. In 1990 Clif courageously said YES! to the work with the victims of the Chernobyl accident in Belarus and the Russian Federation.

“Always enjoying new cultures, he remained proud of his Kiwi roots, being grateful for what he received in his younger years in his beautiful country. As a true Polynesian in his heart he developed an understanding that everything in life is interwoven and connected.

“Te Kaumatua, Te Rangatira and Te Tohunga – Wise Elder, Light Weaver and Visionary – these are the names respectfully given to Clif by the Maori People of his native New Zealand.

“He grew up in respect and gratefulness for the Earth that carries and feeds us. He joyfully walked under the sky that provides nourishing water and sunlight. Like a giant Kauri tree he connected Heaven and Earth. His roots, branches and leaves stretching out to offer support and provide shelter, allowing the wind to spread his seeds, knowing that one day his offspring would form a Kauri forest.

“As the founder of Deep Field Relaxation™ he never stopped joyfully explaining that anyone with the right understanding and intention can do this work. He gently spread his ideas as seeds, knowing that one day his students will continue his work. We are his offspring and that day has come! We are slowly becoming bigger trees ourselves, we are here to serve life with a smile.

“For 23 years I shared with Clif his life and passion. Together with a Teaching Team of Trainers she will continue to reach out to anyone who is ready to learn and practice Deep Field Relaxation™.

“I would like to complete and make available some of Clif’’s numerous creative projects:  his “Travelling Journals”, the “Heart Music”CD and translation of the book “Knowing Nothing, Living Happy” in other languages.

“You are welcome to support the completion of these projects by donating via this fundraising website:

Galina Sanderson.


Book Reviews

Stone Age Farming – Tapping Nature’s Subtle Energies

for your Farm or Garden, 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore.

Reviewed by Peta Hudson for the November/December 2013 issue of Organic NZ.    

“Alanna Moore is widely known and respected for her research into and teaching of various practices to improve soil, plant and stock health without the addition of chemicals.

“In this new edition of Stone Age Farming, she brings together and shares her knowledge and experience with updated research and new photos. Containing a wealth of information, it is primarily a resource book with well-referenced chapters, which could be used by those with a beginner’s interest to those with more experience.

“In its pages you will find recipes for soil revitalisation and stock health drawn from ancient Indian Vedic wisdom, biodynamic methods and Japanese traditional farming practices. There is good information about the many uses of paramagnetic rock dusts, from improving Brix levels and plants’ immune systems to accelerating decomposition of manures. The art of dowsing and its uses is covered in great detail, drawing on Alanna’s own experience over the past two decades. If you are interested in the ‘towers of power’ and the measurable improvement found in plant growth and soil dynamics you will find instructions on how to place and build one.

“This is a book for those of us who want to widen our knowledge of the many approaches enabling us to improve and manage our farms and gardens with care for all.

*Peta Hudson is a permaculture teacher and proofreader of /Organic NZ/.


Touchstones for Today:

Designing for Earth harmony with stone arrangements

by  Alanna Moore.    

Reviewed by Barbara Botham for the 2 Canadian dowsing societies

Touchstones for Today is a delightful read for the lover of stones and sacred places.  The book covers earth spirits, labyrinths, medicine wheels, circles, megaliths and more.

“Alanna describes in detail many ways of honouring the earth energies by creating our own arrangement.  She shares her vast experience and knowledge of the energies of ancient and modern stone circles, which in turn will help us as we contemplate creating our own sacred site.  I was intrigued to learn that ‘touchstones’ vary their energetic responses with the waxing and waning of the moon.

“You might know of the etheric web that connects across the land and the sinuous weaving of these energies at sacred sites.  Did you know that damage done to one site can be noticed and mal-affected by other sites in the grid?

“In energy healing, I connect strongly to the earth energies.  Stones are an integral part of the earth, and have their own energy.  Sensitive people can feel the energy at the famous stone circles.  As Alanna tells us, we can also feel it in any intention-infused stone circle.  She shows us how to make a little one in a tray and guides us how to play and develop our own sensitivity.

“You will probably have more faith in your own dowsing abilities after truly absorbing her words.  It is not a book to skim.  You’ll want to glean all the little gems she shares, such as making your own petroglyphs to dispel noxious energies, or using any type of stone to enhance crops.

* Barbara Botham is a dowser, Healing Touch Practitioner, Earth and Spirit lover, in Canada.


Message Stone – the Legacy

by Steven O Guth, Araki Verlag, Leipzig Germany 2011.

Reviewed by Alanna Moore.

In this book, Canberra geomancer Steven Guth has used the fictional mode (he calls it faction) to explain much about real Aboriginal Dreamtime paradigms. This approach makes it a personable and gripping tale as the main characters (the author and his wife) unravel the true meaning and worth of an Aboriginal stone that has come their way.

