Dowsing & Geomancy Explained

by Alanna Moore

 1. Dowsing Explained

What is the mechanism of dowsing? How is it done? What to practice on?

2. Geomancy Explained

Geomantic paradigms.  Geopathic Stress.  High Tech problems.



Dowsing is an ancient technique for finding things and solving problems. As well as being a great tool for locating underground water supplies, it has also been much used for health diagnosis and healing work. Also known as divining, dowsing has been villified by the Church in times past because it empowered practitioners to gain knowledge independent from officially recognised ‘divine’ channels and to gain their own intuitions with enthusiam (from ‘en theo’, meaning enfused with the god within). Subsequently dowsing has been technically illegal in the UK up until The Witchcraft Act was repealed in 1958.

Despite an official abhorrence of the craft, the European countryside bloomed with an abundance endowed by divined underground water sources. Mineral wealth was also divined. An engraving from the 16th century book ‘De Re Metallica’ shows dowsers at work with forked sticks seeking veins of mineral ore and the industrious miners that followed in their footsteps, digging it up.

Dowsing is about harnessing and amplifying natural innate senses and abilities, combined with electro-magnetic sensitivity. These are our instinctive, survival senses that we, and other animals, are using when seeking direction, food and each other. Senses which make us vulnerable to the bombardment of EMFs – tv and radio waves, phones, wifi, radiation from power lines and household appliances etc.

Is it no wonder that the status quo still clings to the old view of dowsing-as-heretical? Perhaps this explains why the Sceptics Association is so hell bent on devising new ways of making dowsers look like idiots? With dowsing vindicated, people might be thinking twice about how much radiation will be delivered to them by their electronic toys, so it would perceived to be bad for the economy. Nobody really wants to be irradiated, given a choice. But if the issue of unhealthy EMFs was tackled by the government, so that we might be truly protected, society could start minimising these impacts. It’s obvious that government always sides with big business, people’s health is down the list. Dowsers can greatly assist people to find healthy places to sleep and work, helping to navigate around the invisible hazards of dangerous EMFs.

Many of the energies detected by dowsers are also measureable with various scientific instruments. For instance over a geopathic zone (where concentrations of energies from the Earth impinge on our health). Above underground water streams various nasty vertically rising emissions can be detected, including microwaves and positive ionisation. A tv or radio moved onto such a zone will have impaired reception. A baby put in such a zone will cry and sleep poorly. People might argue with the reasoning, but have nothing to lose in moving tv/baby to another location. This often solves the problem instantly.

Perhaps the sceptics of the world are just practising denial based on a fear of the unknown. At any rate the Sceptic’s Association practice of ‘testing’ dowsing ability (only according to their own rules) at regular so-called ‘Dowsing Challenges’ is just plain rude. Dowsers are advised to steer well clear of these farcical events. The super-sceptics are probably not aware that years ago in the USA master dowsers were tested scientifically. Their sensitivity to electro-magnetic radiation has, in some cases, been found to be far greater than the best magnetometer available.

Dowsing-friendly scientists dub the art ­ the bio-resonance method, because our inbuilt magnetic receptors resonate with energies that we dowse. Energy levels can be monitored by dowsing and this can help us to detect problem areas both in the energy body of the Earth and in ourselves.

Some energy healers incorporate dowsing strongly into their modalities, because the healing potential of a correct diagnosis is so powerful. (Doctors are lucky to get their diagnoses correct 50% of the time, it has been claimed!) And healing energy can be transferred to someone in need with the assistance of the dowsing pendulum.

So dowsing may not only be an affront to the sceptic brigade, but also medical authorities worried about their own livelihood. Perhaps if we adopted the ancient Chinese approach and only paid doctors in times of good health, then they might take up dowsing themselves. (I have had doctors studying the art from me, as well as members of just about every other profession.)

What is the mechanism of dowsing?
Dowsing as the amplification of natural electro-magnetic sensitivity is easy to explain. Other aspects of it are better explained from a more psycho-spiritual perspective.

However it works, dowsers are found to be able to divine and solve problems anywhere in the world, with distance posing no barrier to the ability. (Our own minds are the main creators of limitation in life.) Map dowsers can find water at the other side of the world, from a sketch on paper; health dowsers solve a medical question from a photo.

One explanation is that we can get in touch with our higher self when dowsing. Our higher self has infinite abilities to access information (such as the energetic Akashic records of Indian tradition). Despite not having a clear theory about what is happening when we are distant dowsing ­ – we get the results. That is what most concerns the down-to-Earth dowser fraternity. (And do any of us really know what is happening when we switch on a light and electricity does its thing?)

When dowsing, we access an altered state of awareness whereby we become more receptive to and aware of energies. It is a ‘state of lucid awareness’, as brainwave researcher Maxwell Cade would put it. Alpha and theta waves come to the fore when dowsing and, as they assist us in self-healing and creativity, this state of mind can be very empowering for us.

Dowsing demands that we be in an interestingly ambivalent state of mind – ­ keen but relaxed, deeply focussed but mellow, yearning for answers but not attached to the result. It takes rigorous mental discipline and lots of practice to become a master dowser.

