Devas (a generic term for all nature spirits) are the stuff of global legends. Fairies, trolls and landscape angels etc are today relegated to children’s books and ‘fairy tales’. And deep psychological explanations – but surely whole populations of people weren’t suffering from mass hallucinations?

Right: Fairies are not like this at all, actually!

Animistic traditions around the planet recognised and honoured the intelligences/consciousnesses in nature and strongly protected the deva’s homes. But growing human population levels started to demanded much more from Country. Exploiters of the Earth were intent on wiping out deva traditions, so they could mine/farm/develop land. Monotheistic religion backed them up. And indigenous traditions of Earth and deva reverence were denigrated as inferior and an impediment to progress.

So what is the true reality of the spirits of nature? Fortunately in Australia we are privileged to share this fair land with the oldest culture on the planet. Understanding Aboriginal reality is a key to unlocking the devic mysteries. And a bit of clairvoyance and dowsing can go a long way towards this.

In the year 2001 Alanna Moore’s perceptions of the spiritual reality of life went up a notch when she began a series of  journeys around Australia and New Zealand with clairvoyant seer Billy Arnold ((19-10-42  – June 2012). Billy’s clairvoyant descriptions of Aboriginal Dreamtime spirits at sacred sites and other landscape devas were awesome! She encouraged him to write about his experiences, rather than just keep it to himself! Some of his articles can be found in Geomantica archives and in Alanna’s book Divining Earth Spirit. (Read Billy’s Obituary in Geomantica 54 magazine. His articles will soon be compiled into a downloadable pdf file.)

As a result of these observations, Alanna found the interest and confidence to dowse for the energy fields that constituted these devas, finding their often shifting locations and forms, and opening up a whole new world of exciting exploration! Deva Dowsing, as she called the art, allows a dowser to find the homes of these legendary beings and thus we may better live in harmony with them, avoiding any upsets around their Deva Stations, for example.

The devas become very curious when we start to dowse for their presence. They may well come out of the woodwork, so to speak, to take a look at us! The more we practice connecting into their other-dimensional world, the easier we can go there. But it is not a world for humankind to linger too long in! Alanna believes that we should use our Deva Dowsing skills for the pursuit of Earth harmony as the primary reason. But she has also found them more than willing to co-operate when at dowsing workshops she has respectfully asked for their co-operation in revealing their existence to others.