Towers of Power can be described as paramagnetic antennaes that collect and focus beneficial cosmic energies and direct them into surrounding soil. The spherical energy field of enhanced magnetism around them stimulates biological processes and enhances the health, vitality and wellbeing of plants and animals in the vicinity. Topsoil production is accelerated and bumper crops are often the result. Plants can go on to have increased sugar levels, which makes them taste sweeter, while they become more resilient, and less pest and frost prone. Up to one hundred acres of coverage has been observed, on a wheat farm on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, with just one large (4m high) Power Tower.

Towers of Power are an ideal adjunct to organic farming and gardening systems. They are easy and inexpensive to construct. However it should be noted that this is an experimental technology, so there can be no guarantees about possible outcomes.

Right: Pia Lindgrew with her Power Tower on a biodynamic olive farm in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.


Inspiration behind the Towers of Power

The unique round towers in Ireland have long proved enigmatic, until recently. The American professor Phil Callahan PhD has been investigating round towers for several decades. The local Irish farmers, he discovered, appreciate them for their fertile surroundings. He observed farmers ferry their cows in row boats to Devenish Island so they could eat the lush grass growing around the tower there.

Constructed of paramagnetic stone (that is – stone which is weakly attracted to a magnet), these ancient towers act like giant magnetic antennae, drawing down energies beneficial to soil, says Callahan, well known for his studies of insect ‘antennae’. Soils around round towers are highly paramagnetic and enjoy great fertility.

Callahan believes that the Irish towers act as wave-guides or aerials for extra-low-frequency (ELF) radiation from high above Earth (- Schumann radiation) and the sun . Vital to our health, ELF waves are able to penetrate water and soil, unlike higher frequencies of radiation. To amplify incoming ELF, towers must be paramagnetic, and the effect is enhanced even more when paramagnetic and diamagnetic (i.e. weakly repelled by a magnet) materials are sandwiched together. The Irish towers, often made from granite or basalt stone with wooden floors, were perfect for the task.

Right: An old Irish Round Tower.

Some early Power Towers developed by American Jerry Fridenstine are positioned on Earth energy points to act as Earth acupuncture needles, drawing down the beneficial energies into the soil. Their reported effects are to assist the percolation of water into the soil and reduce its evaporation, therefore extending the growing season; and to improve microbial activity, helping topsoil to build more rapidly.

John Quackenboss of Virginia, USA, developed similar towers. In 1986 he erected a 6’/ 1.8m high terracotta pipe of 12″/ 30cm diameter filled with basalt gravel; with 5 pipes covering 1000 acres. He capped the pipes with a cone of concrete, made with basalt gravel and coated in crushed basalt, bringing the total height to 2m. After 6 weeks good effects were observed. The farm enjoyed increased crop yields, despite drought conditions. Properties with such Towers report higher rainfall and less moisture evaporation. There are now hundreds of such Towers on Australian farms.

A Tower that Alanna Moore constructed in Wanneroo, Western Australia, on a 7 acre market garden would send ‘tingles down the spine’ of farmer Gary de Piazzi whenever he passed by. “Cropping on the sandy coastal plain is a bit like hydroponics, because of the lack of most nutrients there”, says Gary, who wanted to reduce dependance on chemical inputs, especially in the winter wet season, when moulds develop quickly in vegetables. After the Tower went up in 1994, at a carefully selected position, and he had spread paramagnetic rock dust all over the cropping land, the next winter was particularly wet, with Perth’s main Mundaring dam spilling over. But Gary didn’t need to use fungicide and his vegetables were more robust than ever!

You can read much more about Power Towers in Alanna Moore’s acclaimed book Stone Age Farming.


Construction Services

Alanna Moore has directed the construction of hundreds of such Towers, all across Australia and New Zealand mainly. Feedback has been very encouraging, with all sorts of interesting effects. Many people have noticed a dynamic acceleration of general energy levels in the vicinity and some people’s lives have dramatically improved- in relation to health, wellbeing, happiness and improved business income!

Alanna Moore can dowse your property for the best locations to put Power Towers, as this is an important consideration for maximising their effectiveness. In fact, if you put a Power Tower in the wrong location energy-wise you can end up with an energy field that makes plants and people feel uncomfortable or sick.

She provides this service (only generally within central Victoria), which includes simple Tower construction plans and advice, for $Aus75 per hour, plus $Aus25 per hour travelling time.

Alternatively – if you would like to have Alanna come and run a one day workshop on your property, where everyone helps to build a Tower, then all you need do is round up at least 10 other people, who will have to pay around $90 fee for the day, and she will spend the day explaining all aspects of dowsing, Earth energies, Towers and paramagnetism in relation to agriculture.