As we start to practice dowsing we program into our subconscious mind its mechanical techniques. Eventually our dowsing becomes enhanced when we start having spontaneous intuitive flashes/feelings, often of a highly individual character. We are, in fact, training ourselves to express and harness our own intuition, (our ‘gut feelings’/hunches) and to have it on tap when required. Intuition is the composite blend of all our senses, inner knowings and empathies, and it can be controlled by our higher selves.

How is it done?
I find the pendulum to be the most versatile dowsing tool. It can be ‘trained’ to oscillate up and down and to rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise. This oscillation I take to mean neutral/don’t know/no. Clockwise rotations can indicate a positive/ yes response and an anti-clockwise rotation a negative/definitely no – for right handed people (with the opposite directions for left handed people).

The strength and vitality of the rotations of the pendulum can be an indication of inherent energy levels and blockages.

Don’t be put off by people who say “Your hand is moving!” at this point. A strongly rotating pendulum will certainly make your hand move. When this happens the comments of sceptics can undermine dowsing confidence and ruin results. That’s why it’s best practiced alone in a non-hostile environment. Don’t give the sceptics satisfaction!

To discover your own innate dowsing ability you might like to try the following exercises. Firstly find something like a heavy pendant to be your pendulum. A quartz crystal being ideal. Have about 6″ / 15cm of string to swing freely, with the rest wrapped securely around the index finger of your dominant hand.

Now give it a kickstart and physically make it swing in an up and down oscillating movement. If you always keep it moving you can get results very easily. Now bring the moving pendulum over the palm of your other hand and will it to rotate in response to the body’s energy field there.

If you get a nice steady series of rotations – that’s great! You are now ready to progress onto more energy dowsing ­ such as detecting strong points, fields and flows of energy in the environment. But soon you will want to start asking questions, because dowsing leads you to discover all sorts of wonderful things!

Once again you need to impart clear mental programming for this. Will the pendulum to oscillate again and then to rotate, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise several times. As long as you keep going back to the neutral oscillations in between rotations it is easy for the rotations to develop in both directions. Now you can either choose the standard formula (right-handed/clockwise rotation = yes, etc) or ask the pendulum to indicate which is to be your yes and no.

What to practice on?
Practice where you can gain feedback easily. Don’t expect to find treasures or horse racing results! The true treasure is the enhanced brain function which dowsing brings to us, the expanded mental horizons. Greed, anyhow, has its own karma, and it often wrecks your dowsing results. Test for the sex of your seeds or chicken eggs. Measure the life force in your vibrational remedy bottles (it does deteriorate with time and you might find you need fresh supplies). Is the dog pregnant? There will be a great vortex of energy around her belly if so.

Dowsing is such a fabulous adventure where known and unknown worlds interface and we are opened to new ways of looking at life.

As an intense exercise in concentration it can be a useful focussing device for when people feel lost in their life. Dowsing practice can impart great personal clarity and healing and, in its geomantic form, where environmental energies are detected, avoided or enhanced, can bring greater harmony to whole communities.

There is nothing necessarily divine or witchy about divining, except that it harnesses our intuition, and brings us the power of independent, creative thinking. Most dowsers are pretty down-to-earth types and strongly individual in outlook.

I hope you will try some dowsing for yourself and make up your own minds on the matter. You don’t have to be eccentric, but it helps!



Geomantic paradigms

Geomancy, also known as feng shui (the Chinese version) is the art of reading the subtle energies of our planet and nature, that ebb and flow throughout the landscape, influencing health and wealth; home, garden and office alike. Every culture has its ancient geomantic traditions and today scientists speak of Earth’s geobiology. (But their insights are sadly lacking in spirituality and thus science is largely stuck in a dangerous rut.) Tradition assigns consciousness to all aspects of the land, which goes a long way in explaining the intelligent evolution of nature.

Eons ago, people learned to avoid places of noxious energies and never settled there. Where the Earth spirit was upliftingly potent or sublime – they would gather for spiritual practices, later temples and churches were built there. Australian Aboriginal simply left these ‘nature temples’ alone and honoured nature directly.

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Geopathic Stress

Geomancers use their dowsing faculty to analyse detrimental Earth energy flows where buildings are to be sited, or to troubleshoot existing buildings affected by geopathic stress. One Swiss canton offers a public grant towards the cost of such a survey prior to new building work; and planning permission may not be granted until it has been undertaken.

Geopathic stress zones cause irritation, poor sleep, ill health, mental and other disturbances. They are responsible for what German people know as ‘cancer beds’ and ‘cancer streets’. Fortunately these effects can be avoided or neutralised, using Earth acupuncture, commercial devices (see products pages) and other methods.

High Tech problems

The dreaded suite of EMFs – from computers, electrical appliances/wires / lines, wifi, phones and phone masts, household appliances, ‘smart meters’, wind turbines, etc – can also be checked out. Some people are highly sensitive and reactive to these insidious factors. Dowsing or meters can be used to measure radiation levels so that avoidance can be practiced.

Building Biology is also assessed, where the very fabric of our homes and workplaces can be negatively impacting on us. For instance – concrete floors and steel framed homes can magnify the effects of geopathic stress. (While they may also protect from EMFs!)


The Geomantica correspondence course – Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony – covers the dowsing of environmental energy factors (as well as health dowsing) and is useful for those wishing to pursue geomancy on a professional level.


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