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On the spring equinox of 1998, 21st September, the first edition was launched in print. By the tenth issue, it had become an on-line only publication and back issues became scarce.

Now, to celebrate 15 years of continuing to be the world’s foremost web-magazine on geomancy, those first issues have finally been made available again, this time as digital files, and mostly in glorious colour, unlike before. The rest of the back issues are also re-packaged digitally, with 5 issues in each ‘5 pack’. Many new photos never published before now also grace their pages. With a host of fascinating articles that can’t be read anywhere else, it’s a feast to behold!

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Geomantica Issue 1
Spring Equinox, September 1998
Page 2  Editorial
Page 3  The New Geomancy by Alanna Moore. A look at the world of Earth mysteries/geomancy, from past to present. What’s Geomancy? Dragons & serpents. The Wounded Dragon. Reconciliation & the Land.
Australia’s haunted landscapes. Geopathic stress. High tech hazards.
Page 5   Timbarra Lament, poem by Alanna Moore.
Page 6  Our World of Vibrations – another approach of Feng Shui, by Roseline Deleu, feng shui master. The first in a series explaining the basics of feng shui theory and practice. What is ch’i? Nine areas of life improvement. Where are they located? The Magic Square. What can you do? The Nine Cures.
Page 7    Letter about the opening of a new dowsing centre in Victoria.
Page 8    What is Paganism? A page from the Pagan Alliance of NSW, explaining a little of the range of neo-pagan traditions and their networking role. (Principles of the Pagan Alliance of NSW, page 11.)
Page 9   Welcome to the Labyrinth by Carole McDonough and Robert Hoskin. What is a Labyrinth? The Chartres Labyrinth. The Rose at the Centre. The Labyr. The Lunations. Making the Labyrinth at Ca-naan. Walking the Labyrinth.
Page 13   Ancient technologies Bring a Fruitful Harvest by Alanna Moore. In 1993 Prof Phil Callahan came out to Australia to teach about the stimulating energies of paramagnetic rocks and Irish Round Towers he had discovered. The author was thus inspired to go around Australasia erecting Towers of Power on farms and she also became involved with a group in Western Australia who dowse for Natural Resonance, following the work of Austria’s Dr Gernot Grafe. After 5 years experimentation with these ‘stone age’ technologies, this is one of the first articles about them by Alanna.
Page 15   Thoughts on Feng Shui and Geomancy by Steven Guth. A geomancer in Canberra with a ‘real magic carpet’, Steven muses on feng shui. Is electricity toxic? A recent case study. Another, unresolved, recent case. A geomantically positive house.


Geomantica Issue 2
Summer Solstice, December 1998.
Page 20  Editorial
Page 21  Letters  inc.  True ecology – Ecosophy?
Page 22  Finding the True Purpose in Life by Jodi Brunner. The magic of feng shui, by a consultant and founder of the Feng Shui Network.
Page 23  Networking – Feng Shui Network & Church of All Worlds (a national goddess, nature & Earth worshipping church, in Australia since 1992.)
Page 24  Our World of Vibration – part 2, by Roseline Deleu. Covering theory of yin/yang, the Five Elements, the Magic Square, Definition of the Area 9, What Happens when this part of the Bagua is missing from your house. What happens when this part of the Bagua is more important in your house. the Real Result of a Feng Shui adjustment in the 9 Area. How quick can a cure work?
Page 25  Tribute to William Ricketts, by Alanna Moore. 100 years ago (1898) Ricketts was born (in Australia). He developed great artistic talent and a deep empathy with Australian Aboriginal culture, spending much time in central Australia between 1949 and 1960 and also staying at a spiritual centre in India in early 1970s. His large ceramic sculptures celebrate his spiritual discoveries & are a feast for the senses, in their majestic setting in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne.
Page 30  The Dangers of Electro-Stress by Alanna Moore. Keeping good energy in your environment, one needs to be extra careful with high-tech appiances, such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, fluorescent lights and computers. How to reduce hazards, a few solutions.
Page 31   Women’s Intuition poem by Alanna Moore. News – The Vatican seeks forgiveness for past wrongs.
Page 32   Peppermint Ridge – indigenous permaculture meets Koori culture at a small award-winning farm east of Melbourne that features an Aboriginal meeting ground, where educational courses are held.
Page 35   Some Thoughts after a Visit to China by Steven Guth. Observations of potent river energies, political feng shui, British geomancer Colin Bloy’s interest in things Chinese and geomantic Canberra.


Geomantica Issue 3
Autumn Equinox, March 1999.
Page 37  Editorial
Page 38  What’s happenning? and Voodoo according to West African singer Angelike Kidjo.
Page 39   Down in the Forests of Western Australia, by Alanna Moore. The author visits forests threatened by logging, where huge old growth trees are being turned into wood chips, and a camp of eco-warriors.
Page 41  Our World of Vibration, part 3, by Roseline Deleu. The magic square again, definition of the 8 area.  The Mountain, Lair of the Dragon, ideal home site. What happens when the 8 area is lacking or over-emphasised in your home. Case study. Real result of 8 area adjustment.
Page 43  Paramagnetism, by Gary de Piazzi. An explanation of what it is, how to induce it to benefit soil and crops. Prof Phil Callahan compares global situations to the magnetic status of soil.
Page 45  Esoteric Agriculture on Eyre Peninsula, by Alanna Moore. A paramagnetic rock purveyors’s journeying, appreciating the beautiful energy of the pink granite of Streaky Bay, South Australia, then heading south to check out giant Power Towers on some huge farms there.
Page 47  Getting the Balance Right by Gary de Piazzi. An introduction to understanding the nutritional requirements of soil.
Page 49   The Bush University – Aboriginal cultural experience in the Kimberleys by Georgia Offord, who had a fabulous time at one of their camps, visiting Wandjina art and geo-mythos sites etc.
Page 51   Canberra – Geomantic Thoughts by Steven Guth. Canberra as a developing sacred site. Obervations of landscape angels, sacred mountains, geometric crystal homes made by angels, groups releasing old war energies and using triangles for energy work.


Geomantica Issue 4
Winter Solstice, June  1999.
Page 55   Editorial
Page 56   Rock Dust by Alanna Moore. How to use it as a soil additive fertilising agent and getting soil balance right, including results of trials by the Men of the Trees group in their tree nurseries using rock dust in potting mix. How to take it internally, for minerals. The ‘enlivened rock powders’. Where to get.
Page 58   The Natural Resonance Study Group – a report of experimentation with esoteric devices such as the Bio Energetic Stabiliser box.
Page 60   Experiences of a Dowser by Tuula Ylisalo, Canberra. Tuula’s father Harri dowses to find water wells for people and in the early 1970’s he started dowsing for geopathic stress following family experiences and his observations of effects on plants and animals. Later, visiting the homeland of Finland  he was interviewed on the media about his work.
Page 61   Enchanted Gardens by Alanna Moore. Photos to inspire you!
Page 63   Singer on Weeds by John Singer. What is a weed? And noxious weeds? Plant intelligence and what weeds tell us about the soil, from a permaculture perspective.
Page 65   Electromagnetic Association of Australia News. Traffic pollution becomes more deadly around EMFs – Bristol Uni research confirms. EMFs and hyperactive kids. Problems with mobile phones and  radiation from new satellites correlation to increased mortality in the USA.
Page 66   Stirring up Life by Alanna Moore. About a biodynamic practitioner and teacher in Queanbeyan NSW, who makes seaweed fertiliser using flowforms.
Page 67  Our World of Vibrations – part 4, by Roseline Deleu, feng shui master, focuses on area 2 of the Bagua in the home – the realm of relationships. What happens when this area is neglected or over-emphasised. A case study and real adjustment of the 2 area. How to bring ch’i into your 2 area.
Page 68  What’s Happening? & Letter – curious effect on a silver chain after Power Tower goes up in the garden.


Geomantica Issue 5
Spring Equinox,  September 1999.
Page 70   Editorial
Page 71   Letters – feedback about Power Towers etc.
Page 72   Magic Roundabout – an urban legend takes off, by Alanna Moore. Photos of a beautiful sandstone ‘wheel stone’ at a roundabout in northern NSW, a modern megalith being used for magical work.
Page 74   Our World of Vibration, part 5 by Roseline Deleu. On moving furniture, feng shui cures, Bad feng shui house? Intention is everything.
Page 75   What’s On? – Mt Franklin Pagan Gathering in central Victoria and a Renewing of the Dreaming camp in NSW.  APIC – the Resource Centre for Information about Paganism in Canberra.
Page 76   Homodynamics, by Steven Guth. Steven reports of his 5 weeks spent at a Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand. He became aware of various nature spirits residing in statues there and describes an amazing symbiosis of energetic exchanges between the chanting monks and rice paddies, an ancient sort of spiritual ecology.
Page 79   Intuition is… quote from Dr Helen Caldicott.
Page 80   Kymbo Country – a visit to a permaculture outpost in western Victoria’s Mallee. Welcome to the semi-arid lands. Saline soils. The small oasis town of Murrayville. The Kyndon family wheat and sheep farm. How things have changed since granddad’s time. Bees and geomancy – a Mallee beekeeper maintains an ancient European tradition. A permaculture institute vision.
Page 83  Mission Beach, poem by Alanna Moore.
Page 84  Mystery of the Coiled Palms by Alanna Moore. Is it a snake, or is it a Dreaming Serpent? How it was solved by dowsing, which determined that the palm trees are affected by Earth energies. More examples of other palm trees affected in similar ways.
Page 86   Enchanted Garden – this one has a stone age look Power Tower.











Geomantica Issue 6
Summer Solstice, December 1999
Page 2   Editorial – on the eve of year 2000.
Page 3   Pendulums and Gardening – a talk by Anne Miller, Western Australia. Includes problem solving, imparting of intentions to the devic world via crystals and radionic diagrams (with a graphic). The Glowing Cross – press clipping about the history of a glowing cross in an abandoned North Lismore (NSW) graveyard, thought by some to be miraculous.
Page 4   Becoming a Custodian in a New Place by geomancer Steven Guth, Canberra. Steven moves to his new mountain top rural property, muses on it’s Earth energies, weeds and horses and whether the spreading of biodynamic 500 was appropriate.
Page 6   A geomantically positive house – feedback from the 1st Issue of Geomantica – feng shui master Roseline Deleu checks it out.
Page 7   Voices of the First Day – awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor. Book review by Alanna Moore of this classic tome. Pagan Happenings.
Page 8   The Channon EcoStay – a permaculture farm with Towers of Power by Alanna Moore, featuring her own property in northern NSW.
Page 11   Our World of Vibrations, part 6, by Roseline Deleu. On de-cluttering and moving house strategies.
Page 12   Geomancy and Power Towers – workshops with Alanna Moore.
Page 13   Walking the Sacred Path of the Labyrinth by Junitta Vallak. There are several labyrinths at Casurina.
Page 14   Landscape Temples by Junitta Vallak. A visit to Tower Hill, a sacred volcanic landscape in Victoria.
Page 15   Casurina Healing Sanctuary by Junitta Vallak. A centre for Earth and people healing, including inspiration from native American visionary Beautiful Painted Arrow, who promotes the building of sacred Kivas, Sound/Peace Chambers.

