Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony Course

This correspondence Course imparts techniques and applications of pendulum dowsing that will help you to create a more harmonious world.

Originally written in 1989, many hundreds of students from around the world have enjoyed this opportunity for distant study. It has been revised and updated over the years and only recently (in October 2012) returned to a digital format.

The Course includes comprehensive notes, dowsing charts and lists, practical exercises and personal Assessments from Course originator and internationally acclaimed tutor Alanna Moore, who has over 30 years dowsing experience.

You can start now/anytime and complete it in your own time, although generally it is usually undertaken over one or two years. No obligation when to finish.

The 10 Units of in-depth study:

1) The basics of dowsing
2) Wholistic diagnosis & treatment
3) Body systems
4) Analytic dowsing
5) Dowsing for remedies
6) Distant dowsing & harmonising
7) Earth energies & health
8) Building biology
9) Map dowsing, Earth healing
10) Towers of Power. The Professional Dowser.

There are six different modes of course delivery:

1) Printed notes for students in ten instalments; so students wanting to study towards a Diploma can purchase single installments of the printed information using the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (AUD$60)

2) E-notes for students in ten instalments; so students wanting to study towards a Diploma can purchase single installments of electronic file using the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (AUD$50)

3) E-notes of the full course for non-students, i.e. people not wanting a diploma. Purchase the full course notes compiled in ten .pdf files for AUD$275 using the ‘Buy Now’ button below. This offer does not include personal Assessment or a Diploma.

4) Printed notes of the full course paid in advance;  so students wanting to study towards a Diploma can purchase the entire Course of printed information using the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (AUD$500)

5) E-notes of the full course paid in advance; so students wanting to study towards a Diploma can purchase the entire Course of ten electronic files using the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (AUD$450)

6) Upgrade to become a Diploma student; for people who have bought the full set of e-notes, who may decide later to study for the Diploma, just purchase an upgrade for $275, using the  ‘Buy Now’ button below.


More Information about the Course

Unit One – The Basics of Dowsing –  Theories that help to explain dowsing. Clear, simple techniques and useful exercises.

Unit Two – Wholistic Diagnosis – The philosophical basis of holistic health and harmony, the importance of seeking balance of the mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. Dowsing the levels of being and divining peoples’ esoteric psychology with the Seven Rays.

Unit Three – Body Systems – An integrated approach to anatomy and physiology – from the physical to the energetic in global traditions, including Chinese medical philosophy.

Unit Four – Analytic Dowsing – Dowsing for causative factors in disease, diet selection, food and water testing, allergen detection. The problem of pesticides, additives and pollutants in food and water and how to test for them. Using samples for analysis.

Unit Five – Dowsing for Solutions – Selecting appropriate remedies and therapies by pendulum and Seven Ray analysis. Understanding vibrational remedies made from flowers, gems, shells etc.  Dowsing for homeopathic remedies.

Unit Six – Distant Dowsing and Healing – Remote health analysis and energy balancing techniques. Using symbolic patterns plus crystals and gems for remote healing work. Chakra balancing with the pendulum. Other psychic healing methods.

Unit Seven – Earth Energies and Health – How underground streams, geological faults and the like can cause geopathic stress. How to create and maintain harmony with geomancy and feng shui. Working with the devic dimensions – the nature spirits.

Unit Eight – Building Biology – Our homes are our third skin, and should protect us to some degree. Unhealthy homes can poison or irritate us with their toxic building materials and electro-magnetic fields etc. How to check out the sick building syndrome and find healthier alternatives.

Unit Nine – Map Dowsing and Environmental Remedies – Distant dowsing by map to seek out harmful zones in the home and environment. Geomantic cures such as Earth acupuncture methods using copper pipes, crystals, etc to neutralise noxious zones.

Unit Ten – Towers of Power; The Professional Dowser. How to locate and make Towers of Power for environmental energising and harmonising. Professionalism in dowsing.


Student Feedback Received about the Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony Course

“I am thoroughly enjoying the course. …Thanks a lot, the information has been of real practical help” Mrs R Ogden, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia.

“I think it’s an excellent course.” H. Young, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

“Your section on chemicals is quite comprehensive.
… I have found the course very informative.” S. Becker, Perth, Western Australia.

“Another enjoyable unit and for me a great unfolding of my dowsing ability occurred. I think this was due to the amount of hands-on work in the lessons. It has built up my confidence
… The last unit of study has brought me to the finish of one and a half years of most enjoyable learning. I have reviewed my progress spiritually, physically and emotionally over this time and feel that personally I have grown in leaps and bounds. I feel that the connection with my true self/nature has been established.” A. Rafferty, Lismore NSW.

“I have very much enjoyed doing this course, especially as most of it has been quite ‘openly’ assessed. I have had much more of a sense of exploration and discovery around doing the assignments, than of trying to get it ‘right’. I’m also aware that I’ve come much further with dowsing by committing myself to doing the course, and doing the assignments than if I’d tried to do it on my own (although it’s sill taken me rather a long time to get through it all!) I definately needed the support and friendly encouragement which you have offered.” T. Brash, Scotland, April 2006.

 ”Here is my final assessment. It has been a very informative and comprehensive course and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning all the different aspects that you have covered. I have mentioned the course to others so you may get someone else from over here doing it.” A Boult, New Zealand, Februrary 2006.

 ”Thank you very much for your helping me understand Geomancy, it has changed my life dramatically for the better, the understanding of this planet and its place in the cosmos.” E Leining, Queensland, March 2006.

After participating in a workshop with Alanna Moore and beginning to study the correspondence course one farmer wrote the following (in November 2007):

“…Daily use of the pendulum has brought me many rewards…(and) I have found the results to be quite staggering…. (eg) Animal health: very important on our farm where we have a calf raising enterprise. On arrival at about 5 days of age, all calves are monitored for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. At later stages in growth (calves are very delicate health-wise) if any downturn of health is observed, I immediately dowse the animal … through a range of 15 – 20 vitamin and minerals to acertain deficiences. These are promptly acted upon witht the doseage required found by dowsing. Our mortality rate in now almost zero!”

The following comments pertain to the original textbook -’Dowsing and Healing Manual’:

“… by far the best work on the subject I have come across.”
Dr Jocelyn Townrow, PhD, BSc Hons, Sandfly, Tasmania.

“… the best manual on the modern system of dowsing principles and information I have found…a splendid book.” J Rubie, secretary New Zealand Dowsing Society, April 1990.

“A veritable bible for those interested in the background and techniques of dowsing.”
Jeni Edgely, Wellbeing magazine no 26, 1988.



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