Geopathic stress is the scientific term for what used to be known as ‘noxious rays’, ‘black streams’ and the like. It concerns the detrimental energy zones that can arise from underground sources, such as from geological faults and fractures, and from water flowing along such cracks in the underlying rock strata. In the geopathic zones above underground water flows are found intense concentrations of positive ions, microwaves, centimetre wavelength radiation and more. Exposure to such energies over a long period may cause cancers, heart and a host of other physical health and mental problems. If one is already sick living or sleeping in such a zone, then one won’t get better!

Underlying rock strata may also impinge on health. It was ascertained decades ago that cancer rates are higher over areas of clay in the UK. Granite areas are well known for higher rates of radon gas, which is a leading cause of lung cancer. These could be said to be all examples of geopathic stresses.

Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place???

Not sleeping well?   Not happy in your new residence?

Health problems won’t improve?  Need to find  a safe site for your dream home?

Have your home, site or property checked out energetically by professional geomancer Alanna Moore, either on-site, or remotely by map dowsing. Areas of noxious energy to avoid can be pinpointed and earth acupuncture/ energy harmonising work can be undertaken on-site. For distant locations a suitable device or technique can be recommended for neutralising detrimental energies.

Environmental energies that could be found to be impacting on you include:

Earth Energies – underground water, geological fault, mineral orebody, tunnels and pipes, dragon line, energy vortex, effects of nearby mining and quarrying, nature spirits, sacred sites (­ sites of energetic and mythological significance, ceremonial and men’s/women’s initiation sites), burial and massacre sites.

Sky Energies – Energy leys (also known as ley lines), universal/planetary grids, cosmic rays, planetary and angelic influences.

Household Energies –  feng shui, building biology, mobile and cordless telephones, electro-biology, power lines/transformers/stations, radio frequency pollution from wifi internet/smart meters/phone towers etc, ‘bad vibes’ from person/plant/animal, house history, wrong colours, entity (ghost), thoughtforms, emotional debris, etc.


Garden & Farm Energies – Permaculture garden designer Alanna Moore can also give advice on energies in the garden/farm and sustainable growing techniques. She can position and design a Tower of Power to enhance plant vitality and animal wellbeing with its paramagnetic energy field; or build a stone circle or labyrinth for you.

Fees : $75 per hour (with a $75 minimum charge), plus $20/hr travel time.

(Available central Victoria only, otherwise map dowsing is preferred.)

Contact Alanna Moore – via the form on this site.