Geomantica Issue 7
Autumn equinox, March 2000
Page 18   Editorial – We are in for wild weather events; intuitive planning for crops.
Page 19   CERES Environmental Park – by Alanna Moore. A showcase of sustainable living in Melbourne and how a Power Tower workshop went. (You can still visit the Power Tower under the gigantic power lines there in 2013!).
Page 20   Interview with Tom Graves – by Alanna Moore. An internationally acclaimed dowser and author talks about his life and doesn’t shy away from exposing unethical geomancy and some of the anomalies found in the practice of modern feng shui.
Page 22   The Labyrinth – a quest for skill, a quest for awareness, by Tom Graves. The labyrinth is connected to the human chakra system, it’s walking takes us on a journey to self. Tom gives us a key to make the most of it.
Page 23   PAN – ‘Philosophy, Activism and Nature’, a new journal.
Page 24   On Mazes by Alexis Eggin, aged 8.
Page 25   Letter – Plight of the Kangaroos.
Page 25   Evolution of a Suburban Sacred Site – an interview with spirit, by Alanna Moore. Barbara Galloway learns that she has a powerful Earth vortex in her home and together with Alanna they explore the inner dimensions of the space, that acts as a portal for spirits, and Barbara receives insights about sacred sites, including how healers can utilise their energies.
Page 26   Borneo’s Burning, poem by Alanna Moore.
Page 27   Our World of Vibrations  – part 7, by feng shui master Roseline Deleu. The nine basic cures of feng shui, plus a focus on the minor cures of using aromas and art works to achieve household harmony. Photos of Fu dog and a dragon at Bendigo’s Dragon Museum of the Chinese community.
Page 29   Tales of an Urban Geomancer by Alanna Moore. Interview with Paula Polsen in Melbourne. ‘Ghost busting’ is a speciality in her wholistic space healing practice.  Paula also shares a successful exercise in enhancing plant growth, where she followed the request of some lettuce seedlings.
Page 31   Experiments with Mini Power Towers, by Bill Nicholson, Victoria. More plant growth enhancement when Bill tries out the classic experiment with radish seeds grown in pots at points around a mini Power Tower, and compares growth with radishes in control pots.

Geomantica Issue 8
Winter Solstice, June 2000.
Page 34   Editorial – A move to country Victoria in the year of the Golden Dragon.
Page 35   Beware of the Fairies! – book review of ‘Irish Fairy Tales’.
Page 36   Who are the Druids? Native spirituality in the UK.
Page 37   Kevin Masman – Feng Shui Consultant, an interview by Alanna Moore. Kevin talks about his approach to site divination: the ‘omphalos point’. Dealing with desecrated sacred sites and massacre sites.
Page 39   One of Nature’s Secrets Revealed? by David Kennett. On dowsing, trees and planting them according to Earth energy grids.
Page 39   The Miracle of Nature’s Unseen Forces by David Kennett. More on Dave’s dowsing experiments down on the farm.
Page 40   A Dowser’s Method of Combatting Soil Salinity by David Kennett. Using dowsing for reversing soil degradation. Note that the theory of “rising ground water” that was, at the time, considered to be a cause of dryland salinity, has since been debunked.
Page 41   EMR Radiation News – mobile phones also fry your glandular system!
Page 42   Round Towers – Expressions of Native Irish Spirituality? by Alanna Moore. The enduring mystery of the unique Irish towers that are around 1000 years old. Alanna checked out 16 of them in Ireland earlier in 2000, and photographed the mighty specimen at Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway, pictured on the cover (a 34m high leaning tower).
Page 44   Our World of Vibrations – part 8 by Roseline Deleu, feng shu master, Canberra. On feng shui and children. What to avoid, what to encourage. Tips for asthmatic kids plus colour cures for behavioural problems and to induce improved childhood development.
Page 45   Bundjulung Country – an Earth wise street sign in Nimbin NSW written by local Aboriginal elders.
Page 46   ‘Walking the Talk – a journal of Save Our Sacred Sites’ (UK), review by Alanna Moore. Looking mainly at archeological sites, such as ‘Seahenge’, the ancient tree stump circle that was covetted by many groups, and its fate. Also a modern stone circle made in 1998 on Limetree Farm, Yorkshire, as a focus for seasonal celebrations.
Page 47   ‘Spirit of the Land’ new biannual newsletter on Aboriginal spirituality in central Oz. ‘Cosmic Forces and what they are doing to you’, by Guy Lyon Playfair and Scot Hill (1978) reviewed by Antony Riddell.
Geomantica Issue 9
Spring equinox, September 2000.
Page 49   Editorial – This was the last issue in print.
Page 50   Curry Grid Developments – by David Kennett, expanding  on his previous articles, working with subtle energies, the Curry Grid in particular, to enhance plant growth, plus effects of geopathic stress on plants.
Page 51   British Earth Mysteries – an intervew with John Billingsley in West Yorkshire by Alanna Moore. Historical and recent developments in the field of Earth mysteries (aka geomancy). John is the editor of the longest running Earth mysteries magazine in the world, ‘Northern Earth’, founded in 1979. From antiquarian researchers, to Alfred Watkin’s ley lines, to Seahenge, the much disputed tree circle, to the enlightened (private) management of the Rollright Stone Circle.
Page 54   Another Sacred Site in the Making by Alanna Moore. Barbara Galloway continues the theme from where we left her in the previous article on the subject (issue 7 Evolution of a Sacred Site). Barbara moved to Castlemaine and found herself in another house with a big Earth vortex! She went through another activation process with it, met up with Aboriginals in spirit there, and the resulting energetic effects could be perceived for some distance away.
Page 55   Energy Dowsing – Muddling with the Meta-Pattern, by Tom Graves. Tom delivers a scathing attack on undisciplined dowsing! Geomantica is forced to blank out a name to protect one of the accused! In between there are valid points to be considered to assist our balanced self-development.
Page 60   New Geomantica website. The 21st century has arrived!
Page 61   Living Water by Anthony Riddell, Melbourne, who muses on various aspects of water and what to do to purify it.
Page 61   Photo of South Australian dowsers dowsing the Rollright Stones, via a photo on the wall by Tom Graves.

Geomantica Issue 10
Summer Solstice, December 2000.
Page 63 Editorial – Heralding a new era of website- only Geomantica magazines.
Page 63  Exploring an Earth Vortex – Annie O’Grady takes an intrepid group of people out into the magnificent Flinders Ranges of South Australia, location of the Global Grid Point 44. They have some mind blowing, other-dimensional experiences.
Page 66  Agnihotra, The Fire of Life – The ancient Indian science of the Vedas included fire therapy, with sacred Homa fires made in upturned copper pyramids, typically done at dawn and dusk while chanting a special mantra. Effects on improved health of people and animals and the healing of diseased crops etc has made Homa farming a necessity in our unbalanced world, according to enthusiastic exponents Lee and Frits Ringma in the Cessnock area of New South Wales, where they have transformed a trashed out farm into a productive place of beauty.
Page 69  The Saga of Hindmarsh Island – Starting from the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Murray River delta, an area of great richness and spiritual import, we then follow the sad, long story of the erosion of Aboriginal rights and heritage under pressures from coastal land developers in South Australia. Being a threat to ‘secret women’s business’, this clash of cultures saw sacred Dreaming sites lost to the almighty $. Alanna describes energies there on a recent visit.
Page 72  Journeys with the Spirit of Place – Part 2 on an interview in Yorkshire earlier in the year with John Billingsley, a folkorist and editor of the world’s longest running geomancy magazine Northern Earth. John speaks of ancient sites he’s found on the Yorkshire moors and a  terrestial zodiac that went on to becme a local focus of pilgrimage.
Page 75  Report on Towers in South Australia  – Alanna Moore travelled with fellow dowser Tom Graves to South Australia to check out what sounded like amazing, huge Power Towers that are dotted around the Eyre Peninsula. But it wasn’t as good as it looked! Still, you can always learn a lot from other people’s mistakes!
Page 77   What’s On – includes an interesting line-up of speakers for a Feng Shui conference in Canberra, March 2001.











Geomantica issue 11
Autumn Equinox, March 2001
Page 2  Editorial
Page 2  Letter: The ‘Dowsing Challenge’ – a Fraud. Another Sceptic Association so-called challenge with 52 dowsers participating at the Mitta Mitta Muster.  Letter: Helping the Kangaroos –  Gil Robertson’s thoughts on factors influencing kangaro populations.
Page 4   New Standards for Description of Food Quality, by Gil Robertson. High quality food that can be produced with natural and energetic methods needs to set a new standard for production.
Page 5   Custodianship at Bibaringa, by Steven Guth (a follow on from his piece in G6). High on a mountaintop overlooking Canberra, Steven forges ever deeper connections with the land and interacts with the local devas. The family puts on a dance party – ‘Bubblecode’ – that resonates with the primal undertones of the place.
Page 8   Our Farming Methods are Killing Us, by David Kennett.  – What’s wrong with modern agriculture? Lots!
Page 9   The AURIA Project, by David Kennett. Dave has a vision to plant trees on degraded land.
Page 9   A Dowser’s Life –  Sandy Griffin interviewed by Alanna Moore. Taught by his Irish water diviner father to find water, he found himself in Tamil Nadu, India, helping turn around the fortunes of an orphanage cum coconut farm by finding an excellent water supply. Sandy also specialises in finding leakage points in dams.
Page 11   The Concept of Boundary and its Application to Energetic Agriculture, by Gil Robertson. – Radionic broadcasting of energies to crops needs careful consideration of where to draw the line on its effects. Gil describes ways to make a ‘Boundary Witness’ in order to keep one’s work neatly within one’s boundaries.
Page 13   Stone Age Farming – new book reviewed. Upcoming Talks & Workshops on dowsing, geomancy, paramagnetism and Towers of Power by Alanna Moore; news of an upcoming Feng Shui Conference, in Canberra, on March 25th with an interesting bunch of speakers and topics.