This book is a road movie. It takes the reader on a journey of discovery,” it says on the back cover. An excerpt from the book, also on the sleeve, follows.

That stone different. Big spirit, big spirit and stone go together.”

“How old is it?”

“Maybe no age, come from Dreamtime.”

Steven thought about what  Albert had told him. “What do you want me to do with it? Take the stone out of the tin and hold it in my hand?”

“Put it in your pocket. That enough.”

“The stone, Albert, is it dangerous?”

“Maybe, when you are in the Dreamtime and bad things happen – you never come back.”

“You mean go mad, like from a bad drug trip?”

“Maybe. Or maybe just disappear,” answered Albert.

This is the first volume of Message Stone. Volume two – The Quest, follows Steven’s research in Germany revealing secrets of Nazi occult policy. See


The Science Delusion – freeing the spirit of enquiry

by Rupert Sheldrake, Coronet, UK, 2012.

Reviewed by Alanna Moore.

I love this book. It’s great to read a scientist giving a honest critique of mainstream science, it so needs to be said! Any one under the illusion that Science knows it all, or will save us or the world, needs to read it. Then they will realise that science and wisdom are two totally different things!

The subjects in this book’s contents page tell it all: The 10 dogmas of science. Is nature mechanical? Is the total amount of matter and energy always the same? Are the laws of nature fixed? Is matter unconscious? Is nature purposeless? Is all biological inheritance material? Are memories stored as material traces? Are minds confined to brains? Are psychic phenomena illusory? Is mechanistic medicine the only kind that works?

Sheldrake uses sound scientific enquiry to explain the many flawed scientific theories that masquerade as truths. He summarises his arguments at the end of each chapter. Here is an example, from the end of the psychic phenomena chapter (page 259).

Human premonitions usually occur in dreams or through intuitions. In experimental research on human presentiments, future emotional events seem able to work ‘backwards’ in time to produce detectable physiological effects.”

I do get sick of people who use Science as a weapon against concepts that they just don’t understand; they say something is un-scientific as if this is a terrible damnation of it!

Towards the end of the book, Sheldrake sums up his case nicely.

“The materialist agenda was once liberating but is now depressing. Those who believe in it are alienated from their own experience; they are cut off from all religious traditions; and they are prone to suffer from a sense of disconnection and isolation. Meanwhile the power unleashed by scientific knowledge is causing the mass extinction of other species, and endangering our own.”


Geomantica What’s On?

Australian events

* In Victoria

Workshop in northern Vic. with Alanna Moore

Wednesday March 26th 2014, 10am – 4pm

DOWSING for Enhanced Farming Workshop
Learn how to dowse for environmental energies.
Apply dowsing to the wellbeing of plants and animals.
Build a Power Tower for enhanced energies.

Venue: A farm near Springhurst (near Wangaratta, Wodonga)

Contact: Wayne Donovan  ph 0419 208 207

email –



Sunday April 27th 2014 (to be confirmed)


one day workshop with master dowser Alanna Moore
Email for info –

* In Northern NSW

* Dowsing, EMFs & the New Feng Shui

- a talk by Alanna Moore in Mullumbimby

on Wed. April 9th @7pm.         



Sat. 12th April, 10am – 11am
Venue: Blue Knob Farmers Market, 719 Blue Knob Road Lillian Rock NSW 2480. (no charge to attend)


Sunday April 13th
, 10am – 4pm
One day workshop with master dowser Alanna Moore
Venue: A farm in the Lillian Rock area.
Fee to attend: $90

Contact: James Creagh  phone 66897575
or email



* May 11th 2014, 2.30pm  DUBLIN

Alanna Moore is giving a slide presentation for the Irish Diviners Association on DISCOVERING & DOWSING THE ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME of AUSTRALIA.

Venue: The Lantern Centre 8 Synge St Dublin 8 Ireland.

Email the secretary -

Note – Alanna will be available for consultation and teaching in Ireland from May until September 2014.


* The Sheltermaker Festival at The Gyreum in Co. Sligo has been postponed. Stay tuned!

Organiser Peter Cowman has posted details HERE


September 5 – 7 – British Society of Dowsers annual conference

The 2014 Annual Conference will be held at Keele University.  Keele offers greater space and flexibility, a larger lecture theatre, better accommodation, improved catering facilities and many other benefits. 

The BSD will be announcing the full line up of impressive speakers shortly but the global lineup includes the ‘Barefoot Doctor’, Stephen Russell;  Alanna Moore from Australia; Raymon Grace from the USA; Philippa Langley (Richard the Third) and many more!

Look out for full detail and early booking discounts on the British Dowsers Website


















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