Whats On?

Alanna Moore’s Geomancy and Power Tower making workshops coming up in Germany, Wales and Ireland, from March to June.

Learn how to use dowsing to connect with the spiritual reality of nature and to harmonise landscapes energetically. Discover practical applications of dowsing for the enhancement of gardens and farming.


Wuppertal (north west)
Friday March 16 – Sunday 18th 2018
Fee – €295 plus cost of materials to make your own small Power Tower to take home.
Enquiries – Wolfgang Kuhl – email:

South east Germany, Arch Mountains region, 95138 Bad Steben
Friday April 13th – Sunday 15th
Fee – €295 plus cost of materials to make your own small Power Tower to take home.
Enquiries – Wolfgang Kuhl – email:


Wales, UK

Whitland area, held on a dairy farm.
Tuesday 29th May – Wednesday 30th.
Subjects covered:
1. Introduction to pendulum dowsing techniques for problem solving and energy assessments.
2. Dowsing for plant and animal health.
3. Volcanic rock dust for soil improvement. Dowsing its energetic qualities.
4. Energy assessment of land and buildings, and looking at energies that can cause health problems.
5. Checking for geopathic stress, including water divining by pendulum and map dowsing.
6. Techniques such as Earth acupuncture to reduce geopathic and electro-stress.
7. Harmonising the atmosphere and stimulating plants and animals with ‘Power Towers’.
8. Making a ‘Power Tower’ onsite and checking it’s energies.

Fee – £100 for both days.
Enquiries – Sally Wood – email:



Just one geomancy workshop for 2018:

Co. Leitrim
Saturday June 23rd, 11am – 6pm (lunch and supper provided)

‘Touching the Devas’

– an introduction to divining other-dimensional realities, deeply connecting with nature and energetically harmonising the feng shui of place.’
Practical exercises using dowsing and meditation to connect with the consciousness of nature. Find out about the importance of nature spirits in the landscape, use detection methods to find their location and learn how to live in harmony with them.

Held at a fairy hot spot in a rural location, with a Power Tower and Stone Circle, in an old stone cottage. Numbers thus limited. Pre-pay to ensure a place.
Fee: €70
Bookings – (Ask for a Paypal invoice.)