Geomantica issue 12
Winter Solstice, June 2001
Page 15   Mad Cows and Rock Dust –  Pat Coleby writes about the real reasons for Mad Cows and gives us a warning about potential dangers of overdosing on minerals and the need for soil tests.
Page 17   Geomancing the City – a visit to Tim Strachan. Geomancer Tim works in Sydney and talks about his experiences and insights, including some case studies. He reports of dowsing for the ‘Mary and Michael Lines’ in the UK (as per Hamish Miller’s discoveries).
Page 19     News from the Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of  Australia. Latest news from overseas inc. UK has finally linked leukemia with EMFs for the 1st time, plus new Australian Senate Report.
Page 20    A Dowser’s Life – Dowsing in India – Sanderson Griffin
continues his story. This time he tells of dowsing the Round Towers in his native Ireland and more water divining adventures in India.
Page 22    Opals and Divining – Alanna Moore gets opal fever in Coober Pedy, where around 90% of miners will use dowsing to find indications for good spots to dig for opal. There is a long history of dowsing and mining, and Alanna also touches upon map dowsing and the equivalent faculties in the animal world in this paper.
Page 26  Stone Age Farming, Book Review by Gary de Piazzi.

Geomantica issue 13
Spring Equinox, September 2001
Page 28   Celebrating Aboriginal Dreaming in Central Australia – Alanna Moore travels to Alice Springs to celebrate the Caterpillar Dreaming with local Aboriginals at the biggest ever corroboree – the Yeperenye Festival.
Page 30  Hindmarsh Island Update – what’s happenning with this Secret Womens Business’, the legal battle to save sacred sites at the Murray Mouth in South Australia?
Page 31   In the News:   Agricultural Radionics – the Weekly Times (Victoria) interviews a radionic farmer. Archeological dowsing in northern England finds the goods.
Page 31  Charles Curtayne – Energy Worker in Victoria – Alanna Moore interviews Charles about his inventions, sacred geometry pieces, space clearing work and more.
Page 32  Meandering around Native American Mounds – American dowser Lee Barnes describes the ancient mound monuments he dowses and the energies he finds.
Page 36  Earth Acupuncture – Experiences and Musings – Alanna Moore writes of some case studies of neutralising noxious energies and how a Power Tower may also be used for this. Page 38  In the Pipeline – Geomantica Film Projects. Unity with Nature Network newsletter reviewed. Letter. Page 39  What’s On? – ‘Stone Age Farming Workshops’ .

Geomantica issue 14
Summer Solstice, December 2001
Page 38  Editorial
Page 41   In the News:  US Biodynamics goes Purist – the reaction to energy farming in orthodox biodynamics.
Page 41   EMR News: Draft ‘protection’ standards in Australia allow for 2 – 4 times more radiation exposure, a win for industry.

Page 42   Meeting a Remarkable Diviner – Kevin Heitman. Alanna Moore interviews a maverick wheatfarmer, dowser and healer in Western Australia.
Page 45  Angels & Devas of Parliament House – Dr Geoffrey Campbell describes the devic beings he sees clairvoyantly around Canberra’s Parliament House and what they get up to.
Page 47   The Giant’s Dance – Steven Hawkins explains the origins of the Tarot and how Stonehenge was built as an Orrery (illustrated) to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The Tarot also has calendrical functions.
Page 51  An Esoteric Eye on Canberra – Steven Guth writes about the geomancy of Canberra, describes a deva of ceremonial on Anzac Parade and explains how angels make themselves Angel Houses, geometric forms as described in CW Leadbeater’s books.
Page 53   Devas and Power Towers – Alanna Moore writes about Billy Arnold’s observations of the building of Power Towers, which bring great excitement in the devic realms, and passes on tips for improving their effectiveness.
Page 54  Book review: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik.  Page 55   Book review: Homa Farming for the New Age by Jarek Bizberg.
Page 55   What’s On: Geomancy Workshops.


Geomantica issue 15
Autumn Equinox, March 2002
Page 57   Letters: ‘Surprised at our Success’ – German geomancy website.
Page 57   Dowser Interview: Earth Acupuncturist & Innovator in Victoria.
Page 59   Gundagai Earth Connection Weekend by Steven Guth. Exploring the energies of Gundagai with a group of geomancers and a local Aboriginal elder. Lifting the lid on the Dog on the Tuckerbox, doing creative visualisations and finishing with an impromptu corroborree on an ancient Bora ground.
Page 61  Earth Attunement Workshop, report by Alanna Moore. Exploring what is the nature of a sacred site? The legacy of mining scarring the land, a weeping Earth spirit and a local Nature Temple, the Rock of Ages, plus a poem. The Rock of Ages Touchstone is featured on the cover.
Page 63  Olympic Fire and Water – Australia Re-Creates Integrity/Wholeness/Unity, by Richard O’Neill. When the Sydney Olympics began, the Earth spirit Wandjina was its iconic emblem. O’Neill promotes singing up the land as a fabulous way of connecting to the land and nature.











Geomantica issue 16
Winter Solstice June 2002
Page 2    In the News: Higher levels of radio frequency radiation exposure  are now allowed under new guidelines for Australia; electrical sub-station disallowed in Brisbane because of health fears; Purple Plates maker is prosecuted.
Page 3   Letters: On Ley Line Cosmology, and Cloudbusters. Interesting Websites
Feature Articles:
Page 4   Robert Martin on Radionic Farming and Water Research – An interview by Alanna Moore in North Queensland at Northern Lights Farm, where Robert has farmed organically for over 20 years and experimented with radionic agricultural devices and researched energised water.
Page 5   Crop Circles, by Steven Guth – Steven muses that crop circles might be, partly at least, “manifestations of gnomic energies” that are signalling for our attention.
Page 8  Maps of the Dreaming, by Billy Arnold (pictured on the cover).
Billy has been investigating Aboriginal cultural paradigms in central Australia. His clairvoyant observations of sacred sites has been very revealing. Using techniques of Laya Yoga to merge with a place, Billy also studied the works of Strehlow, who recorded several songlines, as well as connecting with traditional Aboriginal owners of sites. He tells of visiting a Carpet Snake Dreaming site near Alice Springs, along with Alanna Moore and another friend, where all 3 sensed the presence of the huge deva in the range.
Page 12    Bad Tower Day, by Billy Arnold – Astrology has helped to explain why at a recent workshop things went awry. Timing is important, it turns out. A horoscope of the day tells it all!
Page 13    An Earth Mystery in New Zealand by Alanna Moore
Visionary ability and dowsing is employed in New Zealand at an Earth mystery known as the Kaimanawa Wall. Is this intriguing site a man made monument from way back or is it just natural geometric forces at work?
Page 14   Book Review: Water & Mineral Divining by Andy Lehman, Qld.  A fascinating story of 70 years of dowsing experiences of an old ‘bushie’. He even won the Sceptics ‘Challenge’ but was refused acknowledgement!      Film Review: Dowsers Down Under, by Nexus magazine and the Natural Resonance Study Group.


Geomantica issue 17
Spring Equinox September 2002
Page 17  Letters – query about Serpents Glen in Western Australia.
Page 17   In the News: Masaru Emoto Visit to Australia – At last someone has developed a method to show us the magic of water, via greatly magnified water crystal photos.
Page 19   Geomancer Frank Moody @ 99 – has clocked up 87 years of dowsing!; how he gets rod of possums using Colour Therapy and other Radionic adventures. Rock Eating Microbes; Rock Dust evaluation.
Page 20   Complex Systems Science in Food Production by Dr Maarten Stapper of the CSIRO. Maarten embraces alternative growing methods that include ‘energy farming’ – radionics, Power Towers etc.
Page 23  The Origin of the Tarot – the Giant’s Dance, part 2, by Steve Hawkins. Fascinating connections between Stonehenge (once called the Giant’s Dance) Celtic mythology, metrology and the origins of calendars.
Page 26  Tropical Dairy goes Biodynamic by Alanna Moore. High in the Atherton Tablelands south west of Cairns, Mungalli Dairy is forging new ways from old as they pioneer biodynamic farming in the very wet tropics.

Geomantica issue 18
Summer Solstice, December 2002
Page 30  Editorial – from the drylands of drought stricken Victoria.
Page 30  In the News: River Monster Stops Earthworks in New Zealand  – Threatening the home of a water spirit well known to Maori people, a modern highway clashes with sacred heritage.
Page 31  The Hindmarsh Island Bridge Debacle and the campaign for justice for Narandjiri people and their culture in South Australia.
Page 33  Changes in Soil & Plants in Crop Circles – scientific investigations reveal intriguing effects. Problems from Schumann Resonance – Dr Neil Cherry. All Hail The Naked Dancing Rain Women! – an outback fair is to feature a rainmaking ceremony. Organics – a Growth Industry. Genetically Modified Organism Benefits – a Myth. Fertiliser Threat to Farmlands – soil acidity a greater problem than salinity. Rain Songs Break Drought – Richard O’Neill.
Page 34  Letters:  Lightworkers and Nuclear Disarmament – peace visualisations. Tasmanian Dowser – looking for other health dowsers.
Page 35  Just Another Day, by Frank Moody, who discusses his radionic Moody & East West Coils & other Radionic devices / methods.
Page 36   Esoteric Agriculture – an Introduction, by Alanna Moore. Towards an eco-spiritual permaculture, where we can be cultivating beneficial ch’i energy, with knowledge of geobiology, devas, dowsing and building biology etc.
Page 38  Kiwis and Coils – by Alanna Moore. A New Zealand  kiwifruit farm goes organic, then radionic,  using subtle energy devices.
Page 41  Bill Jackson – Master Dowser – Obituary & ‘Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place‘? – his thoughts on neutralising geopathic stress and fixing water pipes that are causing stray voltage problems from electricals.
Page 41   Review – Watts the Buzz? Lyn McLean’s new book on electro-magnetic hazards in Australia.
Page 42  Interesting Websites – links sent in by readers.
Page 42  What’s On?NEW! Deva Dowsing & other workshops coming up all around Australia and in England and Ireland in August 2003.

