How did I come to be a dowser and geomancer? Well it certainly wasn’t in the genes, we were city folk (in Sydney) and I was raised as a rationalist by atheist parents. It was a great shock to me when the world of spirit intruded into my life, causing huge paradigm shifts! Without any religious or spiritual framework to understand my experiences I had to work it out for myself – and so began a lifetime of learning about the subtle dimensions of life.
I was going through puberty when the family moved to a lovely old farm house in Sydney. I got a neat new bedroom with pretty coloured glass in the windows. But it wasn’t long before I started having spooky experiences there. Spirits would come to me at night, waking me in my sleep, and scaring the life out of me! At that point I would be frozen, unable to move a muscle. They would be showing me things, or dragging my astral body from the physical, and the like. This was something my parents would not be pleased to hear about – so I had to keep quiet about it and often dreaded going to bed.

I couldn’t get away from home quick enough, left school by 16 and started roaming the world at 17. The night experiences stopped after leaving home. My niece moved into that room and she too started having similar experiences as I had. (We are all the more vulnerable to psychic disturbances at the time of puberty.)
A few years later, in the late 1970’s when I was living in London, I was introduced to dowsing by a friend. I was blown away by it! I knew that I had psychic abilities and this was what I needed – it could help me place my intuitions on tap and in an understandable form. I threw myself into dowsing research and joined the British Society of Dowsers.

Soon afterwards, as a new mother, I was disturbed that my little baby was getting a lot of fevers at night. I had some sort of vision of an energy line being in the room, dowsed that there was one there and moved his cot to the other side. The fevers went away. Any baby health problems seemed to be fairly easily sorted out with the pendulum and natural remedies, and thus I gained confidence in its use.
So I returned to Sydney after several years away with an understanding of geomancy – how the energies of place affect us. Naturally I got my trusty pendulum out when I returned to that old bedroom back in the family home and found a powerful energy vortex in the middle of the room, and partly where my bed had been. No wonder I had problems there! Such a vortex acts as a portal for spirits to come and go. Definately not suitable energy for a bedroom. (Perhaps it was once a sacred site?) All that anxiety and feeling that I was going crazy at times might have been avoided if we had known about this problem. Without those experiences I might never have discovered geomancy.
By 1984 I had helped to found the NSW Dowsing Society, which is still going strong, and was doing professional dowsing and geomancy work – helping people to avoid the sort of problems that I had had in my youth. I found that I enjoyed passing on the skills to others and have been concentrating on teaching the rudiments of dowsing and geomancy in workshops all over Australia, New Zealand and lately Europe and Asia too ever since. In 2012 I was asked to be the patron of the new Australian Dowsing Society.