• DIVINING EARTH SPIRITdiviningearthspirit

    – an Exploration of Global and Australasian Geomancy by Alanna Moore, 2nd edition September 2004   Contents Introduction Gaian Geomancy: Geomantic Overview. Earth’s Crystal Grid. Chinese and Tibetan geomancy. Feng Shui. British Earth Mysteries. North American Earth mysteries. Modern trends in northern hemisphere geomancy. Crop circles. Neo-Megalithics. Australasian Geomancy Geomancy in Australia – The Rainbow […]

  • Plant Spirit Gardenerpsgcover

    Plant Spirit Gardener by Alanna Moore  published 1st November 2016 by Python Press ISBN 978-0-9757782-9-6 In her latest book on ‘divine gardening’, there is plenty of down-to-earth esoteric wisdom from  Alanna Moore, an Australian-Irish professional geomancer with over 30 years experience. Everything a sensitive gardener needs to know to profoundly connect with Mother Nature is […]


    – Cultivating the Way of the Sacred Earth by Alanna Moore, 2009. Permaculture is the ethical design of sustainable culture and it’s mostly associated with eco-smart food gardening. For the past 22 years author Alanna Moore has been a keen permaculture practitioner and promoter, while for 26 years she has also worked as a geomancer, […]

  • STONE AGE FARMING – tapping nature’s subtle energies for your farm or gardenSAFCov2+small

    by Alanna Moore 2nd Edition, updated and with new photos. Published in Australia by Python Press  on 1st September 2013. 210 page paperback. ISBN: 9780975778234 Earth spirited and eco-friendly, Alanna Moore’s unique guide to esoteric farming and gardening practices features the art of dowsing and its application to subtle energies, such as paramagnetism, that can […]

  • THE WISDOM OF WATERwatercover

    By Alanna Moore,  2007 Published by Python Press. Fresh water tends to vanish when human impacts are high. But we can reverse the trend and re-connect with the wisdom and healing powers of water. In this book author Alanna Moore delves into water’s mysterious origins and manifestations; its energetic and spiritual aspects; global traditions; as […]


    The long awaited new edition of the book previously called The Magic of Menhirs and Circles of Stone. Alanna Moore’s latest book is out now!! Touchstones for Today –   designing for Earth harmony with stone arrangements Published by Python Press, February 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9757782-5-8 142 pages, with 90 black & white illustrations Recommended Retail Price: […]


    A Geomantic Guidebook to Water Spirits of the World – from nymphs to nixies, serpents to sirens by Alanna Moore, 2nd edition 2012 Published by Python Press Alanna Moore’s newest book is a 144 page B&W A5 paperback with 66 beautiful b & w pictures. In this book you will discover the amazing world of […]

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