Geomantica issue 19
Autumn Equinox March 2003
Page 44   Editorial – from Australian Aboriginal Rain Dreaming (cover photo) to rain making in the modern day.
Page 44    In the News: Ancestral Aboriginal calendars with many seasons are heralded by changes in nature are these are now being chronicled by the Bureau of Meteorology.
Page 42   Letters –  Cloudbusting, 56 year Cycles and financial crises, Rainmaking, Australian Taniwha?, Dowsing in Portugal, Art and Geomancy. A  follow-up to the Glowing Cross of Lismore story, now there’s a website devoted to this mystery in northern NSW.
Page 45   Rainmaking, Cloudbusting & Energy Balancing by Tim Strachan. Sydney geomancer Tim has enjoyed  improved rainfall using a device based on Don Croft’s design and upgraded.
Page 47   The Meter Man – an Interview with life long farmer and organic consultant David von Pein in the Darling Downs area of Queenland, including his experiences with Cosmic Pipes and his expertise with the Brix meter. (First published in Acres USA.)
Page 50   Casurina: The End of a Geomantic Era, by Junitta Vallak and Billy Arnold. A ceremony of passing on Casurina to new owners has a surprising other-dimensional component, as witnessed by several clairvoyants.
Page 51   A Tale of One Tower – Deva Dowsing Workshop Launch in Hobart. Held at Angel Hill Sanctuary, this is a report of Alanna Moore’s very first Deva dowsing workshop, where several clairvoyants and dowsers in attendance had some special insights, at this geomantically excellent location. The Power Tower made there was definately a ‘Deva Magnet’!
Page 52   Art Meets Geomancy, American artist Jeff Phillips shares his enthusiam for Aboriginal art & culture.
Page 53   What’s On? Workshops coming up around Australia and Europe.

Geomantica issue 20
Winter Solstice, June 2003
Page 55   Editorial
Page 53  Letters – Impressed by Deva Dowsing at a New Zealand workshop. Should dowsers have competency certification?
Page 55  In the News: Miracle in the Desert – permaculture pioneers create paradise in Jordan; Homa Farming successes in new newsletter; Witchcraft in Victoria no longer an offence; Christan Hummel – geomancy and  ethics; Scientific Ghost Study, Geomagnetism & the Paranormal.
Page 58   New Zealand Earth Wisdom Summit – Alanna Moore reports from Christchurch of the 3 keynote presenters Gary Cook, Barry Brailsford and Hamish Miller (out from the UK).
Page 60   The Rainbow Serpent – Junitta Vallaks report of connecting to Earth’s major serpent forces during the ‘Journey of Infinity’ around Australia.
Page 62    Flower Power! – Flower essence creator Peter Archer interviewed by Alanna Moore in New Zealand uses clairvoyance for guidance.
Page 64   The Giants Dance, part 3: The Geomancer – From Stonehenge and Celtic calendars to feng shui analysis vs western astrology vs Celtic wind lore. More fascinating writings from Steve Hawkins, including a case history of a place with bad feng shui.
Page 68   Book Reviews – ‘Sacred Places’ by Alan Whitehead (Australia) = not recommended! and ‘Healing the Heart of the Earth‘ by Marko Pogacnik (Slovenia) = highly recommended!
Page 70  What’s  On?  Upcoming Geomantica workshops in Victoria, New South Wales,
Queensland, Holland, England, Ireland, Tasmania, New Zealand inc. some great photos.










Geomantica issue 21
Spring Equinox, September 2003
Page 2   Editorial
Page 2  In the News:  Frank Moody – North Qld geomancer turns 100!
New Geomantica film series – Earth Care, Earth Repair. Out soon!
Page 3  Solstice celebrated at Stonehenge again, at last! Water Healing Day.
Page 17   Gathering at Gariwerd –  2000 people attended this recent event held at The Grampians, Victoria, being mostly indigenous elders from around Australia and the planet, Junitta Vallak reports.
Page 5   Evidence our Sun may be part of a Binary Star System – An inquiry into the Precession of the Equinoxes. Could our Sun have a partner?  A scientific paper.
Page 8   Miracles at Yankalilla. The Shrine of Our Lady of Yankalilla in South Australia by Alanna Moore. Dowsers have found strong Earth energies at this church, located on top of an old  Aboriginal sacred site, that became a focus for pilgrimage over several years.
Page 10   Kevin Heitman on Geopathic Stress.  A master dowser, clairvoyant wheat farmer in Western Australia, Kevin shares some fascinating insights into Earth energies and dowsing.
Page 12   New Zealand Dairy Farm Goes Radionic by Alanna Moore.
Using radionic coils, such as on the cover photo, a farm is made more productive.
Page 15  Obituary – Phillip Simpfendorfer – A tribute to Australia’s first white geomancer, including some background of his involvement with the Renewing of the Dreaming movement, by Steven Guth.
Page 16   Obituary – Dr Neil Cherry – anti-EMR champion from New Zealand.
Page 16  Book Review: Practising the Witch’s Craft – under southern skies – a last, a southern hemisphere approach!
Page 17  What’s Good on the Internet?
Page 17    What’s On: Geomantica’s upcoming workshops with Alanna Moore – in Victoria, New SouthWales, Queensland, Holland, England, Ireland, Tasmania, New Zealand.

Geomantica issue 22
Summer Solstice, December 2003
Page 19   Editorial – in a continuing drought inc. a tip for keeping bushfires away.
Page 19  Letters  –  Songlines/Save Paradise! A wild river in Queensland is threatened with damming  that would cut through important songlines of the Bunya Festival.
Page  20   Electro-magnetic Radiation Update.
Page  20   Austrian Druids do highway Earth acupuncture and save lives at accident sites!       Healing Sick Houses– an evaluation of remote site dowsing and harmonising.
Page 21    Dowser saves Moscow street trees affected by geopathic stress.
Page 21    Irish Water – a dry well that responds to human intentions.
Page 21    Crop Circles – Moving lights seen around forming crop circles.
Page 22  Radionics & Field Broadcasters by James Hedley, biodynamic farmer and one of Australia’s leading lights on the subject. His thoughts on consciousness and energy, Steiner on Radionics, ethics and morality, and more.
Page 24  The Giants Dance – part 4. Calendrical functions of Stonehenge,
Newgrange and the Tarot cards, as originally intuited by Steve Hawkins.
Page 27  Celestial ‘Harmonic Concordance’ & Laya Yoga – Billy Arnold
discusses the esoteric astrology of a supposedly important upcoming celestial event and describes the dance-like sequences performed in Laya Yoga to cultivate inner vision.
Page 30     Dowsing the Spirit of Place – Alanna Moore writes on the work of a modern geomancer, looks at subjects from geomythology to wounded dragons, and suggests what can be done to help harmonise the land.
Page 31     Book Reviews –  Earth Radiation – Kathe Bachle’s classic study of geobiology in homes and school rooms. Chernobyl Kids Cured! – homoeopathic radioactive remedies from stones.

Geomantica issue 23
Autumn Equinox,  March 2004
Page 34  Editorial – excited to announce new Geomantica films.
Page 34  Letters: Radionics Helping the Land – when a sacred site is threatened. Rock dust helps sleep.
Page 36  In the News: 4 New films by Alanna Moore: Glastonbell Dreaming – about Australia’s first white geomancer Philip Simpfendorfer. Remineralising the SoilMaking Power Towers. Radionic Farming & Landcare in Australia. You read the stories first in Geomantica, now see the people and places on film.
Page 37  News about EMR – the problems of ‘microwave sickness’ and how
people are combatting it in various parts of the world.
Page 38   Resurgence of the Green Man  An image seen on Gothic back to Renaissance architecture (example on the cover) becomes a symbol of re-connection to the Earth and the divine masculine principle in nature.
Page 40   Once there were Rivers…  The Waitaki River in New Zealand is threatened by more damming. Alanna Moore investigates the energetic side of it.
Page 42   Energy Harmonising at a School – A teacher tackles non-achievement and disharmony at her work place by geomantic means. The outcomes are significant.
Page 43   Cleaning Up the Soil. Dowser Hugh Fraser takes on toxic soil residues and has developed his own method of land balancing using glass plates fixed with intentions. His energised water has also boosted a farms productivity. Alanna Moore reports from New Zealand.
Page 44  Book Reviews – Reclaiming the Gods, by Nicholas Mann. More on the Green Man and his connection to the men’s movement.
Page 45   Book Reviews – Explore Green Men – and more again! The Faery Faith and Stukely Illustrated.

Geomantica issue 24
Winter Solstice, June 2004
Page 47 Editorial – Having brought a water spirit back from New Zealand to help out, the rains return to central Victoria.
Letters – Sacred land protected! – a pagan Kiwi sways the powers-that-be. Power Tower feedback – applying dowsing in his backyard brings benefits.
Page 48   EMR News – Studies show risks of genetic damge, Alzheimers, and increased chick embryo mortality, where 75% died from mobile phone exposure!
Page 49   Deva Dowsing by Alanna Moore. From the legacy of T C Lethbridge (a dowser and antiquarian) to Sheldrake’s scientific theory of morphogenetic fields, Alanna explains who/what the devas are according to modern psychic research and gives tips on communication with them. It seems that the time has come for the return of the fairies!
Page 51   Runes by Steve Hawkins. Another intriguing look at ancient European cultural heritage of the Runes with its divinatory function and visionary origins.
Page 52   Earth Radiations & Health – Alanna Moore gives an introduction to the problems of ‘Earth Rays’, what indications there may be and how to deal with geopathic zones that can cause irritation and disease.
Page 53 Book Reviews by Alanna Moore – Dowsing Manual, Harald Tietze’s new edition of his 1983 book. Your First Steps to Feng Shui, by Roseline Deleu.
Page 54   Book Review:  In the Tracks of a Rainbow, by Robin A Welles. Aboriginal Dreamtime dimensions of Queenland’s Sunshine Coast, including songlines, bora grounds and the geomythology of features such as the Glasshouse Mountains.

Geomantica issue 25
Spring Equinox, September 2004
Page 56  Editorial.  Books News – Alanna Moore’s new book finally published:
Divining Earth Spirit, 2nd edition. Backyard Poultry – Natually, has returned to Python Press. And Stone Age Farming is now in Chinese (Taiwan publisher)!
Page 57   Auschwitz Cleansing – Agnihotra fire ceremony helps a powerful spirit
release at a notorious concentration camp.
Page 58  Russian scientists find UFO fragments at Tunguska. Is the 40 megaton
explosion over Siberia in 1908, one of the greatest of modern mysteries, solved?
Page 59  Saving Lalgambook – People power stops a phone tower from being put
on top of a sacred mountain. Alanna Moore reports.

Page 61   Rain Magic by Alanna Moore. From Chinese water dragons, to traditions in India, Europe and Australasia, including Aboriginal rain songs and rain dreaming, and Maori magic.
Page 64   Dreaming the Dance – Part One, exploring dreams with Steven Hawkins. How he dreamed esoteric insights such as his understandings of the calendrical functions of the Tarot.
Page 66  Book Reviews –  The Sacred Place,  Paul Deveraux’s coffe table book. Technology’s Curse – Precautionary living and tasty dietary tips for the nuclear age. Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor – Nicholas R Mann’s indepth study.
Page 67   What’s On? Geomantica’s workshop programmes around Australasia, North America (to be confirmed) and Europe.












Geomantica issue 26
Summer Solstice, December 2004
Page 2   Editorial
Letter to the editor – Agnihotra: what is Homa? and plans to take it to New Zealand.
Page 3  Book & Film News – Divining Earth Spirit by Alanna Moore, is now available in some bookstores. New Film! – Grassroots Solutions to Soil Salinity.
Page 3  In the News: Saving Lalgambook Update – People power had stopped the mobile phone tower from going up on on a sacred mountain top…but Telstra appeals the decision.
Page 4  Help for Kids in geopathic zones –  free map dowsing offer
Page 4  Solutions to salinity & acidity? by Alanna Moore.
Page 5  Electromagnetic Radiation News –  Phones & brain tumours.
Reducing electrical sensitivity. DNA damage.
Page 5  Paradise Dam Update – Is Paradise Lost? Maureen Brannan.
Page 6   Blowing Away the Seven Sisters Dreaming and Wild Dog Dreaming – The dust flies, the wind blows but will the power of the Dreaming go to the dogs?
Page 6  Earth Radiation – Another Perspective – Susan Wilson gives her view through wholistic healing eyes.
Page 7  Dreaming the Dance – Part Two. Exploring dreams with Steven Hawkins
Page 9  The Vision and Legacy of Geoffrey Hodson – Susan Wilson tells us of a man devoted to showing us real beauty as he saw it, in the other-dimensional worlds of the devic kingdoms that he could see so clearly.
Page 10  Earth Rites – Solace gives us a ‘rite’ way to energise a garden, involving the placement of stones.
Page 12  Book Reviews: The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades: Stories From Around the World by Munya Andrews.
Divining Earth Spirit – Alanna Moore’s new book is reviewed by Susan Wilson.
Page 12  What’s On? Geomantica’s workshop programme.
Page 13  Advertisement – Radionics Supplies available from Wynelle Delaney.

Geomantica issue 27
Autumn Equinox, March 2005
Page 15   Editorial – the yin and yang of water; the passing of George Williams, founder of the Dowsers Society of Victoria..
Page 15  Letters – from Frank Moody; positive experience of radionics.
Page 16 More Letters – Deva of Mt Barker, SA; More about WISALTS.
Page 16  Geomantica Film News – Four more news films, in the Earth Care, Earth Repair and Geomancy Today series.
Page 17   Soil Salinity News – Lots of government inaction happening.
Page 17   Electromagnetic Radiation News – mobile phone hazards and phone masts
causing ‘microwave sickness’.
Page 18   Grassroots Solutions to Soil Salinity by Alanna Moore. The story of farmer Harry Whittington, who, 50 years ago, devised a way to lick the problem of soil salinity. Farms returned from wasteland – to paradise with interceptor banks sited with dowsing. A water scientist, Rob Gourlay, updates us on the value of the WISALTS system.
Page 24   Tsunami – a symbolic act of nature? by Susan Wilson
Page 25   Mobile Phones – The Price of Connectivity by Lyn MacLean
Page 27   Sphinx -The Fractal of Earth’s Development by Sergei Skryrabin. Why are there so many correspondences in shapes on our planet and beyond? Terrestial zodiacs?
Page 31   Book Reviews – Divining Earth Spirit is reviewed by Pagan Times and Insight magazine, and the Natural Resonance Study Group. Planetary Patterns by American dowser Robert A Dahse, reviewed.
Page 31  What’s On? Geomantica’s workshop programmes in: Victoria – March/April; Gold Coast, Qld – March; Auckland, N.Z. – April/May; Adelaide, S. A. – April; USA & Canada – May-June (to be  confirmed); London, UK: July.

Geomantica issue 28
Winter Solstice, June 2005
Page 33  Editorial – Save your local sacred mountain!
Page 34  Letters to the editor – On dowsing and beef farming; Agnihotra and rain, one from Frank Moody (102 years young!) and a call for co-ordinated scientific research into dowsing.
Page 35  Book News: New book out on stone circles and what’s the latest with books
Divining Earth Spirit and Stone Age Farming. New Films – in the Geomancy Today series now available: Megalithomania and Divining Earth Harmony.
Page 36  New Products for Your Sacred Garden – Geomantica has caught Stone Circle Fever and you can too! And a modern Australian Green Man puts in his face too!
Page 36  New Zealand’s Own ‘Stonehenge’ ( – it’s made of cement)
Page 37  Stray Voltage Threat from Wind Farms – cows being cooked on the hoof.
Page 37  Four articles by Miroslav Provod – A researcher in the Czech Republic, Provod explains about his studies of little explored energies generated in nature and from the shape and mass of ancient megalithic and monumental structures, as well as at gravity anomalies; then ponders on the ‘unknown’ energy receptors in animals and people.
Page 40  Warrah Farm’s Sacred Stones Garden – An inspiring story by Elizabeth Hamilton.
Page 42  Saving Lalgambook – Again!! Alanna Moore reports on the latest in the saga to stop a mobile phone tower on a sacred hilltop in central Victoria, including having the geomancer’s perspective heard in court… And 8 weeks later the historic verdict creates an important precedent in a time when the push is on for mobile phone towers to proliferate in the sacred landscapes of rural Australia.
Page 43  Book Reviews: Divining Earth Spirit – reviewed by Don McLeod of South Australia’s Pagan Alliance and by John Billingsley of Northern Earth (UK).
Page 45  Secrets of the Stones by John Michell, 1989, reviewed by Alanna Moore. From astroarcheology to Alfred Watkin’s ley  lines.
Page 45  What’s On? Events in Australia.

Geomantica issue 29
Spring Equinox, 2005
Page 47 Editorial – disasters everywhere. Letters – Praise and query; Lyn Maclean new website; Television towers in paradise.
Page 48  Letter: Dealing with the garden devas in Canada.
Page 48 Book News: Stone Age Farming finally re-printed. Other News:
New Govt Soil Salinity Report – Rob Gourlay slams “another waste of taxpayers money”.
Page 49    WA Ripe for it’s Own Dowsing Society – Natural Resonance Study Group convenor Tony Henshaw wants to find potential participants.
Page 50   More on Menhirs by Miroslav Provod – Studies of little explored energies generated from the shape and mass of ancient megalithic and monumental structures.
Page 51  The Spiritual Side of Organic Gardening – David Baird of Dunedin, New Zealand, primes us for some springtime eco-spiritual gardening.  Photos of David and the Dunedin Lodge of the Theosophical Society.
Page 53  Wilderness, Social Justice and ‘Ownership’. – Conservationist Haydn Washington’s essay, reproduced from the NSW National Parks Journal.
Page 56  Book & Film Reviews – Divining Earth Spirit Alanna Moore’s recent second edition book is reviewed by Gill Hale of the UK Feng Shui Society and Gerry Shepherd, of Vitality magazine, Canada. The Magic of Menhirs and Circles of Stone & Megalithomania film. Alanna Moore’s recent new book and film is reviewed by Don McLeod, in Silver Wheel, organ of the Pagan Alliance, South Australia.
Page 57  Pilgrimage to Central Australia, Alanna Moore’s recent new film is reviewed by Angela Krone for the Pagan Times. The Mysteries of Migration, edited by Dr Robin Baker, 1980, reviewed by Alanna Moore. Recognising the magnetic sensitivity of life forms.
Page 58  What’s On? Alanna Moore’s upcoming workshops for 2005.

Geomantica issue 30
Summer Solstice, December 2005
Page 60  Editorial – Hottest year in Australia on record!
Letters: Thanks!; Radionics whizz Wynelle Delaney on nano-bacteria.

Page 61  In the News: Aboriginal heritage to be strengthened in Victoria.
Alternative Look at the Water Crisis – Alanna interviews Tim Strachan & Rob Gourlay.
Page 62 – News about Power Towers: in the media and feedback from a lush vinyard.
Page 63  Coogee Beach – Sacred Landscape Temple – Alanna Moore and Billy Arnold describe developments at Sydney’s newest sacred site of ‘Our Lady of the Fence Posts’.
Page 65   Greetings from Mars – Sergei Skryabin continues on from his musings about Earth’s fractal forms (in Geomantica 27).
Page 66  Geopathic Stress – A Simple Solution – Laurie Adamson writes of his dowsing discoveries.
Page 66  Book & Film Reviews by Alanna Moore:  Mutant Message Downunder – A FAKE. Some people still don’t realise that this book, purporting to be about Aboriginal culture, is actually just (not even good) fiction.
Page 67  Reviews: Twenty Thirst Century by John Archer. Sobering reading about the water crisis in Australia, with practical suggestions. Time After Time – A mesmerisng film made by musicians Mairead Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell, on the Irish and indigenous cultures of Australia and America, and the faery realms.
Page 68  Review: Agnihotra – A film produced by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia, this new film is packed with info.
Page 69 What’s On?  Events in Australia & Beyond 2005-6.












Geomantica issue 31
Autumn Equinox, March 2006
Page 2 Letters to the Editor: Rock dust results
Page 2  In the News: Aboriginal heritage may not be strengthened in Victoria after all.
Page 3  Auria – a scientific perspective: a scientist’s impressions of David Kennett’s Auria.
Page 3   Agnihotra & Sacred Site Activation
Page 4  Magnetic north pole drifting fast
Page 4    Two new Geomantica films available now! Discovering the Devas and The Sacred World of Water now complete the Geomancy Today film series
Page 5   New Water for a Thirsty World, by Morad Eghbal, USA. Could Earth generated water save our thirsty country from drought and ease the stress on our water ways?
Page 6  A Healing Process Using Earth Energies by Carlos Palicio, Mexico. A simple technique for healers who can dowse for Earth energies.
Page 7   Australian Aboriginal Rock ‘Art’, Ritual & Songlines by Alanna Moore. Exploring the possibly oldest global traditions of geomancy via markings on stone, as on the cover (being carvings at the Aboriginal site of Ewaninga in central Australia). What has been said or recorded of their purpose and origins? What do dowsers say?
Page 8   Pyramids by Miroslav Provod in the Czech Republic. Musings on mysterious structures and subtle energies found associated with pyramids in various parts of the world.
Page 9  Book & Film Reviews: Pagan Times review of Magic of Menhirs book & Megalithomania film
Page 10  Review: The Wave by Dr Jude Currivan.
Page 11  Review: Stone Circles – A Modern Builder’s Guide, by Rob Roy.
Page 11   What’s On?  Events in Australia & Beyond in 2006: What sort of workshops are on offer?

Geomantica issue 32
Winter Solstice, June 2006
Page 13   Editorial – affirmation of a sacred site here at Muckle Stone!
Page 13  Letters: Earthquakes & Energy Lines, Trees of Wisdom. Tree Poem.
Page 14  Greener Pastures – about the need for rehydrating Australian landscapes.
Page 15  EMR News: Phone tower /cancer fears; animal effects; cordless phones; the new 3G phone network. Water News – a possible conference…
Page 16  Primary Water Definition by Rob Gourlay; No Need for Dams, by Maureen Brannan.   Underground river dowsed in Tasmania.
Page 17  Rainmaking in Victoria; Day of Love & Thanks to Water, Emoto.
Page 18  Soil Salinity Science Mythbusters – The groundswell for change has made it to the TV!  Geomantica Magazine in the National Library!
Page 19  Obituary – Dr Jocelyn Townrow.  Tips to Save the Planet.
Page 20  Java, the Ring of Fire & Queen of the South Seas – Alanna Moore checks out
a divine watery being of geo-mythos in Indonesia. From sacred mountains, to earthquakes and oracles, showing that indigenous Javanese animism continues today.
Page 22  Touch the Earth – An Aboriginal Workshop – Sue Bussell describes a wonderful experiential workshop in Western Australia that she attended, led by a local
Aboriginal elder and organised by the Natural Resonance Study Group.
Page 24  A Neurobiology of Sensitivity, by Michael Jawer, USA.  Dowsers and geomancers are sensitives, and this gives some background.
Page 25  Antics & Physics, by Miroslav Provod, sen & jnr, Czech Republic. Thoughts on ether and energetic raster.
Page 26  Creation Does Not Stop, by Sergei Skryabin. What is time? Palm reading, Kata Juta and the evolution of shapes.
Page 27  Book/Film Reviews –  New films on Devas & Water, The Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock,  My Geomythical Journey by Australia’s Anne Stewart Saunders.

Geomantica issue 33
October 2006
Page 30 Editorial – drought and water divining.
Page 30  Electro-Magnetic Radiation News – eggs cooked by mobile phones! Breast cancer epidemic at ABC TV studio. 4G phones = worse radiation!
Page 31  Other News: Unearthing Pyramids in Mexico &Ukraine; Thornborough
Henge – neolithic ritual centre discovered in Yorkshire ;
Page 32  Amazon ‘Stonehenge‘ & Black Earth for sustainable crop growing. Mining
Australia’s Dreamtime in the Northern Territory.
Page 33  Ancient Aboriginal Site found; Bloodline of the Celts; Planet Saver Tips.
Page 34  Song of the Waters Ways by Alanna Moore, for water blessing ceremonies.
Page 35  Australian Crop Circles Surprise & Update by Richard Giles. Yes, they have ‘cropped up’ at Conondale in south east Queensland.
Page 37  A Visit to the Weeping Madonna by Alanna Moore. The cover pic shows the Mary statute that weeps rose smelling tears. It’s a grace filled phenomena that has helped to heal a dysfunctional Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.
Page 39  Cosmic Energy Versus the Aura, by Miroslav Provod, sen & jnr. Starting  from classical Greece thought, the Provods explore concepts and observations of energetic space, including effects of megalithic monuments such as menhirs, dolmen and ziggurats.
Page 43  Orion People and The Earth Mars Connection – Sergei Skryrabin explores similarites of shapes between these planets and muses on geological mysteries of Uluru.
Page 44  Book Review: The Earth Path, natural magic by American witch Starhawk, reviewed by Sonya Wallace.
Page 44  What’s On in 2006/7 – Alanna embarks on her ‘world tour’, teaching and lecturing in New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Europe…

Geomantica issue 34
February 2007
Page 46 Editorial – still focused on water and a new book on the subject coming soon.
Page 46  Letters:  Love Letter to our Planet on Valentine’s Day; Aquifers and
Groundwater Nitrate Pollution.
Page 47  Letters: Homeopathics, Geopathic Stress and Nitrate Pollution – from an Irish homeopath; from a farmer in Taiwan
Page 48  Letter: Agnihotra, a Muddy dam and the Brix Test, from permaculturist Janet Millington
Page 49  Lorraine & Geoff’s Labyrinth Event; Laurie Adamsoon on Cloaking; EMR News – will you survive your Mobile Phone? ABC TV breast cancer epidemic update
Page 50  Protecting the Burrup – area of great Aboriginal rock carvings significance.
Page 51  Githabul people of nth NSW & sth Queensland get their land back! New book on Water – almost out!  Planet Saver Tip from a Scottish promoter of volcanic rock dust.
Page 52  Deeply Connecting to your Land – Alanna Moore provide some clues gained from a long career as a professional geomancer and dowser.
Page 53  The Bull and the Echo – Ciaran Graham (president of the Irish Diviners Association) describes a case study of a cranky bull, an ancient geo-mythic site and curious energetic landscape connections in Ireland.
Page 55  Soil Fertility Management in Australian Agriculture by Maarten Stapper. Extracts from a Talk Presented at the 3rd OFA National Organic Conference, 22 -­ 23 July 2006, Darling Harbour, Sydney. The road to sustainability is organic!
Page 60  Reviews – Ley Lines – the Greatest Landscape Mystery, Land of Flowers, Your First Steps to Feng Shui.
Page 61  Film reviews: Discovering the Devas & The Sacred World of Water;
Page 63  Book Review: Dark Sparklers – Australia’s first book on Aboriginal cosmology, by Hugh Cairns, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Geomantica issue 35
May 2007
Page 65  Editorial – some relief from the long drought.
In the News: Saving Tara – The M3 freeway is threatening a sacred centre for royalty and geo-mythos in Ireland.
Page 66  Down Under Labyrinths – a report to an international conference by Lorraine Rodda.  Wollemi Standing Stones Project by Kelly Curtis in NSW.
Page 68  Maarten Stapper doesnt leave CSIRO quietly!
Page 69  Vale – John Pannon, radionic farmer of Horsham, Victoria.
Making ‘The Secret’ Happen – Rain Day / May 8th rainmaking event.
Page 69  Planet Saver Tip – New GM wheat trial seeking submissions before approval.
Page 69  Living – or Surviving- with Geopathic Stress, by Ciaran Graham, Ireland. A general overview on the subject of energetic stresses from the environment, and, following on from Ciaran’s article last issue, the unusual effect of ‘echos’ due to a wall of energy rising out of the ground (an Earth energy breathing hole).
Page 71  Conceptual Geomancy – A Nine Point Reality Check, by Alanna Moore. How do you know if a geomancer is connecting to the ‘real thing’, or if systems of thinking are getting in the way? Alanna opens up a coversation…
Page 74  Geomantic Tour of Tasmania – Alanna Moore describes her recent trip, including visiting hot springs, wilderness areas, gigantic trees, magic mountains, places of the heart, Tasmanian Aboriginal culture…
Page 77  Book Review: The Water Dragon – a classic Chinese text book re-translated and interpreted by Stephen Skinner in Singapore. Wiradjuri Dreaming film reviewed – indigenous culture re-discovered in NSW.
Page 77  What’s On?    Geomantica workshops, talks and courses are next happening in – Australasia and Europe.












Geomantica 36
August 2007
Page 2   Editorial – difficult times for Aboriginal people in Australia.
Page 2   Letter – Conceptual Geomancy, a response to Geomantica 25 article;
Page 3   Letter – Wi-Fi madness – why we shouldn’t go down that path.
Page 3   New book: The Wisdom of Water – Alanna Moore’s latest geomantic look at the world explores from water mythos to water divining, ‘new’ water that’s generated underground, the state of water in Australian landscapes, and much more!
Page 4   In the News: Change of heart for forestry; Sentience of animals; Firing up the Grid Event, July 17th; Free film at Fountain International; Hill of Tara update.
Page 5  Wollemi Stone Circle project update; More reasons to eat organic.
Feature Articles
Page 6  The Shrine at Coogee, by Tim Strachan. An urban geomancer discovers this modern sacred site in a beach park at Coogee, Sydney and dowses his way around this vibrant, mystical spot.
Page 7  Dowsing and Healing, by Ced Jackson. Ced, a professional dowser and feng shui consultant in Malvern, England, discusses varying approaches in health
diagnosis and energetic healing work. Pic of Ced by the venerable White Leaved Oak.
Page 9  A Visit to Papunya, by Billy Arnold. Billy was invited to visit the famous arts community of Papunya in Aboriginal central Australia with a part time teacher who made regular trips there. Billy discovers this land of Honey Ant Dreaming, including landscape spirits that are known by name by the Papunya elders he befriended. They nicknamed him ‘the spirit man.’ Fascinating insights and Billy’s last contribution to Geomantica.
Book Reviews
Page 11  Treading Lightly – the Hidden Wisdom of the World’s Oldest People, by Karl-Erik Svelby and Tex Sculthorpe, 2006.  A collaboration between a Swedish academic and an Aboriginal elder that is an excellent introduction to Aboriginal culture, their ways of ‘story’ telling, understanding the multi-layered meanings of parables etc. It even involves dowsing! An enlightened approach.
Page 12  The Melbourne Dreaming – a guide to the Aboriginal places of Melbourne, 1996. This is a great book for people wanting to make pilgrimages to sacred sites eg the women’s initiation grounds (also known as bora or earth rings) at Sunbury are great to visit and dowse the Earth’s serpent energies at!

Geomantica 37
November 2007
Page 14   Editorial – full of stories from recent European geomantic teaching tour.
Page 14  Letters –  Power Towers, a South Australian farmer gets results.
Page 15  Eco Architecture gets a boost in Australia – with the arrival of Peter Cowman.
Page 16  Womanspirit – Alanna Moore’s new course, for women only.
Page 16  Power Towering in Ireland – Power Towers are really taking off in Ireland – the land that provided their original inspiration!
Feature Articles:
Page 18  Call of the Sheltermaker Gene – Peter Cowman introduces his living
architecture to Australia. Our homes should provide a nutrient in our lives, he believes.
Page 20  Energy of Tibetan Monasteries – Miroslav Provod makes an energetic
discovery in relation to sacred bells in temples.
Page 21  The Knights and the Apology – Alanna Moore has a curious connection with the past and the Knights Templer, who have finally just received a papal pardon after 700 years of persecution.
Page 22  Obituary: Frank Moody – that well known geomancer of North Queensland – and long time Geomantica correspondent – dies aged 104, leaving a rich  legacy of dowsing and energy work.
Page 23  Book Reviews – The Wisdom of Water – Sue Bussell, of WA’s Natural Resonance Study Group, writes some salient points about why you would want to read and re-read this new book by Alanna Moore.  Funny photo sent in by a reader of an Irish Round Tower.

Geomantica 38
February 2008
Page 25  Editorial – a St Brigid’s Day edition, with a distinctly Irish flavour.
Page 25  Letters: Tower-rific news! – another farmer with excellent results
from erecting a simple Tower of Power. Biodynamic rain making success, Eco-populism.
Page 26  In the News: Biological farming gets a boost; Saying sorry, at last! to
Aboriginal people; Living your Architecture tour by Peter Cowman;
New Geomantica Films: Saving Tara and Helping the Devas.
Feature Articles:
Page 27  Harvest Deities in Ireland – the Dark God Crom, the Sun Goddess and their Corn Maiden Child, by Alanna Moore. Almost forgotten, ancient Irish agricultural cults  flavour the ritual landscapes of the author’s own ancestral County Limerick ‘Dreaming’.
Page 31 Architecture and Identity – House design from the inside, by Peter Cowman, who discusses the wisdom of vernacular architecture and what we have lost when we mortgage our lives for someone else to do it for us.
Page 34  Stones of Power – A different approach to understanding logan stones, by Miroslav Provod, who explores the mysteries of balancing rocks in the landscape.
Page 35 & 37   2 Book Reviews of The Wisdom of Water, Alanna Moore’s latest book,
reviewed in two other publications, plus a photo of the book in the window of the
British Society of Dowsers shop in Malvern, UK.

Geomantica 39
April 2008
Page 39 Editorial – Getting married this month!
Page 39  Letters – Praise.  New Geomantica film – A Thirst for Ireland.
Feature Articles
Page 40  Back to the Sidh, by Bogdan Nowakowski, Sweden. A remote viewing voyage, geo-mythos of an Irish sacred mountain, the Hill of Allen, the geomantic indications and ugly physical reality. However its primal mythic character may have been undermined by road-base quarrying, it is still available to sensitive perception, as Bogdan sees it.
Page 42   Candles and Copper Wire, notes by Laurie Adamson. A Western Australian dowsing guru describes his discoveries in dowsing and some of the tools and techniques used by WISALTS consultants, who have been successfully reversing soil salinity over there for more than 50 years.
Page 45   Traffic Accidents and Energetic Factors – Ever wondered about inexplicative accident zones on roads, or why people in road rages go berserk? Miroslav Provod is thinking that energetic factors onsite may be a contributor.
Page 46  Book Review: Roseline Deleu’s Cartoon Guide to Easy Steps to Feng Shui.  
Photo: Alanna Moore deviceless dowsing at a sacred site  in central Australia.

Geomantica 40
November 2008
Page 48  Editorial – 10 years of publishing Geomantica!  Letter – geomancy group in NZ.
Page 48  In the News – Animal magnetism, confirmed by satellite images.
Page 49  New book (CD/e-file only) by Alanna Moore – Water Spirits of the World
Planet Saver Tip – shun meat!
Feature Articles:
Page 50  The Impact of Power Towers on an Australian Dairy Farm – report by Joan Evans, Victoria. Great success in animal health and behaviour, crops and electro-magnetic pollution are reported.
Page 52   Divining the Dreaming – an introduction by Alanna Moore. What do geomancers do and what was it about St Patrick and the snakes? (originally written for Irish new age magazine Network Holistic).
Page 53   Agnihotra Site Activations in Poland by Parvati. (‘Orion’ speaks thru her.)
Page 55  Photos from Alanna’s dowsing workshop at Bhrugu Aranya, renowned Agnihotra farm in Poland, with Parvati and the Polish water scientist featured on the cover (at a holy well, with orbs).
Page 56  The Sacred Springs of Malvern – a dowser’s observations, by Alanna Moore, who visited there on the weekend of the annual well dressing festival, with lovely photos of decorated wells, and insights into the geo-mythic nature of this charming area.
Page 58   Gympie Pyramid? – a field report by Gary Dean, who visited the site, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, recently. An intriguingly mysterious site, very destroyed, but photos show curious artifacts found there and not all is lost!
Page 60  Three articles by Miroslav Provod: Cells vs Capacitors, New Pieces of Knowledge, & New Knowledge of Cancer.
Page 63  Poem: In Honour of my Power Tower, by Shamarie Flavel
Page 64  Book Reviews: Guide to the Feng Shui Compass by Stephen Skinner. Excellent information, as usual from Skinner!
Page 65   The Wisdom of Water by Alanna Moore.  Sacred Geography by Marko Pogacnik – excellent read, at the cutting edge of geomancy!











Geomantica 41
February 2009
Page 2   Editorial – Excited about permaculture!
Letters – Geobiology; bees and energies; Slovenian gathering.
News: Tom Graves – dowsing books available on-line. Where to find a free download of the classic Needles of Stone, and other titles. (The original cover painting from Needles, by Paul Deveraux, of Pan playing his pipes at Stonehenge, sits in the Geomantica office.)
Page 3   Geomantica YouTube Films a Hit!  Permaculture Pioneers is our latest upload for free viewing, see Bill Mollison and David Homgren in their gardens, in an extract from the half hour Geomantica film Eco-Gardeners Down Under.
Two New Geomantica Films – State of Pilgrimage film series visits the sacred dimensions of Bali and South Australia.
Feature Articles:
Page 4   Serpent Mounds by Miroslav Provod. These are clay mounds of meandering curves that have curious but predictable energetic aspects, as discovered by Czech researcher Provod.
Page 5   Permaculture Comes into It’s Own, by Alanna Moore. What is permaculture design for productive, sustainable landscapes? What about drylands? Alanna has been permaculture farming for 9 years in the dry Goldfields region of central Victoria and has developed a new training course to share insights and techniques.
Page 7   Static Electricity by Miroslav Provod. Static is found in many buildings and can affect people’s health. A simple experiment to see how wind can transfer energy to rocks. Affects on balanced rocks and the Gulf Stream.
Page 9   Eureka! Radiation Control with P.E.T by Laurie Adamson. Adventures with divining. The application of dowsing for salinity control on farms in Western Australia. Use of the ‘Rare Earth Divining Rod’. Discharging noxious energies with copper wire and also PET plastic. Lead contamination in Esperance.
Page 13   Book Reviews by Alanna Moore: We Want Real Food by Graham Harvey. Why it’s best to grow your own food. Emphasis on using rock dusts for minerals.
The Real World of Fairies – a first person account by Dora Van Gelder, a clairvoyant Theosophist. A charming book!

Geomantica 42
April 2009
Page 15   Editorial – Heading for greener shores.
Letter – Victorian dowsers new website.
Page 15  In the News: Cows and deer and magnetic susceptibility.
Page 15  Planet Saver Tip: Discover how “Wee will fertilise!” in Alanna Moore’s latest You Tube film
Feature Articles:
Page 16  Back to the Goddess – a geomantic quest in Greece with Bogdan Nowakowski. At geo-mythic centres, such as Delphi, Bogdan is able to tap into other dimensions, meet presiding deities and gain geomantic insights.
Page 19  Golan Heights – landscape insights from Miroslav Provod. Rich with underground springs and with much static electricity present there, it is an area also rich with megalithic structures such as stone circles.
Page 20  Static Electricity versus Ether – more energy insights from Miroslav Provod. Could the ancient megaliths have been built with energetic charge in mind? Provod thinks so. He has been researching “non-physical phenomena” for 45 years.
Page 21  Book & Film Reviews –
Meeting the Other Crowd – the fairy stories of hidden Ireland by Eddie Lenihan.
Water Spirits of the World – Alanna Moore’s 2008 book reviewed by Martha Heeren for the Dowsers Society of NSW.
Page 22  Thirst for Ireland & Saving Tara Alanna Moore’s films reviewed by Angie Lyndon for the Natural Resonance Study Group.
Page 22  What Was On in 2009? A multitude of Geomantica events in: Victoria, New South Wales, Malaysia & Taiwan, UK, Ireland, Western Australia and SE Queensland. Descriptions of some courses that were held.

Geomantica 43
November 2009
Page 28  Editorial – Wind turbine syndrome; workshop feedback.
Page 28  News – Sensitive Permaculture – cultivating the way of the sacred Earth is Alanna Moore’s latest book, out now!
Page 30  In the News – Organic guru Maarten Stapper on TV – Link to program.
Eco-farmer Bob Cannard – Link to article.
Page 30  Vale: John Michell – Junitta Vallak remembers him fondly. Fountain Groups for commuity healing, a movement begun in the UK in the 1980’s.
Feature Articles
Page 31  Back to the Beginnings – Bogdan Nowakowski pilgrimages to Greece, delving geo-mythic landscapes and spiritual reality at sacred sites there. Epic journey of multi-dimensional discovery.
Page 34  Eureka Notes by Laurie Adamson. Laurie’s update looks at brain tumours and mobile phones; a method of protection from radiation he has found using PET plastic, and more.
Page 35  Transtheism – Sergei Skryrabin discovers a new religious paradigm.
Page 36  Mysteries of the Megaliths – Miroslav Provod discusses more on megaliths and their energies, such as the myserious towers of Sardinia.
Page 37  Book & Film Reviews:  Hand of History…Touchstone of Truth – Reviewer Alanna Moore discovers Irish pseudo-history in this fascinating book.
Three Reviews of Water Spirits of the World by Alanna Moore, 2008.
Emu Dreaming – an introduction to Australian Aboriginal Astronomy – an important new book.
Page 39  Photo of Alanna’s students Water Deva Dowsing.

Geomantica 44
January 2010
Page 41 Editorial – Permaculture design to prepare for climatic extremes!
Page 41  Letters – Reader response to Water Spirits of the World
Environmental gains with forestry and dowsing, from David Kennett.
Page 42  News: Sensitive Permaculture available in Europe & North America, online.
NEW! Vastu Shastra course with Anthony Ashworth.
Page 43  NEW! Natural Building courses with Peter Cowman
Earth Spirit Action – new film by John Seed &the Rainforest Information Centre.
Page 44  Radiation and Climate – role of the Sun and a coming mini Ice Age?
Page 45  Sacred site under threat in WA – the Ancestral Guardian Owl Stone (cover pic) near Perth and another registered sacred site at Susannah Brook in danger.
Feature articles:
Page 46  Back to the Giants – the Hunter at Cerne Abbas by Bogdan Nowakowski, Sweden. That iconic, gigantic figure of masculine fecundity carved into the chalk bedrock of an English  hillside is analysed by remote vision.
Page 48  Energy Vortices by Madis Senner. These powerhouses of nature can be worked with and created. Whirlpools, thoughtforms, Geographic Samskaras & more.
Page 51  The Energetic Charge of the Human Body by Miroslav Provod. Our energetic bodies are influenced by static electricity and the energetic emissions from megalithic structures.
Page 52  Book Reviews:   Keeping the Wanjinas Fresh – in the Kimberleys, n-w Australia, where Aboriginal culture continues today.
Angelology – a Guide to the Angelic Realms, Devic and Nature Spirit Realms, by Junitta Vallak.

Geomantica 45
March 2010
Page 55  Editorial – Eco-energy & building courses on the menu. Website is 10 yrs old!
Page 55  News: Another Geomantica Film up at YouTube: Guerillas Planting
Windfarm Woes and Micro Turbine Wows! – Windfarm syndrome is getting so bad that it’s surfaced into the mainstream media, Meanwhile Geomantica is promoting a true
alternative: backyard, d-i-y inexpensive wind turbines, with training workshops!
Page 56    Vale – Hamish Miller – geomancer & author from Cornwall, UK.
Problems with Phone Masts & Dealing with Them – important information from UK’s Mast Sanity group. Health problems from living within 400m from transmission masts.
Feature Articles:
Page 58  Vastu Shastra – Anthony Ashworth explains this sacred art of placement, the origin of feng shui, and we are pleased to offer his Vastu workshop in April.
Page 60  The Joy of Sensitive Living – Alanna Moore muses on the gentle life of the sensitive soul. (Expect to grow giant cabbages!)
Page 61  Back to Stone Circles – Bogdan Nowakowski serves up his last geomantic dish, another delight! This time he looks at Lough Gur, Ireland, mythic centre of creation and the agricultural mysteries, home of the ancient corn gods and goddesses.
Page 64  Book Reviews: The Wayfinders – Wade Davis’s lyric look at ancient indigenous wisdom around the world. A classic!
Blue Mountains Dreaming – Alanna Moore’s review also adds extra insights into the profound spiritual significance of this beautiful, rugged area, from 3 years spent living there in the 1980’s and befriending an Aboriginal man who was asked by his people to renew the Blue Mountains Dreaming.
Page 66  Sensitive Permaculture – Enthusiastic feedback for Alanna’s latest book.
(Geomantica Events were held in Malaysia, Ireland, England, Wales and Australia, including presenting at the British Society of Dowsers annual conference, for RILKO -Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation- in London and at the 10th Australian
Permaculture Convergence, near Cairns, in September 2010.)











Geomantica 46
October 2010
Page 2   Editorial – Life in the Lucky Country.
Letters – Re-wilding Permaculture (USA) and Tower Power Plants Powering!
Python Press News: Books now more widely available around the world.
Page 3   In the News – Irish Leprechauns gain EU protection. Well, the ones that live on a mountain on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth have. Meanwhile Alanna visits the ‘Leprechaun Museum’ in Dublin, as in the cover pic.
Page 4   Hazards of Energy Efficiency by Alanna Moore. Is the drive for
sustainability making us sick, from untested-for-health energy efficient products?
Page 5  ‘Smart Meters’ – weapons of mass irradiation in the biggest experiment on public health ever dreamed up! The birds and the bees hate them too!
Page 6  Wind Power – Giant turbine worries. DIY small turbines – no worries!
Page 7  Australian Permaculture Convergence – September 2010, Nth Qld, – Alanna Moore gave a presentation on Sensitive Permaculture.
Feature Articles:
Page 8  Mother Earth is the Key to Our Spiritual Evolution by Madis Senner, USA. Mother Earth Responds. Trouble in the Field. Our Soul Mate. Building a Bond. Become an Earth healer!
Page 9  Will Humanity Awaken and Give Generously to the Earth in Time? Don Weaver, California, muses on saving the world with soil remineralisation (adding crushed basalt to crop soil, for example) and calls for heroic Earth regenerators to restore the planet. (He co-authored The Survival of Civilisation with John Hamaker in the 1980s.)
Page 10  Book Review – Sensitive Permaculture by Alanna Moore. Reviewed by Linda Marold.
What Was On? Geomantica talks and workshops were held in Australia in 2010: Victoria (October – December), Tasmania (October), Nth New South Wales (November), SE Queensland (December).

Geomantica 47
December 2010
Page 12   Editorial – Change is in the air. New women’s course, where the Mucklerocks here (pictured on the cover) is an Aboriginal women’s sacred site.
Letter: Praise for Geomantica.
Page 13  News: Living Architecture Centre relocates to Victoria. Peter Cowman brings a whole new way of thinking to Oz! Interconnectedness Study, Saving Bulahdelah Mountain (NSW).
Page 14  Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation (UK). British Dowsers Podcast. Transitioning to a Loving World without Oil.
Ireland beseiged by Ghost Estates – Alanna has a new song about it, up on YouTube.
Page 15 Technostress pages – Your Mattress as a cancer-causing radiation antenna and a way of reducing electricity in the body. Ced Jackson offers tips.
Feature Articles:
Page 16  The True Power of Peat by Alanna Moore. Around 100 years ago Rudolph Steiner foretold that peat plants from bogs would have important role for humankind in the future. Now that time has arrived! And from insulation to cosmetics and healing and more – peat has great powers!
Page 18  Physics in the Age of the Megaliths  by Miroslav Provod. New knowledge about static electricity resulting from his 20 years of research into ancient  megalith monuments, static electricity, auras and ether. Praise for Eric von Daniken’s writing on megalithic remains.
Page 19  Book Reviews – Sensitive Permaculture – reviewed by Jai Cheswick, who warns of ‘McPermaculture’. This book is an antidote to the rote learning / application of permaculture!
What Was On? January – June 2011 workshops were held in Victoria, Sydney, Malaysia, Far North Queensland.

Geomantica 48
February 2011
Page 21  Editorial
Letters: On Peat, Regenerating the Earth, Wind Tubines…
Page 23   EMR News – From smart meters to body scanners…
Organic Schools! South Hill, Sacred Mountain.
Planet Saver Tips – Getting real about our eco-impacts.
Feature Articles:
Page 24   The Wishing Wheel – An experiment in magneto-psionic transmission (akin to radionics) by P Neilsen.
Page 25  Greenspin and Eco-Village Madness. Are eco-villages always ‘eco’ and wholesome? Alanna Moore discovers some inconvenient truths in Ireland after a visit to the much touted Village in Cloughjordan.
Page 27   New Knowledge of Energy – The Rows of Kounov  by Miroslav Provod. The most mysterious site in central Europe (it’s in the Czech Republic) with several hectares of forest covered with stone rows, as in the cover photo.
Page 28   What Was On? Geomantica Events were held in Victoria March – May,
Kuala Lumpur in May, North Queensland in June, Sydney in July.

Geomantica 49
May 2011
Page 31  Editorial – Permaculture design to prepare for climatic extremes!
Page 31   Letters – Feedback on GREENWASH article
Keen on Radionics.  Fracking!!?!?
Page 31   In the News – The High Cost to the Earth of Meat
Page 33   Spirit Houses – a new course with  Peter Cowman (cover pic is one).
Page 34    Permaculture Pioneers – new book – Alanna Moore is one of them!
Organic vs Conventional Agriculture – 20 year study results.
Feature Articles:
Page 34  Energetic Agriculture. A long, definitive article by Alanna Moore that was commissioned by Lapis News (Asia) and translated into Chinese. Sustaining Farm Soils and Human Health. Good Reasons to use Rock Dust. Cultivating ch’i /energy. Geopathic zones. Towers of Power. Spirits of nature. Cultivating Good Geomancy. Talk to your Plants! Cosmic Influences. Spiritual Earth Care. And much more!
Page 39   Book & Film Reviews: Disconnect –  Mobile phones, EMR and the story of its insidious takeover of the airwaves. Well written, gripping tale.  A must read!
Page 40   The Force – the latest book on EMR by Lyn MacLean. Anastasia & The Ringing Cedars book series. Questionable new-age spirituality and Spiritual Permaculture film – Disappointing!

Geomantica 50
September 2011
Page 42  Editorial – Eco-energy & building courses on the menu. Website is 10 yrs old!
Letters: Hill of Allen, Malaysian Stone Circle feedback.
Page 43  Woes of Wifi. In the News: – Indian Vastu Pyramids Trialled on Roads
EMR News: 4G Roll-Out: Phone Radiation goes up a Notch; Flax for Anti-Radiation
Honey Bees and Techno Stress; Compact Fluoro Lights are Carcinogenic, new Study Shows; RF radiation & Neurotransmitters
Page 45 Geomantica in the Media: The Sacred in Permaculture on You Tube.
Maddy Harland of Permaculture UK magazine and Alanna Moore interviewed.
Page 46  Alanna in The China Daily, Malaysia; Ecosalon runs with Irish eco-village story.
Feature Articles:
Page 47  Carbon Farming Looks to a Bright Future. Just what is carbon farming?? An introduction extracted from the Carbon Farming Handbook. (Alanna went on to give a presentation at the Carbon Farming Conference held in Dubbo – on Energy Farming.)
Page 48  The Stone Serpent –  Alanna Moore discovers what is one of Victoria’s most significant stone arrangements (cover pic). Dowsing by Sandy Griffin and Alanna has revealed something of the energetic and spiritual dimensions of the site.
Page 50  An Altar Can Transform your Garden – Madis Senner (USA) explains why, how and where to do it.
Page 52  Experiences with Wifi – Musician Steve Miller (UK) describes a society where technology has gone mad!
Page 53  Planet Saver Tip – Request wifi & mobile phone free environments and help to stop EMFs from wrecking our environment!
Book Reviews – The Pinnacles – a natural experience.West Australian poet and ex-Power Tower farmer Gary de Piazzi has produced  a poetic treat! The Comfort of Water – a River Pilgrimage – Melbourne’s Maya Ward takes us along on her epic and lyrical journey to the source of the Yarra River, weaving indigenous and white history with personal unfolding.
Page 54  Newgrange and the New Science – Ireland’s Kieran Comerford leaves no stone unturned in the quest for meaning of this ancient and iconic monument. (It includes references to the workshop with Alanna where he learnt about Irish Round Towers.)
What Was On? Geomantica Events, a sample of the many workshops and presentations that were held.

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